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Top 10 Best Tower Fans

Are you using tower fan for the first time? Are you looking for a better replacement? After learning our suggestion of the top 10 Tower Fans, you would get a clue.

Best Tower Fans 2020

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Best Tower Fans 2021

Even the wind has quality, does your home fan provide enough qualified airflow? Since you are reading this post, you probably search for the answer or find a better replacement.

With the best tower fan, our house is with the best air oscillating, especially in the sultry summer. But it isn’t in this peak-heat season that buyers desire for a tower fan, they expect to receive the efficiency of the product year-round.

Understand your thinking; here, based on buyer’s reviews, guidance, and dedicated research of our team; we have filtered the top 10 Tower Fans considering the finest in specified cases.

These fans are all high-rated in a particular aspect. Some are just fit right with your budget, some marked point with modern design, others are best in performance.

Our information focuses on the product’s details, features, and answers to the common questions that most people concern when adopting a tower fan. For example, why should you purchase a tower fan instead of other kinds? Do they provide more airflow? Are they stronger? Or are they eco-friendly?

Now, let’s see what they have to offer.

Top-rated Tower Fans Comparison

ProductSpeed SettingsTimerWarrantyRemote ControlPrice
Lasko T4295137.5 hours1 yearYes$$
Dyson AM07109 hours2 yearsYes$$$
Ozeri 3x OZF397.5 hours1 yearYes$$
Honeywell HYF290B88 hours1 yearYes$$
Lasko 251037 hours1 yearYes$$
Lasko 493034 hours1 yearYes$$
Honeywell HYF023W38 hours1 yearNo$$
Vornado18448 hours5 yearsYes$$
Opolar Desk fan3-1.5 yearsNo$$
Arctic-Pro 2103312 hours1 yearYes$$

Here are the Best Tower Fans:

Lasko T42951 Portable Electric 42″ Oscillating Tower Fan

Best Overall

Ooohhhh, it is a Lasko, so chill out everybody! You can use this supplier’s product with the peace of mind.

As our own opinion and other buyers of how we are fond of this product, we would offer you the best unit from the top tower fan manufacturer: Lasko T42951.

The most comprehensive tower fan from Lasko is worth the budget. Of course, as all fans do, oscillates the air to deal with the scorching heat but Lasko is super for many convenient functions.

Elegant design with wood grain accent and the primary black color are highlight features, which both have a sense of modern and antique fashion. Or else, the chic design of pure silver that covers the entire device’s body would hit your standard.

In the gold eyes of an interior decorator, the fan would be one of the furniture that matches with deluxe rooms.

On the backside of the fan, the indention plays as the handle. As most of the tower fans are portable, but the point is how to create it easy to carry.

To anybody who has clumsy hands, a product with a handling part is a very efficient function. The handle would prevent objects sliding off their hands and be unbalanced.

One feature that scores the point for this type of tower fan is the ionizing air function, which you can hardly find on other tower fans. Though it does not work as adequately as an air purifier, the fan can filter well the air. It sucks in impurities; such as pollen, mold, and dust and emits negative ions.

The fan size isn’t small at all, but only in vertical, so it is still considered as space-saving. As you can imagine, with a height of 42.5 inches, the fan can deliver a breeze to sing your sleeping head on the tall bed to sweet dreams.

Most of the fan is just simply oscillating the air around while the heat remains the same, then you can find a difference in this Lasko T42951. The fan delivers a light, fresh cool air to the room.

Though it might not be as crisp as an air-conditioner, it is possible to low down the annoying heat in summer.

Combine with the oscillating function; the fan rotates on its base (about 70 degrees), and it has louvers to adjust the wind up or down. In no time, your room is cooling down, enjoy the pleasant air-blowing!

There is a remote control available, which nestles right on the fan, and an electronics panel, which is easy to control.

This amenity turns out to be extremely helpful. Just lay back on the soft sofa and move your finger straightforwardly, the fan can turn on/off and send the speed that you desire!

Yep, the smart device serves our laziness!

Roll call the fan’s highlighted features. Let’s see; it has a fancy look, ionizing air function, handle, versatile oscillating features, remote control, and a lot of small advantageous details that we didn’t list out. These are enough to beat many users.

2. Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan, FDS, Black/Nickel

Best Quiet Tower Fan

What? Cost up to hundreds of bucks, are they serious? Who would pay that much for a fan? Don’t be panic, since something with an exorbitant price, usually can be concluded as super quality. After acknowledging its features and remarkable benefits, you may want one of this kind.

