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Best Whole House Humidifiers in 2021

Are you meeting dry air problem and looking for a high-capacity humidifier to both moistures all the house and save the budgets? Then our best whole house humidifiers review is here to help.

Best Whole House Humidifiers

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Do you know the dryness in the air could affect both your health and furniture durability? That’s why it would be best if you go for a whole house humidifier. We believe it is a worthwhile investment to enhance the living standard.

To offer you the best whole house humidifiers in the current market for your consideration, we have compiled a list of five products below. Are you tempted to know? Let’s get the ball rolling!

Best Whole House Humidifiers in 2021

1. LEVOIT Humidifiers for Large Room Bedroom

We consider the LEVOIT LV600HH as the best-rated whole house humidifier for several reasons.

Firstly, this machine is an ideal choice for big rooms and your whole house. It is because it could cover up to 753 sq ft, which is quite strong enough to humidify the indoor air in your house.

Plus, the LEVOIT LV600HH is also a cost-effective choice for households. It does not require filters so that you will not have to buy filter alternatives, which will save you much money.

We also liked this machine as its coverage is quite broad, yet more importantly, as it was super easy to keep this humidifier clean as well as refill it. You could simply get your hand inside the tank whenever you want to clean it.

Another plus point of the LEVOIT LV600HH is that it could act as a diffuser as well. You could put your favorite essential oils, and then the machine will spread the fragrances throughout your house and rooms.

Besides, you will love this product as it features an automatic shutoff. Thereby, when the machine runs out of water, it will stop working to protect your house and itself.

The LEVOIT humidifier also won us with two warm and cool mist settings. Thanks to that, you could use it in different seasons. Moreover, while the warm mist can kill bacteria in water and quickly adds moisture to your rooms, the cool mist can keep the skin moisturized in the summer.

Adding to its advantages is a timer function. Accordingly, you could program it when it needs to turn off and on. And to make you feel peace of mind when using it, the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty for this model. Besides, you could extend the period if you want as well.

The only thing this humidifier needs to be improved is that it is slightly energy consuming. While other models work at 30W, the LEVOIT humidifier is at 280W.

2. Aprilaire Whole House Humidifier

Aprilaire Whole House Humidifier

The first thing about this humidifier you could expect is low operational costs and a silent mechanism. As it’s a bypass machine, it doesn’t come with a fan or a motor. It depends on a furnace blower in order to move the hot and dry air via the water panel that converts moisture into vapor instead. Then the air is circulated back into the atmosphere.

Plus, the machine works well with soft and hard water though hard water probably requires more regular water panel replacement than suggested six months.

Manually is it operated with a sensor tracking the indoor humidity. Therefore, users could change the moisture inside their spaces to a desirable level.

Besides, the Aprilaire 500M could release up to 12 moisture gallons in a single day to boost the levels of humidity in your house. The machine impressed with high coverage of 3,000 sq ft.

Not to mention, the humidifier is among the best whole house humidifiers for furnaces. You might not know this, but the brand Aprilaire has become well-known as the leading evaporative humidifier provider for the forced air furnace system in the year of 1954.

This brand produces other machines, particularly designed for bigger homes as well. Along with that, the bypass duct and various wiring variations offer better flexibility in operation and installation.

You will also like this machine as its wiring diagram could guide you through the whole process. That said, it would be better if you have a skilled HVAC professional set up it for you, which aims not to void its warranty through the wrong installation. You have to get a drain hose and other tools for ductwork and wiring separately.

And as you could see, this humidifier requires additional installation. That means you will have to spend a higher cost for it. Another minus point of this unit is that it features manual operation, which partly lowers its overall performance.

3. AIRCARE MA1201 Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier

The following position belongs to the Aircare MA1201 Evaporative. It is safe to say this machine is the best whole house humidifier that you get at a bargain. Its price is even lower than that of an average portable humidifier. Not to mention, this model stands out among other products thanks to an optimal level of coverage of 3,600 sq ft.

Plus, it also features a digital humidistat. That means you can rest assured that your house will be humidified continuously and evenly until the desired level of humidity is reached.

At that point, the humidifier will automatically turn off to save you much water and energy. Another feature you will love in this product is that it comes with four speed settings that are enough for your house.

