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5 Best Table Fans in 2021

Be super portable, less energy-consuming, more effective in delivering breeze; it is a good table fan that you need. Click here for our review of the 5 best table fans in multiple aspects.

Best Table Fans 2020

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Best Table Fans 2021

When it comes to table fans, we recognize its useful function is super portable. Due to that, this type of fan is convenient for personal cooling.

Other than that, there are many strong points that table fan has, and we bring you the comprehensive reviews of the top items that we carefully selected.

To bring up this result, we had summed up the positive feedbacks, guidance from the manufacturers, and numerous buyers who had used the machine. Gather questions and solutions from quality forums and observes the unit operations through videos from users and producers.

Not just focusing on reviewing products, what you are going to perceive is the multi-guidance, solutions to common issues when bringing the machine into the playground.

But before going to the detail, let’s first take a brief view of the board below and get the specification about the best table fans.

Top-rated Table Fans Comparison Board

NameDimensionNumber of people coverageSpeedBatteryWarranty
Honeywell HT-9014.4 x 8.1 x 15.2 inches3 - 4 people3No1 year
Vornado 6308.2 x 12 x 13.6 inches4 - 5 people3No5 years
17.1 x 8.4 x 5.7 inches2 people3Yes1.5 years
O2COOL FD10002A4 x 13.1 x 12.1 inches2 - 3 people2YesComes with manufacturer warranty
OPOLAR 10-1000-F6115.5 x 2 x 6 inches1 people2No1 year

The Best Table Fans in 2021

Each of the candidates in the list above is the finest in a specific aspect. Of course, it also does if you have chosen your one when only just view the board.

For more particular info and stand-out functions of each item, now the show begins!

1. Honeywell HT-908 TurboForce Room Air Circulator Fan, Medium, Black

Best Overall

The fever of the HT-900 model of Honeywell has not seemed to come down, and they released the better version that now is one of Amazon’s best sellers table fan.

This Honeywell HT-908 table fan is more like an upgrade of the HT-900. In particular, the machine comes with a bigger size: 10 inches diameter and stronger breeze.

From 27 to 32 feet away, it is extraordinary for a tiny table fan to send comfortable freeze up to such far distance. Within 25 feet, you can feel clearly the continuous blast from it.

In addition, table fan air-blow usually tends to cool down an individual. But to this one, it can ease a group of 3 to 4 people that gather near each other.

With a head that is able to pivot up to 90 degrees, paired with smart design, the fan can both be used as a wall fan or a table fan. Bringing you the comfort airflow as your adjusted direction.

With this feature and a powerful motor, this unit can circulate the air in your space, whether in scorching summer or brass-monkey winter.

When uniting with an air-conditioner or a heater, the machine can easily circulate the room air in a short time. Help to save 20% energy and due to that cut down the total bills.

Compared to other table fans, this Honeywell HT-908 creates 30% less noise. As an understandable reason, table fan is designed to be located in near distance. Hence it is made with a quiet operating motor.

Also applied to this principle, plus the 30% less noise feature, if not notice, you can hardly know there is a fan around. And for this reason, placing it in bedroom, office, or study table is ideal. Plus, this model is suitable for medium and big rooms.

The fan has 3 speeds for you to choose your desiring breeze. The speed buttons are set on the backside, and also, there is a convenient porting handle, which helps you to move the fan easier from place to place. Cord with about 6 feet long, making it more convenient to locate in different angles in the room.

The model comes in one piece when unboxing so you won’t struggle with the assembling steps. Cleaning is straightforward. Assemble movement is simple to be done.

2. Vornado 630 Mid-Size Whole Room Air Circulator Fan

 Best Quality Table Fan
Vornado 630 Mid-Size Whole Room Air Circulator Fan

Almost be a perfect unit if this Vornado 630’s price has not gone up this high, comparing to the Honeywell HT-908. But in exchange, the performance of it is excellent, and there is more surprise with the function.

So far, Vornado is proud to manufacture powerful fans, no matter what types they are. Their signature is Vortex air circulation.

About this unit, using a spiral grill and deep-pitch blade, it encloses air duct and releases a Vortex air-blow that is able to propel breeze up to 70 feet.

It has 3 speeds available. At the low level, its velocity is at about 205 CFM. Medium level is 261 CFM, and at high level is 338 CFM.

With high-velocity, there is no reason to lock the fan in small rooms. You can feel free to locate it in medium room or big living room and sit together with your family, enjoy the TV show, and the fan will take good care of making the air comfort.

Just a 10-inch-diameter table fan, this Vornado’s velocity ranks among the most energetic table fans. In hot or breezing days, the fan alone is an adequate air circulator. Bring you back the comfortable space.

