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Best Stroller Fans in 2021

Going outside in summers is torturing, the heat is unbearable and sophisticated. Lucky that now, these 5 best stroller fans will provide you with cool air wherever you go. Check our list now.

Best Stroller Fans 2020

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Imagine you are on the way to go camping, the heavy backpack and walking on the long dirt trail just squeeze all your energy, make you exhausted and turn you and everybody else into, literally “wet rats”.

Then, you take out a stroller fan to enjoy the breeze and you are the only one who has a cooling device.

Can you guess how your friend would feel then? Yep, they must be really jealous and wish to take turns using your fan.

In that case, if your stroller fan looks great and works efficiently, that would be pretty awesome. Then here, we have the 5 best stroller fans to bring up to you. Let’s start off checking the detailed review, shall we?

How to Choose the Best Stroller Fan

1. Types of Stroller Fan

When it comes to the types of stroller fans, basically we have one type only since they have a similar way of operation. However, the difference lies at the fan’s foot, which are either clip or tripod style.


Clip stroller fans are convenient to hang on the object and are straightforward to use. But here is a thing, if the table side or bars that are too big, the clip cannot manage to hold on.

And in that case, we have a flexible tripod stroller fan. This style of fan is sustainable on diverse shapes of objects. Notable, it is perfect for clipping tightly and steadily on big poles, wheel bars, square bars, table sides.

On the other hand, if you tend to hang it on things that are too thin, you might meet a little struggle.

2. Charging Methods

Stroller fans are battery powered devices. They have the USB cord which connects to the USB port, computers, or connectors that have a USB output. Bringing you a comfort air without using a power source.

Therefore, the battery is not sold widely on the market, so it’s tough to find an alternative. That’s the biggest problem you can find at stroller fans.

3. Battery Durability

In general, stroller fans use about 2000-3000 mAh batteries, which allows you to use for hours in a row before recharging again.

Using the lowest speed mode, you can enjoy the breeze the longest, as the higher speed, as more power it needs, and as shorter the time you can use.

4. Adjusted Head

The adjustable head is the stroller fan’s biggest advantage. You can move the head up or down, many models also allow you to adjust in horizontal.

For babies, this feature is important as pointing the wind directly toward them is not good for their health. So you have to change the head position regularly to suit their circumstances, and by that, this feature would be a lot convenient for you.

5. Cleaning

Stroller fans don’t need to clean regularly. Its air capacity is not as strong as other big fans (table fan, tower fan, floor fan, etc.), and the grill is also pretty small, so this decreases significantly the chance of getting dirty.

But if the situation happens that forces you no other choice but cleaning it, then the snap-on grill stroller fan would be straightforward to do the work.

6. Noise Level

This convenient device is made for short-distance cooling so the noise must be handled to be as low as possible.

In general, stroller fan’s noise level falls from 40-50 dB, which is like the sound in a library environment. That’s why when enjoying the breeze, you won’t be irritated with the motor sound.

Top-rated Stroller Fans Specifications Board

Product NameBlade DiameterWeightType of Stroller fanTimerFan speedBattery lastNoise LevelWarranty
OPOLAR Rechargeable Clip Fan5 inches
14,1 ounces
Clip and Desk fanYes35-20 hoursQuiet1 year
Amacool Stroller FanAbout 5 inches12.8 ouncesFan with Tripod, Desk fanNo32.5-10 hoursWhisper quiet1 year
BRIGENIUS Clip Stroller Fan6 inches
9.6 ouncesClip fan and Desk fanNo32.5-6 hoursWhisper quiet1.5 year
FlePow Clip Fan5 inches1.06 poundsClip fan and Desk fanNoStepless AdjustmentUp to 40 hoursQuiet1 year
4 inches

9,2 ouncesFan with Tripod, Desk fanNo32-8 hoursQuiet-

Best Stroller Fans in 2021:

1. OPOLAR Rechargeable Clip Fan

Best Overall

Although this OPOLAR is just a small fan, it has all the power that you desire. At this little guy, you can find many useful functions that you expect a fan to have and beyond. Here is what we really mean.

First and foremost, the prior feature that many people want to find at the fan is the velocity. And this stroller fan will provide the amount of breeze that you need.

It has 3 speeds in total and the medium mode will be satisfying enough for personal cooling. At the highest, you can feel the breeze from 5 feet away, which is pretty impressive with a small stroller fan.

This fan features a chargeable battery, which makes it a super convenient cooling device to carry to anywhere you want. The battery is rechargeable and only takes 1 – 2 hours to be fully charged.