What we are also impressed with this machine is that it uses evaporative tech to boost moisture in the indoor air. At the same time, its wick filter is responsible for trapping all mineral deposits. Along with that, the machine could save you from flu viruses and alleviating allergies symptoms.

Plus, the humidifier also features three caster wheels, which bring smooth mobility when you want to move it to another different place.

Last but not least, it comes with an indicator light to notify you when you should have the tanks refilled or replace the filter.

Nevertheless, the tank of this humidifier is quite small, which is only 3.6 gallons. That means you will need to refill it more frequently. Moreover, the refilling process will require a funnel as well. We know these things will bother you a little bit.

4. Honeywell Home HE360A1075 Whole House Humidifier

Honeywell Home HE360A1075 Whole House Humidifier
Honeywell Home

The Honeywell HE360A1075 made its way on the list, thanks to various reasons. Initially, this humidifier makes use of a fan-powered mechanism in order to optimize the levels of humidity in your house.

A saddle valve opens to let the water go through the machine. Some water will saturate the pad that leads to evaporation when the warm atmosphere is forced to it by the fan.

Meanwhile, the remaining flow into the drain. As no water will be stored in the machine, it limits the growth of mold as well as other harmful microorganisms that develop in high-moisture conditions.

And because the water will flow through this humidifier, it will take away impurities, dust, and minerals. Thanks to that, you will not need to clean frequently (You could only have to get the machine cleaned once a year.)

Another outstanding point of this machine is that its coverage is even higher than the options mentioned earlier, which is about 4200 sq ft. Plus, it could produce a level of 18 gallons per day.

This humidifier also has a humidistat aligned in the duct as well as wired to it. Notably, the machine comes with variable speed, so that you could change the output to meet your needs of humidity.

It is also convenient that you can set it up either horizontally or vertically as long as it’s on the supply plenum. Also, there is another choice of wall mounting for the flexible settlement.

Other notable features of this Honeywell humidifier include a Vista filter pad and a PerfectFLO distribution tray for speeding up the pad saturation. Thanks to that, you could save a lot of money on your electricity bills.

Any cons? We would Yes to this question. As the water that could not be absorbed to the air will flow down the drain, you will waste a considerable amount of water. Additionally, you probably struggle with its poor wiring instructions.

And keep in mind that the humidistat of this humidifier is extremely sensitive to touch. Therefore, it can release a large amount of humidity with only a small movement.

5. Aprilaire 800 Whole Home Steam Humidifier

Aprilaire 800 Whole Home Steam Humidifier, Automatic Steam Humidifier, Large Capacity Whole House Humidifier for Homes up to 6,200 Sq. Ft.

Our last pick is another model from the brand Aprilaire. We consider the Aprilaire 800 is the best humidifier for big houses with no central heating systems. The emitted steam boosts the levels of humidity in your space while warming it slightly.

You might not know this, but steam humidifiers could release a great deal of moisture in a short time as they don’t rely on a heating system or a furnace to heat water.

That’s why this machine could produce a level of moisture of up to 34.6 gallons per day to cover a maximum area of 6,200 sq ft.

Another different point of this humidifier among other models is that it makes use of electrode tech. Accordingly, the resistance of water to electrical current that flows between submerged electrodes will heat the water.

We are also impressed with this product as it does not require any filtration system as the electrode tech needs impurities in water in order to transmit electricity. It is quite convenient to use with hard water that ranges from 3-36 grains. Also, you will not need to clean it regularly.

And you will like this product as it can limit the possibility of respiratory and skin infections developed in dry conditions.

Last but not least, the Aprilaire 800 is quite easy to set up and manually operate.

Excellent is its performance, you could guess its price is not low at all. And that’s true. This model comes with a high price tag, which could cost an arm and a leg. Plus, it could make a loud noise when operating. Apart from that, the Aprilaire 800 will keep you warm efficiently and protect you from bacteria and mold.

Buying Guide of Whole House Humidifiers

Now you know the best whole house humidifiers. But before going for any product, you should take a look at the following buying guide, which contains critical factors that you should know when buying. This will ensure you could get the right product in the end.

1. Supply Indicator

It is a needed part of a whole house humidifier, which can notify you whenever you will need to refill the water.

