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Best Dehumidifiers for Basements in 2022: Buyer’s Guide

Humidity in the basement is higher than any place indoor since people place water pipe system there. To lower the moist, you need a strong dehumidifier, let’s check these top ones.

Best Dehumidifiers for Basement

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Why must it be the recommendation of the best dehumidifiers for basement instead of any other indoor places?

You know that basements are entirely below the ground. The lack of sunlight combined with problems like water pipe leaks can lead to high humidity and unpleasant smell. So, it is reasonable to consider basements as the location with the excessive moisture in the house.

According to the Basement Health Association, the humidity levels of over 80% can lead to respiratory, dermatological issues. Not only that, the results of the prolonged condition with mold and dampness will be the home structural damages.

Understanding your concerns, we would like to write reviews on dehumidifiers for basements. Are you ready to explore?

Top 5 Best Dehumidifiers for Basement 2022

Based on the experience and advice of many other users, we have five ideal picks for basement dehumidifier reviews.

Product nameCapacityCoverage AreaWater Tank SizeOur Rating
hOmeLabs dehumidifier model HME020031N50 pints4,500 sq. ft.1.8 gallon4.6
Frigidaire dehumidifier model FFAD7033R170 pints4500 sq. ft.3.0 gallon4.8
TOSOT dehumidifier model GDN45BA-A3EBA2B70 pints4500 sq. ft.9.0 gallons4.7
Vremi dehumidifier model B07JMZJX4B50 pints4500 sq. ft.1.8 gallon4.5
Honati dehumidifier model B07WWFRG5R5 pints269 sq. ft.2.8 gallon4.5

1. hOmeLabs 4,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier

Best overall
hOmeLabs 4,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier

Making a list for the recommendation, we love to start with the hOmeLabs 4,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier. By the user-friendliness and the high quality, it deserves to be the best overall.

The hOmeLabs brand makes the product for rooms that are up to 4,500 Sq. Ft. Its maximum capacity is to eliminate 50 pints of water per day. However, the moisture condition, along with the room size, can change this figure. In case of the high humidity, the capacity may be less than 50 pints.

To increase the efficiency, the dehumidifier also features a Turbo mode. Thanks to this point, the fan speed now is the High Air CFM 188 instead of the Normal Air CFM 165. It means that both odor and moisture will be reduced significantly.

While many other dehumidifiers on the market bear the clunky look, this hOmeLabs one makes a difference. It is an excellent design of built-in wheels as well as minimal look.

An extra with the design is portability. It makes storage and maintenance much more comfortable. You can quickly move it to the place in need of dehumidifying or the site near a pipe for cleansing.

Besides the convenient design, the hOmeLabs 4,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier is also simple to use. The moisture setting allows you to run the machine for a continuous 24-hour cycle. When the tank is full, it will automatically shut off.

Among dehumidifier brands, hOmeLabs is the one which is prestigious for high durability. Also, the brand offers customers a 2-year warranty as well.

To absorb moisture from the air, the dehumidifier needs to use heat. The device can’t operate in a room with a cooler. So, you should bear that thing in mind.

Unfortunately, there is still something wrong with the device. It will surely have trouble when running continuously. Some users complain that the device even stops working then.

To avoid the problem, you had better turn the dehumidifier off after each 24-hour cycle. It also helps to extend the life of the machine.

Another issue is water collecting and the display. Sometimes, although the device does not collect any water, display shows that the water level increases. Then, it shuts off even when the bucket has not been full yet.

It is not that every user finds two issues we mentioned above. The reason may come from improper usage. In general, the hOmeLabs 4,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier is still the best choice, especially for the large basement.

2. Frigidaire 70-Pint Dehumidifier, Gray & White

Frigidaire 70-Pint Dehumidifier, Gray & White

For the best basement dehumidifier system, we have the Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 Dehumidifier. Its powerful 70-pint capacity promises to get rid of all excess moisture no matter how large your space is, from the living room, bedrooms, or conference rooms.

The 70 is just the information on paper. If the environment is reasonably humid, the capacity can even increase up to 10 pints per day. So, if you are searching for a reliable device, the Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 should be the priority.

A strong capacity does not mean noisy operation. The dehumidifier runs so smoothly. Either at the low or high speed, the quiet fan is precisely a big bonus.