The tilted head allows you to change direction up or down to the position you want. This guy is also lightweight and portable. It has a 6-feet-long cord, which makes it possible to locate in different spots in the room.

Now we come to the noise issue. Is the fan quiet? Well, in general, no. And for sure, it is not a white-noise table fan. At the lowest speed, it is relatively quiet. But at the highest level, it does make noise, can be disturbing if you are anti-noise.

You have to disassemble it to clean. However, cleaning is a little difficult for this guy. The front grill can be removed, and then you just need to wipe the dust down or wash it.

But the blade and back grill is unmovable. In this case, you need to use a dry rug, cotton cloth to clean the dust or use the vacuum as an easier way.

Though there are one or two drawbacks, no one can deny that the fan is a fierce air circulator, a powerful small fan. It propels a strong breeze and able to ventilate the air in a large room within seconds. Hence, many buyers, after all, love the products and re-order for another one.

3. OPOLAR Portable Battery Operated Desk Fan with Superpower Battery

Best Table Fan for Office

This OPOLAR unit marks its name via the distinctive and smart design that makes it be able to cool people who sit oppositely. Now let’s see how it does it.

First and foremost, you won’t disappoint about the velocity the fan can deliver. While at many table fans, they are quiet but incredibly weak.

Here, this OPALAR version fixes the weakness and brings you a smooth, mute, and strong air-blow. 3 fan speeds show obvious stages of airflow. With these features, the fan is a good companion to support your nice, good sleep, or while doing meditation.

There is one thing that many people agree with, which is the fan’s aesthetic modern look. It fit perfectly on your professional work desk and office.

Driven by dual motors, each one can be individually turned off or on. It allows you to adjust the air from the motor you need and save energy consumed.

With 350-degree tilted head and 110 degrees of oscillation, the fan sent a powerful breeze to a wide-range area and able to cool people in the opposite direction.

The most distinctive feature that scores point for this unit is the rechargeable function. The fan with cordless and super portable is perfect for camping and outdoor activities. With this OPOLAR guy, anywhere you need a cool breeze, you got it.

Within only 3-4 hours via a 2A USB cord provided, this fellow is fully charged and ready to operate for continuously 12 hours. To serve in the time you need most, you can fast charge the fan for 10W.

There is more to say. The fan is very easy to clean. To remove the front grill, you just need to rotate it anticlockwise and then use a dry piece of cloth to wipe the dust clinging on the blade.

If there is any drawback about this dude, then to anyone who are not fond of using charging fans, would consider this as a disturbance.

4. Treva 10-Inch Portable Desktop Air Circulation Battery Fan

Best Table Fan for Picnic

FD10002A from O2COOL is ultra-handy when it can travel with you all over the world. Normally, the fan is stuck in your house since it needs a cord or recharging to operate. Now, we have here the table fan runs by battery, and there’s more about it.

The fan uses 6 D-cell batteries to operate, which is bought separately. It could last for more than 7 hours using continuously and for more than 1 day under heavy use when let it rest.

If you intend to go on a picnic or camp in summer, you should consider buying this guy. With this fella in your tent, bet your friends will scramble who is gonna win a chance to enjoy the breeze.

Besides, if you are living in a bad-weather area, power outage is a sure thing. In this case, while every cooling device is shut down, you can enjoy the airflow with this O2COOL.

Even without batteries, the fan can still run for 5 more minutes. If you use the fan at home, you can plug it in using the AC adapter.

There are 2 speeds available. A well-designed motor delivers comfortable airflow for 2 – 3 people within 6 feet. Though it doesn’t oscillate or have tilted head, it can still spread the air in an open angle with the outer spiral case.

About cleaning, on the back, there are screws that you can take out to open the case. But the fan is not designed for cleaning since, in that way, you will open the switch and the wiring area. Using a vacuum to suck the inner dust and dry cloth to wipe the dust on grills work just fine.

5. OPOLAR 4 Inch Mini USB Desk Fan

Best Mini Table Fan

A mini desk fan accompanies your laptop on the work table to send you pleasure while working. It is small in size but great in capability. Check it, shall we?

The fan is easy to use anywhere with a USB port, which is on your laptop, computer, USB hub. When you don’t need the breeze anymore, just turn it off.

Just as tall as a phone, and only 9,6 ounces in weight, this little guy is compact to carry in backpack, suitcase, handy bag. It is lovely to be side-by-side with you when you are studying, working, or have a little chat on a picnic table. It is best for one-person use.

It has 2 speeds for you to adjust your standard breeze. Whether which speed it is, the fan keeps its noise down, delivers you a pleasant breeze with white noise.

Paired with adjustable direction, you can freely adjust the air in the way you design for 360 degrees. With a 3.8-feet cord, it brings more choice to locate the fan.