2. Humidistat

A humidistat is responsible for examining the indoor air in a house. Plus, it could detect if there is a lack of level of humidity. The reason why it is a critical part is that it won’t let the system be turned on in unnecessary cases.

If the level of humidity is not what you expect, this part can announce to the solenoid, and then the process of humidifying will start.

3. Outdoor Sensors

This sensor will register the outdoor temperature. Relying on the weather, the humidifier mightn’t sometimes be needed. It will tell whether the air is dry as the weather is too cold.

4. Manual or Automatic Operation

For some whole house humidifiers, you could select if you want them to operate manually or automatically. The auto mode is possible once the humidifier is set to the desired humidity levels.

5. Auto Shutoff

You know, once the humidity levels you want in your homes are reached, the whole-house humidifier will turn off on its own, which saves you much money on electricity bills.

6. Water Valve

You might not know this, but before your humidifier stops functioning, the new water will refill the evaporator pad continuously to release fresh air. At that point, the valve will hinder water from overflowing.

7. Corrosion Material

We know it isn’t a typical feature among whole house humidifiers. But, it shouldn’t be undermined because the correction-proof materials, you know, will prolong your unit lifespan.

Whole House Humidifier Types

Currently, whole house humidifiers are available in three kinds, including bypass humidifiers, fan-powered humidifiers, and steam humidifiers. Let’s dive into to know the details of each type.

Bypass Humidifier

As its name suggests, a bypass humidifier will make use of the air passing through heat ducts. Then the machine feeds it to water panels in which the air could absorb moisture. Finally, the air will return to your home via a tube under the steam form.

A bypass humidifier uses a furnace in order to moisten and heat the air. It could not operate if there is no air circulating in this furnace. And they are set up at the return or your ductwork’s supply end. This kind of humidifier does not make much noise as it does not come with the blower motor. That said, you should remember that it requires more space to set up.

Fan-powered Humidifier

The main difference between a fan-powered humidifier and a bypass humidifier is  while the latter does not has a blower motor, the former has. Therefore, it will not need a furnace to assist it in humidifying your homes. Whenever you need more humidity, this machine will moisten your indoor air.

Also, this kind of humidifier does not need a bypass duct. Therefore, it only takes a small space for the installation. Another point to remember is that a fan-powered humidifier will need a connection with your house’s air system.

We would say this is a great choice if you install an HVAC system in the tight closet.

Steam Humidifier

A steam humidifier is quite different from the humidifiers mentioned above as it doesn’t pass the air through the moistening of the water panels.

This humidifier releases steam dispersed throughout the house and mixing with the current air.

Similar to the fan-powered humidifier, a steam humidifier won’t need a furnace to run. Whenever the humidity level in your home drops lower than what you expect, the machine will boil the water to release steam and then distribute it through ductwork.

The benefit of steam humidifiers is that they work fast and provide very pure moisture as the steam is produced directly by water.

Differences Between A Room Humidifier And A Whole House Humidifier

The first difference between room humidifiers and whole house ones is that room humidifiers are smaller and less powerful than whole house humidifiers. They are produced to add moisture to the indoor air in one room only. Typically, it is important to get a high-quality humidifier for bedrooms as it will handle the problems of throat and sinuses.

Meanwhile, whole house humidifiers are not designed to be relocated from a room to another one. They are set up directly in the ductwork of the heating system near a furnace. Thus, with only a whole house humidifier, you could get the air heated and humidified throughout your house.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Whole House Humidifiers

You might not know this, but with a humidifier, you could handle almost all health problems coming with dry air such as sore throat, bleeding nose, and clogged sinuses. It sounds great, doesn’t it? That said, everything has its own pros and cons. Let’s follow us to know the advantages and disadvantages of a humidifier for your whole house.


  • Alleviate merely all problems of body and health that people experience, including dry hair and skin, irritated eyes, bleeding nose, sore throat,  sinus headaches, allergies, and cracked lips.
  • Save money on electricity bills
  • Maintain the right level of humidity and keep your whole house cozy and warm
  • Ensure the good conditions of your furniture by limiting fabric fading and wood cracks
  • Pets will benefit a lot from this type of humidifier


  • Raise water bills since some whole house humidifiers need much water to work efficiently
  • Water leakage could happen if you set up the humidifier wrong
  • To get the best results of providing humidity for your house, it would be better to go for a quality humidifier, which could come with a high price tag

How Do Whole House Humidifiers Work?