Like other dehumidifiers, the Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 has a reservoir to store water after condensation from moisture in the air. Its volume reaches 13 pints, and the alert will be active when the tank gets full.

In the highly humid area, it takes only a few hours for the tank to get full. This issue requires you to place the dehumidifier in the position near a drain. You do not have to worry about the drain since the design also allows the continuous drainage. To run this option, you just need to prepare a standard hose.

In operation, the FFAD7033R1 removes excess moisture first. And then, it eliminates microorganisms that exist in environments with high humidity. It is a function that not every device has for sure.

The perfect dehumidifying system is under control of the Ready-Select setting. It adds more convenience to adjust the device. With the digital humidity readout, a 24-hour timer, and the control lock, you do not have to waste time controlling.

Especially, Frigidaire offers customers a comprehensive warranty, which lasts one year for parts labor and 5 years for the sealed system.

No one can deny the perfection of this Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 Dehumidifier. However, it is quite power-consuming. So, you should consider this issue so that the future electricity bill cannot shock you.

The final point to mention is the display. For months of using, the humidity reading tends to be inaccurate without water level indicator. If you have trouble with them, calling the customer service center will be the quickest solution.

It is such a good dehumidifier for all families for sure. The user-friendliness and great dehumidifying system help the device to become the top pick of almost all users.

3. TOSOT 50 Pint with Internal Pump 4,500 Sq Ft Dehumidifier Energy Star

Right in the first consideration, this TOSOT machine impresses us by the capacity and space that it can dehumidify.

There are three main levels of capacity. They include 30-pint for 0-1500 Sq. Ft, 50-pint for 1500-3000 Sq. Ft and 70-pint 3000-4500 Sq. Ft. Regardless of your basement size, the device can meet your demand well.

You can run the TOSOT Dehumidifier under the normal room temperature of 80oF with the humidity of 60. Besides, an internal pump makes the device work like a mini air conditioner. It helps to take moisture from the air, liquidate, and then release the air back to space.

Besides, the TOSOT operates quietly as if it is not in the room. This ultra-silent feature will never disturb you for sure. Thanks to the 48-dB sound, it seems hard for you to hear the dehumidifier running.

Despite featuring the high capacity, the TOSOT Energy Star Dehumidifier saves lots of electricity compared with other products. Hence, you do not need to spend tons of money on this investment.

We decide to add the bonus point for the TOSOT 70 Pint Dehumidifier due to its power outage restart sensor. After every running cycle, the machine automatically shuts off to remove water in the reservoir. Then, it will restore your previous setting and restart later.

If you attach the device with the drain hose, it will be more time and energy saving. The internal pump will do this function itself. You do not need to check the tank and drain it again and again.

For the TOSOT 70 Pint Dehumidifier, replacing new filters is unnecessary. It allows you to use it within around 250 hours continuously. You only have to change it when the indicator “Clean Filter” is on.

We suggest you ask for help from the technical staff to attach the drain hose. Many users complain of this point because it can break if you resemble improperly.

Moreover, unlike two dehumidifiers above, the TOSOT 70 Pint Dehumidifier only offers a 1-year warranty. It is quite short, in general.

Not only the incredible capacity for the basement humidity control, but the TOSOT Dehumidifier also offers more convenience by its internal pump. The device surely helps you to save a lot of time and energy.

4. Vremi 50 Pint 4,500 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier Energy Star Rated for Large Spaces and Basements

Another dehumidifier with a high capacity of 70 pints in the list is the Vremi 4,500 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier. The device will help you to dehumidify  the basement, which is up to 5,000 Sq. Ft in size.

Thanks to the auto shut-off function, there is no need to worry about  overflowing. When the tank is full, the machine will shut off automatically to drain all water. Then it starts running again.

The usefulness of the VREMI 70-Pint not only comes from the function of soaking up the moisture.  Allergies like mildew and dirt can still cause your illness if the filter is not clean. So, it brings help with an easy-to-clean filter, too.

Next, the dehumidifier has convenient wheels and handles, which makes moving easily and quickly. You can change its position without challenges. Along with this convenience, we have a sleek design. So, you will never get angry with the integrating issue.

Although there are a lot of advantages, we still have to talk a little bit about drawbacks. They are about the water tank capacity and the operation.