One of the best features of this unit is the modern, clean design. Wave-shape base distributes to its high-end character, which fits right in a neat and tidy desk or just photogenic for an Instagram post.

When it comes to cleaning issue, it is highly suggested to use an air duster to remove the dust. Dry cotton or dry brush can also do the job.

Buying Guide about Table Fan to Concern


At many tower fans, the back grill and blade are built-in parts, which makes it harder for cleaning things. But comparing to pedestal fan, table fan comes with a much smaller size as well as velocity.

Due to this, pedestal fans need to be washed often while it does not happen the same with table fans. In fact, you hardly ever need to do this job. But if necessary, you can clean without disassembling.

Using air duster or vacuum is also do. Notice that do not clean by wet cotton or place the table fan near water areas. It will damage the inside motor.

Bluetooth Plug

Fan with Bluetooth plug is considered as a smart fan. This feature does tremendous help for those who always carry a laptop around.

Also, the unit with Bluetooth plug can plug in wall plugs, via the adapter.


A noisy fan ruins your entire sleep and the quiet ambiance around you when you are focusing on doing something. Not so tremendous, but the noise will cause you irritating if you are sensitive to noise.

Yep, no one would want to invest in such a sound maker. But where does the noise come from?

Usually, the fan makes noise when first open from the box, mostly because it has a normal-standard motor. After a time utilizing, it starts to make noise. In this case, there is a high chance that the screws are loosened, too much friction causes dry oil.

So, make sure to follow the maintaining steps to keep your fan a silent one.


Warranty is the prior feature to concern whenever you bought a product. Especially to the electrical equipment, warranty is a must since manufacturing fault would make the device a bunch of crap and really hard to fix.

Warranty gives us confidence when purchasing. Usually, table fans from trustworthy brands will provide from 1-2 years of warranty. Some even have over 2 years.

Best Table Fan Brands

There is always more choice because the fan market is huge. Just take you a few seconds to sit down and search on Google, it will give you thousands of items and numerous brands on the US market.

Honeywell & Vornado

As you can see, our recommended products are from different brands, including Vornado, Honeywell. These are very trustworthy brands since they are not just rich in experience but present in many different countries.

We have had a fairly detailed review of the most common types of fan on the market and also mentioned in detail these major brands. As reference, you can read details about them and their products in this article.


Although just founded in 2015, OPOLAR successfully built its name on the small device market. Thanks to millions of satisfied customers, OPALAR quickly rank TOP 3 personal fan brands on Amazon.

Products from OPOLAR looks high-tech and modern. Many of the items are the best sellers on sale websites.

Just the personal fan alone, they invented many types of fans that serve for a particular purpose, such as desk fan, USB fan, battery fan, clip fan, handheld fan.

Not just care about the appearance but the performance of these units also is excellent. The air-velocity is a guarantee, it will surely deliver comfort to you. Plus, the long durability is what makes it perfect.

For OPOLAR, we give 100% trust.


Products from this brand, carry the main mission that is cooling. Founded in 1992, O2COOL is a professional designer, marketer, manufacturer of cooling device like fans, drinking bottle.

Notably, fans from O2COOL focuses on battery-operated and portable fans, which are also taken care of meticulously the design and efficiency.

Though this brand sounds fresh to many people and like a newbie compared to other big brands that have over 100 years of experience, they focus on valuing their customers’ needs and growing in their collaborating-partnership net.

If you intend to purchase a portable and battery fan, you can consider this brand.

Advantages of a Table Fan

1. Portable

Table fan’s biggest advantages are its lightweight and small size. Due to that, you can take it anywhere as long as there is an outlet.

And if you go on a picnic or vacation, you can bring along the battery-operated table fan to cool the air. In this situation, table fans showing the most practical usage.

2. Electricity Saving

Table fan uses less energy since it does not propel a high capacity of air, comparing to other types of fans. Not like the others that aim to ventilate the whole room, fans of this type tend to create a personal breeze.

Less power consuming but more efficient to cool a person. This feature turns table fan a favorite device for students whose prior purpose is saving energy, saving money.

3. Less Expensive

A conventional table fan only costs around 10 – 25 bucks, and is still equipped with basic functions: rotating, ventilated grills, 1 – 3 speeds.

4. Design

From the vintage design to high-tech look, table fans are now produced with various sizes, shapes, and colors that will meet your needs.

Sum Up

Yep, that is all about it, the top 5 table fans in multiple aspects. Hope you prefer one in the 5 above. We boast of assuming helpful results as well as providing necessary info.

Besides product reviews, the guidance, and other sections will also give you some clues in the circumstances you encounter.

Thank you for your time, lovable Readers. See you in our next reviews.

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