In this part, we will show you the way whole house humidifiers work so that you will get your devices more clearly.

And the procedure is as follows:

  1. Whole house humidifiers are set up in the ductwork next to a furnace.
  2. Evaporator pads are inside the humidifier’s framework.
  3. The humidifiers are connected to a water system directly. This waterline could be cold or hot, and it needs a shutoff valve.
  4. This valve will feed into an electrically-run valve connected to a humidistat dubbed solenoid. It is because this humidistat can detect if the levels of humidity drop under the desired levels and notify the solenoid next.
  5. This solenoid will let the water flow through a tube to a tray holding the evaporator pads when it opens. This tray is created to disperse water evenly via separate holes.
  6. Any extra amount of water goes to the evaporator’s lowest level and then is led through the drain pipe.
  7. To create humidity, the air needs a connection with the water. And this will occur through ductwork.
  8. Then the water will evaporate into the atmosphere, supplying moisture to the air.
  9. Next, the furnace will blow the air in the humidifier throughout your house via the ductwork.
  10. Finally, you will get fresh warm, and cozy air to enjoy a sound sleep with no worries about allergies and respiratory issues.

Maintenance Of Whole House Humidifiers

You know, after a period when you use whole house humidifiers, you will need to get it cleaned to ensure optimal performance. That’s why today, we will show the best way to clean your humidifiers. You only need to follow seven steps below.

  1. Turn off the power. It’s quite crucial as electricity could cause shocks. Keep in mind to unplug your humidifiers as well.
  2. Disassemble your humidifier
  3. Drain remaining water from the tank and fill two-third of it with water. Mix with bleach, leave for several minutes to dissolve impurities and microbes properly. Swirl this solution to ensure you reached every corner of the tank. Ensure all scale build-ups are removed.
  4. Follows the model’s instructions to know when you should replace its water panel or evaporation pad. Normally, you will change at least one time per year. Please remember to drain water and fill the reservoir again. Rinse/wipe all grain and dust as well.
  5. Wipe the humidifier’s outer body with cloth that was dipped in a vinegar solution with the ratio of 50% water and 50% vinegar or warm water. Also, everything in contact with mineral deposits and water needs cleaning. Soak heavily-contaminated parts in this solution for at least 15 minutes.
  6. Ensure no water drips from your whole house humidifiers and their parts.
  7. Assemble the humidifiers again and tighten all parts to thwart water leakage.


Do I need to buy a whole house humidifier?

You know,  whole house humidifiers are designed for a specific aim and certain air conditions. In case your house is in a location of drastic weather changes or the air is quite dry, you will definitely need whole house humidifiers.

What humidity level should I set at my house?

The ideal level of humidity in your home should be above 30 percent and under 50 percent.

Is it okay if I use a whole house humidifier with an air humidifier for rooms?

You could use both if you need enhance the condition of a certain room more. Your home is probably subjected to various moisture levels based on the room direction and windows. For instance, if your bedroom’s air is arid, it would be best to add another portable humidifier for a sound sleep.

Can I open windows whenever the air is dry?

Well, we would say you should not do that. It sounds to be counter productive. You know, a whole house humidifier is used almost whenever the air inside and outside is dry. Thereby, if you open windows, you will allow the cold air to enter your room. That means you will make the air much drier.

Should I choose a room humidifier or a whole house humidifier?

A portable room is a perfect choice if your house has only had 1-2 rooms with low humidity levels. On the other hand, if your house has ample living space and high ceilings, you had better choose a whole house humidifier.

Final Thoughts

That’s all we want to share about the best whole house humidifiers today. You might get all the information that you should know to get the right buying choice based on your demand and preference. And do you intend to go for any product in our list?

If yes, we hope you will have a great experience with us. If not, we suggest you go for our first pick – the LEVOIT LV600HH humidifier. Not only does it perform quite well in comparison with other models in the same segment, it is cost effective when you do not need to replace the filters.

Ultimately, we would say thank you for reading, and if you have any ideas, do not hesitate to let us know in the comment box below.

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