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Soleus Air Dehumidifier Review: Soleus Air DS1-30-01 Portable Dehumidifier

Soleus Air Dehumidifier is a smart device with many useful modes. It is customizable, super portable, has large reservoir, and there is more. Here’s the review.

Soleus Air DS1-30-01 30 Pt. Portable Dehumidifier

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Soleus Air DS1-30-01 30 Pt. Portable Dehumidifier is more helpful than your thinking. It not only minimizes the amount of humidity in the air but also prevents some problems relating to excess moisture.

Now, let’s see how this model can help you remove the development of mildew, dust mites, mold, and harmful viruses and bacteria through this Soleus air dehumidifier review.

Soleus Air Dehumidifier Review

Below are the outstanding features of Soleus Air DS1-30-01 30 Pt. Portable Dehumidifier. Please take a look at the Soleus air dehumidifier review:


BrandSoleus Air
Water tank capacity8.5 pts
Coverage areaup to 400 sq. ft
Dimensions134 x 10 x 19.5 inches
Fan speeds3
Warrantynot specified

“Myhome” mode

In general, the “Myhome” mode is a set of easy-to-use preprogrammed humidity levels, mirroring your standard home settings.

You can control and adjust a balanced humidification level through a digital humidistat and controls depending on your demand. Moreover, there are 3 pre-sets, which allow it to operate between 51 and 59 decibels to suit different areas of your house from your basement to the living room and bedroom.

Usually, no one knows what level they need to use. With this air dehumidifier, you only need to select the basement, living, or sleeping mode, and it’s done, for example.

Continuous mode

Apart from the “Myhome” mode, it also has a continuous mode. When setting this mode, the model will work uninterrupted until the auto-shutoff indicates that the tank of the air dehumidifier is nearly full. This tank can store up to 8.5 pints of moisture once time, especially, it is designed with a continuous drainage system.

Smart auto-restart

The smart auto-restart is an ideal solution in the case of a power outage since it can switch the device back on. What’s more, this function can remember all the settings when the power comes back. So, it doesn’t require you to reprogram anything.

Soleus Air DS1-30-01 30 Pt. Portable Dehumidifier features auto defrost, so it can work at the temperature lower  41 ºF.

The tri-pat certified safety feature

The tri-pat certified safety feature can protect the model from overheating as well as arcs in the electrical current. If you still hesitate, the good news is that this technology is patented from Soleus Air. This air dehumidifier is designed with an indicator light, which will keep your children from danger. The feature disables the control panel to avoid all unintentional changes to the settings.

The washable antibacterial filter

This filter works well on big air pollutants like pet hair and dust. In particular, it can get rid of the smell caused by bacteria, which results in better air quality.

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Before visiting a website or going to a shop, it’s better to learn some related-dehumidifier questions as follows:

How does this dehumidifier work?

In a damp and sticky air, the condenser of this dehumidifier can help you cool the atmosphere to get rid of moisture. At the same time, its fan will redistribute the drier air back into the environment.

Some places where should be maintained healthy humidity include basements, bedrooms, crawl spaces, and commercial places.

What is the great humidity level for your space?

No matter where you will use this model, it’s best to keep a humidity level of 45-50%. Applying a relative level of humidity over 50% can improve the environment and development of harmful pets like cockroaches, bacteria, dust mites, and mold spores. Meanwhile, a humidity level under 30% will lead to some damaging cases. Here are some examples: separated wood floors, cracked ceilings, respiratory passages, irritated skin, and the increase of flu viruses.

What size of dehumidifier do you need?

On the market, there are available many dehumidifiers. And they vary different aspects: cost, placement dehumidifier, consumer need, and capacity, and size.

You can choose a suitable-sized dehumidifier based on the capacity and issues of dehumidifiers.


First of all, you must determine the following features:

  • How much moisture do you want to get rid of?
  • How much space is?

Now, let’s see four categories:

A dehumidifier with small capacity can help you remove under 40 pints of moisture from the air every single day. This solution suits small and wet spaces like small basements, offices, and bedrooms.

A medium-capacity dehumidifier removes 60 pints of moisture every day. You should invest in this model for a damp medium and large spaces and crawl space.

The large-capacity model allows you to get rid of 90 pints of moisture every single day. It can deal with wet and damp conditions such as large basements, bedrooms, and crawl spaces.

Typically, a whole-house model is produced with an HVAC system. And this unit can remove a space up to 3000 square feet.


Apart from capacity, you are able to select an ideal sized model based on your specific space:

Crawl space dehumidifiers are useful for tight crawl areas.

The indoor pool dehumidifier is designed for indoor swimming pools because it can minimize structural damages relating to moisture.

Water damage restoration dehumidifiers are beneficial for cleaning up floods and recovering.

The industrial dehumidifier is used in producing settings and warehouses and settings. It not only provides employees a comfortable atmosphere but also keeps items from moisture damage.

Is this Soleus air dehumidifier your choice?

As you can see, this Soleus Air DS1-30-01 30 Pt. Portable Dehumidifier is very great. Do you want to invest in one immediately? If you still have any questions about this product, just leave your comment below.

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