Stunning design makes AM07 Dyson a spotlight in any space, whether it is a bedroom, living room, office, etc. but not the garage, it will be a waste.

As you see with your own eyes the image above, the fan is a revolution of the tower fan’s industry. It is utterly distinct to other tower fan lines. With the ring shape that lays on its base, this tower fan can engage ideally with your home.

Dyson’s tower fans are a friendly partner to be there in the house. Bladeless features provide safety to any household that has curious kids.

Also, this clever design is ideal to possess when raising pets; the animal’s fur cannot be a “troublemaker” to the tower fan.

Moreover, cleaning has never become so easy with Dyson AM07. Since the fan has no blade revealed outside, you can both rub its edges while it is still operating. For this, it would be called: “bladeless is careless.”

Since the module is a hidden gem inside the hard shield layer, the fan can offer you a breeze in the most silent way.

The engineering is incredible. While maintaining the same wind speed, the fan’s noise is only at 61 dB, which made the intelligent machine one of the top quietest tower fans. For more affordable options or references of other types of quiet fan, you can check the review of the 5 Best Quiet Fan.

Hence, the machine can match with any room and space, which brings you the best comfort when sleeping, working, or relaxing.

A more interesting fact about this amazing guy, the producer applies the Air Multiplier technology (which mentioned below) to create a high-velocity breeze. Not only the air is pushed out from the ring, but the whole ring itself is providing chilly winds.

Notably, Dyson AM07 may not be the most cooling-air-creating fan, but it is able to do the job that other genres of tower fan cannot. Most of the tower fans provide the strongest air at the middle of the louvers, but at the top and bottom edges, the velocity will decrease.

This Dyson can supply the same airflow at any position from its rings. The breeze is pleasing at 6.3 mph – an ideal airspeed to feel the comforts.

Especially, with ten versatile fan-speed modes, the breeze is in your command. The fan’s air-blowing can reach to a large area in your room, making the space cool in no time.

Most tower fans consume a large amount of power, but this cooling device uses the energy relatively as equal as an average fan, about 0.5 kWh. Less power but stronger airflow is precisely the fan specialty.

Amenity is remote control with magnet characteristics, which is placed on a small box on the fan’s body.

The fan is practical with the functions, but on the other side, it also has tremendous mental value. People came to the Dyson AM07; they did not just expect for what the fan can do but for what people, guests think of them.

This chic fan can start an interesting topic. Plus, it also raises the value of your inside decoration and especially you.

With all these strong points, there is no doubt to say this is one go-to fan. Except for the expensive price tag, or else it is a flawless unit.

3. Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44″) with Passive Noise Reduction Technology

Best Oscillating Tower Fan

For a minute there, you may have thought this unit was a kind of sound speaker with three outlets, but it had fooled you. Ozeri 3x tower fan is an intelligent device that is armed with amazing features. Here you will see why it is.

The product is an appealing design with three small blades, which can independently operate with different breeze speeds. Nine levels of air-blowing create huge abilities for you to adjust the fan as you desire, bring you the most relaxation.

Ozeri influences unrivaled technology, which can efficiently reduce the motor’s noise. The fan works whisper-quietly, so the sound isn’t a disturbing factor when located in your bedroom, work office, or baby’s room.

The fan can cover a wide zone with its fresh cool air-blowing. With 90 degrees of oscillating angle, this chic unit can deliver a fresh breeze to most of your room space.

When purchasing an Ozeri 3x, you will receive a remote control; a touching LED control panel which permits you to adjust the machine conveniently.

Although being high ranged, the fan still has some little drawbacks. Many people had claimed that despite having three mini blades, the fan is not intensely energetic.

If you expect the air-blowing that can blow all your hair to the back, like when you are putting your head out of the 60km/hour- driving car’s window, the fan can’t do it. Even at it’s maxing speed.

4. Honeywell HYF290B QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan

Best Tower Fan for Bedroom

Honeywell is so far, best-known for supplying products with incredibly low price, and off course, the quality of the machine invented is guaranteed. Thanks to the conductive characteristics, Honeywell won a title in the best-selling list.

Just so similar to honey, which smells beautiful and delivers fantastic taste to the tip of your tongue. Here, the Honeywell will spread the pleasant to your mind and body.