Firstly, the tank capacity is only for 6 liters of water. This level is considerably lower than the one of other brands’ dehumidifiers. Secondly, the VREMI 70-Pint is not a dehumidifier that run quietly. It always produces loud noise while working.

The VREMI 70 Pint dehumidifier is excellent in general. Many people appreciate its outstanding features and operation. Not only helping to extract moisture from the air, but it also reduces odor well. If the noisy running does not bother you, this product should not be out of the list.

5. Honati 2000ml Ultra Quiet Home Dehumidifier

If your budget for a dehumidifier is tight, we love to recommend the Honati Home Dehumidifier. The low price does not mean low quality. Why?

It is suitable for small basements, which are about up to 269 Sq. Ft to ensure the best performance. With the right space size, the device can dehumidify with the capacity of 2,000 ml and eliminate around 750ml of moisture per day.

The dehumidifier comes with a mini size of 8.98 x 5.9 x 14.65 inches and a weight of only 5.64 lb. It means that you can easily move the machine from this space to another. Its portability, along with small size, will never take up too much space in your basement.

Along with the portability, it is the ultra-quiet operation. The manufacturer points out that the Honati Home Dehumidifier only produces the noise of 60dB. So, there is no problem, even in the room where people are sleeping or enjoying films.

Like other products of the list, the Honati Home Dehumidifier has the auto shut-off function, too. It prevents the machine from flooding or water overflowing. When the water tank gets full, the LED light turns from green to yellow. Then, the dehumidifier temporarily stops working.

In terms of the energy-saving, this upgraded Honati Home Dehumidifier shows the low energy consumption. It does not waste much electricity.

The only disadvantage that we find in this Honati Home Dehumidifier is its low capacity. If your basement is large, you should think twice before buying this model. Moreover, the brand only offers a 1-year warranty. It is not ideal, right?

As for this Honati Home Dehumidifier, we highly suggest people having small spaces to use. It will bring the fresh, clean air along with a quiet and cozy area as well.

Top Brands

The best dehumidifiers for basement need to come from prestigious brands in the market. But which brands should you trust? The following will be some big names.


The first name is the hOmLabs. We must say that it is one of the most common brands for appliance these days. The brand focuses on manufacturing products with the modern design as well as convenient functions for modern homes.


As a brand subsidiary of Electrolux, Frigidaire comes to the market with amazing home appliances. They have applied the modest technologies and designs into the products. And the main target of this brand is to help customers save lots of time and space at most.


Founded in 2015, now, TOSOT has its products all over the world. It is one of the most outstanding names among the high-tech brands which focus much on compressors, motors, tooling molds and capacitors.


If you care about the affordability of the home goods, do never ignore the Vremi! This American brand especially pays attention on creating the user-friendly appliances. None will have trouble with how to run their device for sure.


Not only acceptable-quality devices, the Honati offers customers with a wide range of friendly-budget products. Cheap price does not mean the low quality. The Honati dehumidifiers still can meet all basic demands of users in general.

How to Know that your Basement Needs a Dehumidifier?

When you have a humid space, it will be a must to run a dehumidifier to re-balance the basement humidity level. However, by what way can you see that moisture is building up?

The following is some clear signs.

  • Moldy spots grow on the wall.
  • The condensation comes with beads of water on the glass.
  • The basement is full of the awful, musty smell.
  • When staying in the basement for hours, you feel damp even on your clothes.

From the first to the fourth, how many signs are your room showing? We bet almost all of them. So, it is time for you to think of the dehumidifiers. The mold tends to become a threat to both the whole house structure and your health over time.

We will take the black mold as an example. Its growth produces the mycotoxin. This toxic substance then weakens your respiration, causes dermatitis, and has adverse effects on the immune system.

Besides, moisture is a favorable environment for the mosquitos to breed. The epidemic malaria, as well as dengue, also begins to spread.

Guide to choose the best dehumidifiers for basements

Choosing the best dehumidifiers for basements requires you to care both about your basement and dehumidifier’s elements.

Elements of your basement

Before picking a dehumidifier, you need to know your basement first. Your investment in the best dehumidifiers for basements will go to waste if you place it in a wrong space, which means when the device cannot fit the basement for both moisture levels and the room square footage.

To identify two elements, you can use specialized tools such as hydrometer and measuring tape. They are now widely available on the market.

