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Molekule Air Purifier Reviews: Guide for PECO Tech Devices

Molekule Air Purifier Reviews will make your decision clearer if you are hesitating to buy the advanced PECO tech air purifier. Have your questions answered by just a simple click.

Molekule Air Purifier Reviews

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Scientists have said that air pollution does not only happen outside, but also takes place even inside our home. As a result, air purifier becomes an essential device for any household.

And because you click on this post, you must want to know more about the brand or seek for some help when you are on the fence of choosing a Molekule and a different brand. Then, you have come to the right place.

Molekule is a new brand, but soon they have proof as one of the industry’s best air purifier companies. Items from the manufacturer work better and more efficiently with PECO technology.

Molecule air purifiers with PECO can eliminate the harmful substances in the air like small germs, bacteria, toxic VOCs, smell, everything.

Notably, they don’t produce ozone, or even low the ozone rate. There’s more, and we will inform you in the Molekule Air Purifier Reviews below.

Top-Rated Molekule Air Purifier Specification Board

ItemArea CoverageSound LevelCord LengthSettingControlsWarranty
Molekule Air Mini +Up to 250 Square feet39 dB - 62 dB54 inches5 speed modes and 1 auto protectApp
Touch display
2 years
Molekule Air ProUp to 1000 Square feet33dB - 64dB70.87 inches6 speed modes and 2 auto protectApp
Touch display
2 years
Molekule Air MiniUp to 250 Square feet39 dB - 62 dB54 inches5 manual speedsApp
Touch display
2 years

Best Molekule Air Purifier Reviews

Below are the highlighted 3 items of the brand that is ideal for each size ranges and room condition:

1. Molekule MN2P-US Air Mini+ Small Room Air Purifier

Editor Choice

If the Air Pro is a little big for an average and big homeroom, you can come to the Molekule Mini +, which has the equivalent amenities as the Pro but more affordable.

Also featured with PECO technology, the Molekule Mini + can capture and use the chemical reaction to destroy bacteria, mold, allergen, smell, smoke, VOCs, formaldehyde, and some kinds of virus that is smaller than PM1.

For smoke, smell, and big particles, the machine can clean them quickly within 30 minutes. You can know the result through the specification on the phone app.

For this, it would be an ideal device for the kitchen, and places that seem to have much smell and dust. Virus, VOCs, formaldehyde takes longer to purify, so, best is to leave the machine work for a day before your stay.

This air purifier shows the most efficiency with under 250-square-feet room, which may include bedroom, office, small living room, kitchen. Otherwises, you can place it near your side and enjoy the purest air propelled out from the machine.

And when putting it near where you sit, noise is the biggest concern now but it won’t be with Molekule items. This air purifier has 5 speeds, and whatever speed you turn on, it keeps the space surprisingly quiet.

Even at the highest rate, its noise is just like the fan’s sound. But unless the room is super polluted and dirty, you will only need to use the third speed.

You can place the machine in your bedroom and let it process the harmful chemical particles during your good sleep.

At most air purifiers, they have a light on when operating, which is very disturbing for sleep. But this Mini + Molekule has no light when operated, so you won’t have to worry about this issue.

The auto protect mode shows helpfulness by automatically detecting the pollution rate and changing the setting. You don’t have to touch a finger when you feel bad about the smell, dust, or smoke.

For another good alternative with a more affordable price, you can look in the list of top-rated small air purifiers.

2. Molekule Pro Professional Air Purifier

Best for Office
Molekule Pro Professional Air Purifier

The number of people going in and out at the workplace every day is countless. This makes it an ideal environment for dust and small particles to access and grow, and hard for irritating smell to escape.

Then, let this Molekule Pro – a smart air purifier clears your home office, bringing back the pure, clean air you need.

Molekule Pro is the perfect design for an office, an active environment, and a high-traffic area. This machine can filter the space up to 1000 square feet effectively within a second.

You can also use it anywhere with a high dust rate or smell, such as the kitchen or garage.

The machine is highlighted with PECO technology, which does the job much better than HEPA filters. PECO layer’s function cannot only catch airborne pollutants, particles, bacteria viruses as small as PM1 (smoke and smell) but eliminate them forever.