Its versatility is undeniable, with eight-speed modes that inform each use case, you can find lots of satisfaction with the air you wish.

Though it cannot be put on the scale with Dyson products, which is a “terrorist” with 10-speed modes but on the very positive side, it is way more affordable.

Paired with Quiet-Set technology, the owner of this wind-controlling machine can adjust the sound and cooling options at the most pleasing stage.

At the lowest level, you can barely hear any noise generated, and at the highest mode, the sound still does not border you.

Adopting high velocity and oscillating a spacious zone, this Honeywell fighter can bring the breeze to your entire room. It makes you feel as if you freshen up by the gentle wind of nature in spring.

Dimming feature – 5 lighting selections, which are decreased from 100% to 75%, 50%, 25% and 0%. It comes to a convenient feature when you are in the cool dead night. Fatigued awaking in the middle of your sweet dream to turn the fan off is not going to happen.

Additional devices include a remote control that nestles in the fan storage, a small screen on the top of the fan that displays the functions of the products, which creates the simple way to use the machine.

Though the fan wind’s capacity isn’t as strong as the Lasko, you have seen its versatility, so still, it is a good investment.

5. Lasko 2510 Oscillating Tower Fan

Best Affordable Tower Fan

Looking for a super fan which is dominant and fit in your budget, looking no further but the Lasko 2510 Oscillating tower fan. It has the twin brother Lasko 2511, which received a lot of compliments but this still a worth-buying model.

One reason the fan is perfect for the living room, it is the capability of sending powerful winds. This Lasko is one of the best devices to deliver the most strong breeze. This feature is the top-necessary one to cool up such one big chamber as the living room.

Don’t be disappointed when you notice the few three fan’s modes; it turns out to be more useful and practical than you might think. Three fan speeds are three different quality and velocity of breeze that quickly banishes the sizzling summer days.

Just at one first glimpse, the voice in your mind will say nothing but complementing the chic fan appearance. Besides, the design allows you to save the space for your home, creating an available area for other furniture.

The fan can oscillate on the pedestal, combined with strong air-blowing, this monster will provide you the most pleasant breeze as possible.

The remote control is the accessory, and the storage is on the fan’s body. The electronic touch-control operation makes the machine easy to use.

Everything has an opposite side, and this tower fan is no exception. As it is up to its higher wind modes, the sounds will also increase. It is not a significant problem, but it will if you are sensitive to noise.

6. Lasko 4930 Oscillating High Velocity Tower Fan

Best Tower Fan for Large Room

As potent as possible, is that your criteria when adopting a fan? Well, the Lasko 4930 is here to please from the most easy-going guest to the toughest one.

The fan has three-speed of levels available, which are low, medium, and high speed. Each stage propels a distinct breeze velocity, providing a high capacity of winds to the rooms and office.

With louvers, oscillating features, plus the Centrifugal technology (noted below), it goes without saying that this is a super powerful breeze deliverer.

The built-in carry handle is one of the convenient features; taking the fan from one room to others turns out to be handier.

Come with the product are wireless remote control and LED display, which allows you to control from a far distance better and easier.

7. Honeywell White Comfort Control Tower Fan

Best Tower Fan Under $50
Honeywell White Comfort Control Tower Fan, Slim Design, Powerful Cooling, 1 Pack

Seeking for a fine and under-50-buck tower fan could cause you eyestrain. But finally, you’ve found it, guys! Behold the Honeywell Comfort Control Tower Fan.

A tower fan of Honeywell with such a price, what benefits can it bring to us? Well, here are the answers:

One highlight is a slim design, which efficiently saves your home space. The fan is neither too tall nor heavy. Also, being made with a convenient recessed carrying handle, moving the fan from room to room is straightforward.

Three speeds of airflow and wide-area oscillated bring you a sense of comfort. You can find the distinct velocity of air-blowing in each mode, and they all are good at sending you a comfortable breeze.

Quiet feature is carefully invested by the supplier, which provides you a peaceful atmosphere and barely disturbs you from your activities like sleeping, watching TV, working in the office.

Exchanging to the price tag is the lack of amenities. No remote control, it just has only LED touch button electronic control. Furthermore, don’t expect an intense breeze because it is not going to happen. This fan is made to cool you rather than low the room’s heat.