When knowing about the moisture level and the room width, you can check the sizing chart. Almost every manufacturer prints the easy-standing chart on the packaging. It will help you to choose the right dehumidifier size for your basement then.

Elements of the dehumidifier

As for the dehumidifiers, we would like to mention main elements as follow.


Choosing the right dehumidifier size for basement plays an essential part. How could a device keep up with the air moisture when its size is smaller than what your room requires? Of course, not. It is even such a power-consuming machine due to the continuous operation.

Within 24 hours, the amount of liquidated water will let you know about the dehumidifier’s drying capacity. Common levels often range from 30 to 90 pints. The larger and damper a room is, the higher pint capacity the chosen dehumidifier should have.

So, now, do you know what size dehumidifier for basement will be?

Anyway, we still suggest you to choose the dehumidifier with the higher capacity. Things like clothes or dish-washes in the room sometimes add more moisture to the air as well. The bigger dehumidifying device is to handle such cases.

Or you may live in regions which climate has the high humidity all year round. It will be worth investing in the higher-capacity dehumidifiers to be ready against the long-run humidifying.

Water collecting

The ways dehumidifiers on the market obtain water after condensing moisture from the air are not the same. And you can also remove this water from the unit in different ways.

As for some devices, the operation will shut off automatically when its water bucket is full. So, it requires you to take care and collect the water regularly.

However, many modern models come with a pump. This part will help you to eliminate water when needed.


People run a dehumidifier to get the fresh air with an appropriate level of humidity. But the device can ruin the comfort entirely by its noisy operation for sure.

Assuming that you have to use the dehumidifier all day long. The noise it makes may drive you insane. Therefore, the noise is also an important element to consider.

Special features

In addition to size, water collection and noise, there are special parts that you need to take care.

For example, many models are available with ducting which allows you to dehumidify lots of space at the same time. Or some others satisfy users with the digital control. Let’s keep exploring some special features!

  • An internal pump is to pump water continuously up to the bucket. It helps you to save a lot of time going to the basement to remove water after condensation.
  • Hose drain outlet is to perform as another version of the internal pump. It empties the water when the condensed water from the air is full.
  • A filter indicator is to indicate when you need to wash the air filter to ensure the air quality.
  • An auto-humidistat function is to shut off the unit automatically when the humidity gets the acceptable level.
  • A low-temperature setting is to let the device run well even in the low temperature.
  • Auto-defrosting is to prevent the unit from freezing in the low temperature.
  • Auto-resetting is to save the previous setting in case of the power loss.

How to Keep Basement Dry without Dehumidifier

Assuming that you have a tight budget and find it challenging to choose the suitable dehumidifier. How can you get the ideal basement humidity?

Undoubtedly, it is not too difficult as many people still believe. We will suggest some ways in this section.

Using the Crystal Salt

Calcium Chloride, AKA or Rock Salt are all common inexpensive crystal salt on the market. Placing them in the basement will help to absorb a lot of moisture from the air.

Using Charcoal

Charcoal does not have any moisture, so it can help to absorb the moisture from the air. Not only that, it is also a magical product to eliminate the odor in the basement which is full of mold and dampness.

Using Silica Gel

It acts as an efficient dehumidifier. Even only with a small quantity, the silica gel can control the humidity levels in your basement.

However, you must keep in mind that this chemical is not as friendly as salt and charcoal. Therefore, please keep it far away from kids and pets. We recommend to keep it in a small bag and hang it up.

Installing a Fan

The fan brings a good air circulation for your basement. It ensures the home ventilation and supplies enough fresh air against the dampness inside. Moreover, installing a fan is less expensive than investing a dehumidifier as well.

Not Placing Plants Indoors

People use houseplants to increase the humidity. They provide more moisture for the air. It is the reason why you should move all plants outsides when the humidity tends to go up.

Keeping the Air Conditioner on

This way is quite money-wasting. However, try keeping the air conditioner on all day long! Replacing the dehumidifier, the air condition will help to balance the temperature, the moisture insides.

Wrap up

We have finished the buying guide to choose the best dehumidifier for basement. Searching for a suitable dehumidifier is never easy. That is why we have gathered all useful knowledge as well as top product reviews in this article.

We hope that all of information is helpful for your shopping time. If you have any question, feel free to leave us comments below. And do not forget to follow us, we will be back with many other reviews. Thanks for reading!

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