Moreover, the PECO smart air purifier is specially made to handle VOCs and formaldehyde emitted from the furniture and paint.

If you sense the smell from wall paint or new decorations, just put this Pro Molekule in the room and turn it on for a day, that harmful smell will be there no more.

No matter what smell it is, gas, harmful VOCs emitted from furniture paints, or animal smell, smoke, disappear entirely, making the PECO air purifier an allergy friendly device.

If you like some best recommendations of the top ideal air purifiers for allergies, you can visit this post for more info.

With this Pro air purifier in the room, you can much tell the huge difference before and after using it.

The cool feature that you’re going to love about this air cleaner is that it can automatically sense the air’s bacteria rate and change the speed mode to suit the situation.

The pollution rate is demonstrated on the screen. It will tell you whether the air condition is safe to go or need to be freshened.

The fan with 6-speed mode available offers you more choice to adjust the appropriate filtration level.

The Pro from Molekule operates without a noticeable sound. From low to high speed – the machine always remains the silence for your home space. So quiet that you won’t even notice it is turned on.

3. Molekule MN1B-US Air Mini Small Room Air Purifier

Molekule Budget-friendly

Another option for a more budget-friendly item from Molekule is this mini small room air purifier.

Being one of the first items using PECO technology from the manufacturer, this air purifier does not include some features like upgraded items. However, it is still equipped with essential functions to make it a good option for purchasing.

Like other review items above, this machine is also claimed to use PECO nanotechnology to eliminate bacteria at molecular level. It purifies smell, gas, allergen, germs, odors, bacteria, VOCs, ozone, viruses.

The fan is made for small to medium rooms from smaller than 250 square feet. It is suitable for a baby’s room and bedroom.

The machine has 5 speeds available and has a quiet motor. Its noise level ranges from low to high speed rates from 39 dB- 62 dB, which relates to the sounds from a library or the quiet fan’s sound.

The first version is always the least innovative. At this Molekule Mini, there is no particle level indicator and no auto protect mode – the same as auto mode.

The auto protect function helps to detect the pollution rate and adjust the setting to handle the situation. But without this, you can still know the pollution rate shown on the app specification, but you have to do some self-adjustment.

How to Choose the Best Molekule Air Purifiers


Molekule purifier is rated by many users as the best design air purifier on the market. It has a cylinder shape with round edges and painted white, creating a clean look and easy to blend in room furniture.


The Dual-Filtration is the combo of the PECO filter and pre-filter. Pre-filter function is to block the large substances that the PECO filter cannot wholly oxidize, such as dust, sand, animal fur.

After the pre-filter, the particles at the molecular level that are contained in the air will be destroyed by the PECO filter.

Control Options

Molekule offers two methods of control: by app and by touch display. The machine has no button on its body. When you need to use it, just tap the functions on the touch display on the top.

Or else you can utilize the app, and it works based on wifi connection. The app shall display every function of the air purifier and is simple to adjust as well as understand. For resetting the Filter Status Indicator, it will be easier to use the app.

Noise Level

Molecule performs a great job with the noise feature. While operating, the machine keeps the noise of less than 65 dB (the highest speed). At this rate, the sound won’t catch your notice and is manageable for sleep.

About the Brand

Molekule Brand

The story of the Molekule brand originates from the story about the father and the son. Dr. Yogi Goswami (the chief scientist) has a son who suffers badly from asthma, which is deeply affected by polluted home air.

So he jumped to 20+ years of science and finally created a breakthrough purification technology: PECO (Photo Electrochemical Oxidation), which is the tech they apply to all the Molekule air purifiers nowadays.

In 2014, the family with 2 siblings and a father and a team of scientists from all around the world launched the Molekule industry. They want to share the PECO technology to the world with an envision of every house, school, hospital, office in the world will breathe in clean, pure indoor air.

PECO filter vs. HEPA filter

Molekule’s PECO filter and the HEPA filter are both made to block the bacteria from the air. But each one uses a different strategy and has its own benefits as well as drawbacks.