8. Vornado 184 Whole Room Air Circulator Tower Fan

Vornado 184 Whole Room Air Circulator Tower Fan, 41\", 184-41\", Black

Vornado sounds pretty similar to a tornado. Indeed, these two words stand for two things but gather at one common point, which we will now find out.

The fan is not just oscillating, with V-Flow technology, it is circulating, and the principle is simple to understand. We will explain most easily since we know specialized vocabulary is really annoying. The rule of operation is creating at the same time a V-shaped air-blowing.

Unlike most tower fans that can only propel the air through its straight vents, this beast was created 180 degrees differently. Its vents were made in a diagonal line to spread wider angle breeze. Observing from above, you can see the wind would be like V-shape.

This creative design had wisely eliminated the oscillation feature. With the enormous capacity of air blown, the air circulated your room, which would touch to the edges. This is what makes Vornado’s tower fan mean tornado.

Can you see this is one luxurious model that will meld attractively with furniture in a stylish room? The unit was made black – a traditional color but will never be out of fashion.

Though it has 4-speed settings, it can bring various stages of breeze, paired with a powerful motor; the fan can push the wind up to 100 feet.

When bringing the machine home, you will also receive a remote control, so controlling the fan is simply on the fingertips.

One thing you wouldn’t like about this device is that it takes more electricity consumption, compared to other competitors. That is why many customers pass the product, paying extra for the electricity bill might not be a good idea.

9. OPOLAR Portable Battery Operated Desk Fan

Best Mini Tower Fan

Mirror mirror on the wall, what is the best mini tower fan of them all? Taa Daa, the Opolar mini tower fan is the chosen one. Our first impression about this Opolar is a both “good wood and good paint” product.

About the design, this tower fan was made from arm to teeth in pure black, which is the “fit in” color. With a height of 5.7 inches and a weight of 2.66 weight, the product is ideal for a desk mini tower fan and straightforward to move to other positions.

Double motors to cool double time. The fan was cleverly designed with two distinguished blades; each can be adjusted, turned to different directions. You can set one module to the back, and keep another on the front to provide at the same time the opposite air-blowing.

More convenient function, you can either turn one of the motors on and off to enjoy a lighter airflow.

With three fan speeds available, this competitor sends a strong air-blowing and different velocity in each stage. While operating, it does excellent the job of being quiet, from either at the lowest or highest wind-speed.

Turn on the oscillation function by pressing the button and enjoy the breeze from different angles. The fan can cover the space within 110 degrees.

The cordless mini tower fan uses a USB charging cable to get power. With 6 to 7 hours charging, the fan is at its full battery and is able to offer the breeze up to 12 hours. This advantage makes the fan a necessary device for outdoor camping, picnic.

With all of the amenities above, this fan is a fierce contestant in the mini tower fan market. Though many people find that charging is annoying, and the lack of remote control is the Opolar drawback, but with such fantastic functions, these disadvantages are nothing big.

10. Arctic-Pro Digital Screen Oscillating Tower Fan

Best Tower Fan for Office
Arctic-Pro Digital Screen Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control, Dark Gray, 42-Inch

Arctic’s tower fan is quite average at the look. Conversely, it is still armed full of primary functions that make it a fierce competitor in the market.

The product has a simple but still fashionable outside look. With such a design, it can match any room’s style and furniture, plus enhancing the room decoration.

Made with whisper-quiet feature and three speeds of airflow, you can be laid-back on a long soft bench, and the fan will contribute to your relaxation.

One score point, this guy can oscillate up to 80 degrees, opening a wide area of breeze. As the user’s reviews, the product’s air-flowing capacity is reliable, hence it will do a great job to cool the room up quickly.

The fan is controllable via a super-handy remote control, so you are a breeze commander with this little “magic box” in the hand.

Tower Fan Buyer’s Guide

Using a machine without reading the manual and notices means you are not exploiting all the fan potential. If we are just the user, not the creator, one thing we must do is get the best knowledge of the product we own.

Well, that is why we are here, to inform you of these crucial factors about the tower fan, so when adopting the machine, you can use it more effectively.

1. Cleaning

Cleaning a tower fan can be both difficult and manageable. When talking about this machine cleaning, people think straight of disassembling the coverage.

That is true, but only if there is no vacuum in the house. In this way, the cleaning process turns hard; since you do it wrongly, splitting one part to another might cause the machine damage.

In contrast, if you have the vacuum, all you need is let them do the job. Strong vacuum suction would bring the clearest productive. Cleaning the tower fan every 3 to 4 months to enjoy the fresh breeze.

In particular, you can have a look at this post to know the way of cleaning the tower fan.

2. Noise

Fans provide a cooling feature to the house and office, but it isn’t the only factor that you care, right? To a large number of users, the noise level is the second priority to decide to bring the machine home or not.

There are three distinct noise categories that you need to notice:

  • Whisper tower fan: Model with this feature shall work quietly. Though it is not a 100% silence but the sounds of the running motor is so whisper that you can barely notice.
    You can see this characteristic clearly at a bladeless tower fan as the engine is entirely kept inside the stand. All noise seems to be blocked out.
  • Quiet tower fan: Though it cannot be compared to the whisper-quiet stage; still, it can be categorized as quiet. These kinds of products always make noise, but they won’t border you so much.
    To imagine easier, something that is as noisy as these fans is the ceiling fans or the stand-alone fans. Laying the machine in a bedroom or office is also appropriate.
  • Not a quiet tower fan: It is as true as the name that we state, these things work loudly. Of course, it won’t get too noisy, but if you are noise-anti, it will disturb you.

2. Air blowing capacity

The more powerful the fan is, the more extensive and further space its breeze can get. The bigger the tower fan is, the stronger the wind it can provide and larger area it can cover.

Buying a big tower fan for the chamber and large room is the best solution to keep the air oscillated.

3. Oscillation Feature

Each tower fan oscillates the air in different ways. Many of them use the louvers to send air. Others can rotate on the stand like the pedestal fans.

4. Timer

This is a useful feature as well. In detail, there are two forms of timer:

  • Turn Off timer: Set the fan to turn off itself after a while. In this way, the machine won’t have to work overtime.
    Besides, to not disturb your sleep in the middle of cold nights and to save energy, you can set it to stop at any time.
  • Turn On timer: A great feature to serve your comfort. Start the motor at any time you need, especially when you almost get home and prefer the room to have a pleasant temperature already.

5. Stability

Caring about customer’s sake; the suppliers have some improvements to the issue. Here are the ways:

  • Anti-slip feet: They made pieces of rubber and stuck it to the four corners of the fans. When putting the fan on the shiny, slippery floor, this helps the unit to stand still.
    The feet will create a small space between the floor and the fan bottom so that vacuuming can be more manageable.
  • Multiple Feet: More feet to gain more balance. Instead of producing three to four feet under the stand, they increase the number to six or eight to keep the fan at one stable position.
  • Wide Base: This product has a round foot that keeps it steady. Circular bases support the fan 360 degrees, which shall effectively keep the fan unmoving.

6. Convenient Supporters

With the excessive growth of technology nowadays, our lives have become more convenient. The benefits of the electrical machines have given us the amenities that the former generation cannot have.

If you find it hard to use some electrical products or machines, there are more natural ways for you. Tower fan is also not an exception; when buying one, you can get one or two of these devices:

  • LCD displays: The fan has a small or big LCD screen that lists its functions in particular headings. On the LCD, it contains everything you need, and perhaps, reading manuals is unnecessary.
  • Remote Control: based on the infrared technology, which is as the same tech as television, you can control your tower fan.
  • Digital Control Panel: The control panel is favored since its settings and functions are displayed in categories. All you need to do is choose the service you want to activate.
  • Pre-programmed features: allows you to get the machine started in shortcut. In case it needs many buttons to enable the fan, you can reorder as to your convenience.

7. Warranty

Product with a warranty is the best way to win the buyer’s trust. In the market, all the reputable companies that invents tower fans will ensure to have the product’s warranties.

The duration is between 2 to 5 years. A company with high confidence in their products would give a long time of guarantee, which is also the company you should consider.

Tower Fan vs. Pedestal Fan: Which One Should We Buy?

To avoid misunderstanding and also not to bias one to another, we would make it clear in the first place. Tower fans and pedestal fans are two different kinds of products, so making a board to compare them is not so exact.

In this case, we would inform you of a few bullet points of both machine pros and cons, and you shall be the judge of your requirement.

Tower Fan Pros

1. Design

Tower fan is the master of appearance between the two kind machines. No matter what source is the tower fan, it was created to look fancy. A tower fan can blend nicely into any room in the house and build up the inside furniture.