HEPA Air Purifier

HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air. It can capture all particles and substances from 0.3 microns.

The filter is made of fabric fiber, it takes some physical terms to describe precisely the machine working process, but you can pretty much imagine that this filter is a net that holds very small pollutants. To American standards, the HEPA filter offers 99,97% clean air to the room.

HEPA air purifiers usually come in a bundle of filtrations, which usually includes the pre-filter, which captures large particles, fur, dust. Charcoal filter and carbon filter helps retain odor and germs.

HEPA filters only hold the bacteria, not eliminate them. Small air pollutants are tiny and very light such as VOCs. These chemicals may trap for a while, and later on, they can follow the air molecules to pass through the filter and be propelled out with the breeze.

After a time, you need to replace a new one since the used HEPA filters are full of toxins.

In conclusion, HEPA filters are effective in capturing large particles and smell, but there is still a chance for tiny pollutants to escape.

We also have a great candidate for HEPA air purifier, it works very effectively with 5 air filtration steps and is an economical choice.

PECO Air Purifier

PECO is the short form of Photoelectrochemical Oxidation. Purifiers with PECO technology don’t hold the pollutant, but destroy viruses. So there is no worry about later disposal.

PECO filter contains fiber with a nanocatalyst. When the bacteria trap in the filter, it starts the chemical reaction and destroys them, or for more precise, it transforms them into trace elements, water, and carbon dioxide.

PECO filters can handle bacteria that are smaller than PM1 (smoke), so it is ideal for rooms with smell, gas, VOCs, etc.

However, there is a big drawback of this process; if the particle is too large, they cannot be oxidized. However, the problem is solved when the manufacturer added a pre-filter to hole the large substances back, helping the PECO filter oxidation process.

So, in conclusion, PECO air purifier is a bright candidate on the air purifier market for any house to have.


How Does the Machine Work?

Illustration of how the air is taken in
Illustration of how the air is taken in

The Molekule operates based on the method that all the air purifiers use. But the key difference is the PECO technology, which is an innovation from the Molekule brand.

The machine takes the surrounding indoor air 360 degrees to its space. After that, the air comes through the pre-filter, which retains big particles, like sand, fur, and dust.

The air then keeps following the vent to the PECO filter. At this stage, it makes a chemical reaction and destroys pollutants, small bacteria and, at last, pushes out pure air. As a result, the device increases tremendously the air quality inside the house.

How Often Do I Need to Clean?

The recommended period to clean the machine or to change the PECO filter is after every 6 months, and 3 months for the pre-filter. But based on the pollution rate, the time can be extended or narrowed down.

The filter replacement step is really easy to implement. When the app tells it is time for filter changing, just simply take out the pre-filter and then the PECO filter. Next, install the new filters and plug in to let the machine work.

How Do I Reset the Filter Status Indicator after Changing Filter?

The Molekule Air Pro, Mini +, and the Mini version is automatically reset by itself.

For other devices, you can use the mobile app to reset the status as the step are as follow:

  1. From the Molekule homepage, tap to the Filter Status Indicator tag.
  2. When the screen changes, press the Reset Filter tag.
  3. As the Reset Filter pop-up, choose to reset the filter you have just replaced (pre-filter or PECO filter).

Is It Easy to Get a Replacement Filter?

Both pre-filter and PECO filters are non-washable, so you have to buy a brand new one. It is best to purchase from the manufacturer as other filters may not guarantee the same result as the brand’s ones.

How should I store my extra filter?

If you buy an extra filter for more convenience for the next replacement, make sure you put the filter in closed spaces with the least VOCs or least exposed to fumes from cooking and fire. The best is not to take it out from the box it comes in until the next use.

Wrap up

Our Molekule air purifier reviews covered the essential concerns about the brand models. For households that want the most efficient air-cleaning devices, which can erase the harmful bacteria, irritating smell, toxic VOCs, Molekule is definitely for you.

If money turns out to be the fence that stops you from possessing one Molekule great air purifier, the company has the policy to let buyers pay in installment.

Now, the only thing that stops you from having this amazing machine is procrastination. Let us know your experience when adopting this fan and until the next post.

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