To many people, it is better to pay money for a useful and attractive product than the one that is only fine at its function.

2. Safety

Tower fan is guaranteed to be a safe product. Though there are many suppliers, all tower fans have one thing in common; its entire body was covered in a plastic pedestal.

If you have toddlers, who are at the age of curiosity, you must worry about your kids putting their finger in the running fan blades. Perhaps the same situation might end up with your pets. Well, a tower fan can wipe out your awareness.

3. Quiet

No doubt that one of the strong characteristics of the tower fan is the quietness it delivers to your home space. All the tower fan’s movement happens in its plastic seal, so most of the noise is blocked inside.

4. Space-saving

No matter your rooms are spacious or humble in size, a tower fan is ideally suited to the vacancy. A tower fan is made as a small but exceptionally tall object, which significantly saves your room space.

5. Multiple functions

It costs a quite high budget but in exchange, what type of fan that you can find so many advantageous features than a tower fan?

A tower fan can gather many air improving features; such as water spraying, cooling mode, ability to create ions into the air. These eliminate air polluting, allergy components, etc.

Other than that, it is versatile with timing mode and many levels of fan speed. You will not be able to find these functions in a traditional fan with simple wind’s modes.

Tower Fan Cons

1. High cost

No matter how exquisite the product is, the price is the eternal problem that pushes buyers away. As we mentioned earlier, the tower fan marks point with multiple convenient functions, but on the other hand, it goes along with the high value.

An average tower fan cost around 50 to 80 USD; the latest genre can cost over 300 USD while a pedestal fine can be obtained at 25 USD. But if you ask does the machine worth the money, we would answer: totally yes.

2. Weaker breeze

A tower fan cannot deliver as strong air-blowing as pedestal fans since its blades are not large. But still, the product does a great job of cooling the air around the room.

3. Cleaning

Without a high-pressure vacuum, you have to separate the tower fan into parts to clean the dust. Assembling the fan back is difficult.

Pedestal Fan Pros

1. Powerful air-blowing

Pedestal fan is more significant than a tower fan in creating greater air-blowing. Pedestal fan structure and design aim to build strong winds and comprehensive coverage.

Since the fan’s essential duty is to oscillate the air vigorously in a spacious area, it is not a challenge to stir the air in extra-sized rooms, and chambers.

Also, adjustable fan speeds and air direction are the pedestal fan most prominent advantages.

2. Fit in a dusty environment

Pedestal fans are invincible in dusty environments. Just a few elementary steps, you can disassemble the fan’s part to clean, and leave none of the latter damage.

In contrast, a tower fan is more complicated when opening the case, not to mention that uncareful movement can damage the machine.

3. Low cost

Surprisingly, whether on the internet or at an electronic supermarket, you can always find a pedestal fan with a 20 USD price tag. A mid-ranging pedestal fan can operate well in several years, and costs just only 20 USD. What a great deal!

4. Adjustable height

Pedestal fan is flexible with controllable air direction. Adjustable height allows you to move the breeze up or down that offers you the most comfort.

Pedestal Fan Cons

1. Not Safe

The thing that prevents the rushing blades to human’s reach is an iron cage. Although the cage was made of metal, the inlet’s gap is fairly big; children can poke their fingers through the cage’s gap; this happens all the time.

Because the product’s operating principle is sucking the air directly and releases it through the cage, some things can be sucked in too; such as hair (when you are standing too close to the wings), and fur.

2. Not ideal for the small-size room

To cramped rooms, pedestal fans are their enemy. As we can see, the fan itself is pretty big; it takes up space both horizontal and vertical. To top it off, when oscillating, it needs more space to move its wings.

3. Not score in appearance

Perhaps the fan is not the option for those who prefer sleek decorated rooms. Pedestal fans have an unpretentious outside look; it is the fan function and the price that attract the users.

4. Home air remains the same

Most of the pedestal fans don’t have a moisturizing function; all they can do is just blow the air.

Tower Fan Common Technologies

Axial Fan

As a casual way, these axial fans use blades to deliver breeze. It depends on the number of blades, the angle, length, and rotation that affects the power of the air-blowing.

Axial fan efficiently provides powerful air-blowing to the entire room. Bringing the exact technology to the modern tower fan, the producer succeeded to increase significantly the capacity of propelled air.

Bladeless Fan

Bladeless Fan

The model is one stand-out. Bladeless fans are stunning at the appearance, such as Dyson’s product. What caught in our eyes is one big ring on the base and leave the huge question in our head of how the fan works?

Bladeless fan is the latest and greatest technology of the tower fan industry, up to the moment. Though it is called bladeless, in fact, this kind of tower fan still exists blades, which are hidden from our visual.

Instead of making the blades on top, they change the position to the fan’s base. When operating, the air created will enter the tower fan through the air valve, then circulate and follow the exit – the ring on the fan’s top.

This advanced design brings many advantages for the customer. The new technology both decreases the sound of fan operation and increases a large amount of chill air.

Especially, with the non-blade product, it is safe to the reach of children and ideal for a home that raises pets. Besides, cleaning tower fans with bladeless has never been so easy and uncomplicated.

Centrifugal Fan

Centrifugal Fan

Centrifugal fan’s structure is a bit different from the rest. Unlike the other genres that take the air in and out in a straight tube, direction; this fan still uses the same way when sucking the air in the rotation. But when releasing, the air will go through a perpendicular placed tube.

The distinct design forms a higher pressure and boosts the stronger breeze. As the producer intends, this technology creates a cooler torrent of air around your house.

How Does It Work?

In short, it just about sucks and lets the air out. Tower fans are still based on the traditional principles to propel the air.

On the particular side, usually at the back, the air is sucked in the small inlets, then going through the air guide.

After being oscillated and changing the characteristic, a cool and fresh breeze will come out through the vents and reach the sofa you are relaxingly sitting on.

Due to the slim shape, the airflow is narrow and focused.

Best Tower Fan Brands

1. Lasko

Lasko Brand

Scheming a bit of Lasko history of the foundation, the over 100-year-old company has survived through war and the technology revolution. Up to the present day, Lasko has invested in home air enhancing devices, such as air purifiers, heaters, and tower fans.

Since the product’s functions and design are at a high standard, Lasko has a large number of consumers around the world.

Through a long time since establishment in 1906, Lasko is proud to provide consumers healthier and more comfortable home air.

2. Honeywell

Honeywell Brand

Found in 1906, Honeywell masters in various machines from different majors. An international company has gained a position in one of the well-known technology devices, machines suppliers.

Honeywell tower fans are favored for a reasonable price and versatile feature. Many consumers have left complements to the company after using.

3. Dyson

Dyson Brand

Though the company was established in 1991, it has gained huge successes. A competitive newbie impresses the world home machine market by its creative invention.

Dyson invests in home machines. The company tower fan is famous for the new technology and design that stand out from the tower fan market.

Despite the expensive price, people who have used the Dyson products are very pleased with the benefits received.

4. Other Choices

Tower fan market still has great potential. Nowadays, there exist many manufacturers that also provide quality tower fans, such as Seville, Ozeri, Arctic, Vornado, etc. Each tower fan’s source is particular in one feature.

If you are looking for other options but famous suppliers, be fine to trust in these new investors.


Is Tower Fan better than a regular fan?

As tower fan pros and cons are posted above, you probably have a clarity of mind. Well, it depends on your circumstances that a tower fan is a good option or not; but in general, we would be on the tower fan side.

With the advanced functions like ionizing, moisturizing, cooling the air and the chic design, a tower fan is something better than the fan that was merely blowing air.

How much power does a tower fan use?

Each tower fan has a different range of electricity consumption. Regularly, most tower fans need more power than the pedestal fan, which costs more money, but the number won’t raise so much. In particular, you can view this post for more information about how much power does the tower fan use.

Are tower fans portable?

Yes, tower fans are at the medium size and weigh about 5-15lbs; hence, you can move it to any room. Also, they were addressed with long power cords, which conveniently set it in a different position in the room.

How to last a tower fan life?

A human with longevity needs happiness and health, a tower fan with a long duration needs right and careful care. Cleaning the machine usually has effects on its durability.

If you were letting the machine in a dusty environment and leave it there without cleaning it frequently, it would take less time until it breaks down.

Wrap up

Only when you seek, can you find the answer. To support you with the information, we won’t bias one product to another but draw you the machine highlights feature, the decision is still on you.

Tower fans can be a familiar device or bizarre to somebody. Well, after going through our post, we hope you can find the product that meant for you.

Your satisfaction is also our. If you find the information helpful, follow our page for more informative posts of other air improving machines.

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