When it is energy-full, you can use it for 5 hours straight at the highest speed. And at the lowest speed, the using time can extend to 20 hours in a row.

The clip with strong grip clamp clings really tightly on the objects. It grabs and stays still on the baby stroller, backpack, treadmill, etc.

Moreover, the bottom surface of the clip is flat and made to be anti-slippery, so you can use it on the table or place on any flat surface without leaving scratches.

On top of all, the fan features a 360-degree rotation adjusted head, opening a wide choice for you to change the aimed directions.

As you might concern whether the head stays still or heads down when the fan operates? Here is our guarantee. At this fan, it remains firmly the way you adjusted, no matter how long you use or which speed you are turning on.

2. Battery Operated Stroller Fan Flexible Tripod

Best Stroller Fan for Baby

Babies love to be taken outside, but they are sensitive to heat. You don’t want them to sweat or feel uncomfortable due to the hot day, right? In this case, among thousands of stroller fans, the Amacool Stroller Fan is the best item for your babies? Here is why:

Featured with a flexible tripod, it can clip tightly on the bars of the baby stroller, carriage, wheelchair, and anywhere that has a pole. The tripod is formed by a series of knobs. They are distant from each other by a few inches. This helps the fan to mount sturdily on a slippery pole when operating.

These legs can do more than just hanging on the bar. You can bend the tripod in anywhere that matches with the objects you are tending to put it on. It can stand on the table and become a desk fan too.

The fan’s noise is made almost invincible from the ear. It works super quietly. If you stand just 1 step away from it, you would barely hear a thing. Thanks to this feature, your baby won’t be disturb by the irritating fan motor noise.

Tower fan , pedestal fan, table fan are also suitable for the babies. These fans work smoothly, quietly and come with multiple useful functions. You can check for more options.

The grill is made with Baby-Friendly standards. The gap on the grill is close to each other, so the baby fingers won’t get through. As this fact, no more worry for curious baby fingers that always want to touch the fan’s blade.

Plus to the convenience that the fan delivers, the fan has a light and can be adjusted in 3 levels. Now, you can use the fan as the light source to go out and light up at the party or simply take cool pictures.

3. BRIGENIUS Battery Operated Clip on Stroller Fan

Best High-velocity Stroller Fan
BRIGENIUS Battery Operated Clip on Stroller Fan, Portable Mini Desk Fan Rechargeable, USB Powered Clip Fan for Baby Stroller Office Outdoor Travel, Black

Scorching heat makes us hesitate whenever thinking of going outside. But with the Brigenius stroller fan – a compact, strong fan will save your summer.

First, the fan delivers cool strong wind that will make you feel comfortable. There are 3 speeds available.

Speed 1 and speed 2 is relatively to ease the heat for babies, while speed three is suitable for adults. At the highest rate, standing 4 feet away, you can still feel the airflow that gently cools you down.

The fan is pretty quiet when operating. At the two first speeds, the noise is not disturbing at all. At the highest speed, it is a little noisy but still, manageable. You can completely lay it on the table to cool you while working.

Another great feature you would love about this guy. The clip with super-strong spring can clip easily and steadily on anything that you clip on. Above all, it stays still when sponging on the stroller’s sidebar, wheelchair, car back seat.

4. Flepow Clip Stroller Fan

Best Long-last Battery Stroller Fan
Clip on Stroller Fan – Battery Operated Portable Rechargeable Fan with Cooling & Refreshing Natural Wind, 5200mAh Battery, 140° Auto Oscillation for Baby Stroller, Beds, Desk, Camping, and Travelling

FlePow stroller fan should be a must for those who love camping and trekking. The fan highlights a long-operating feature that can cool you for days. Beyond this, you can also find other good functions of this small device.

The first and greatest thing about this fan is that it can work for a really long time. It uses a 5200 mAh battery so the working time can last up to 40 hours straight at maximum.

If you only need the fan at night, then you can probably use it for 4-5 nights. For this feature, the fan quickly runs up to the bestselling stroller fan.

Unlike other items that are paired with three-speed levels, this FlePow guy has a greater way for breeze adjusting. It offers a stepless wind adjustment.

Users can change the breeze level by twisting the button on the fan’s clip, which is really convenient and provides the customer more choice for the ideal breeze.

One more awesome feature that you will also like, although it is small but the breeze it propels out is really strong. At the maximum speed, you would want to locate it a little far from your face as the continuous airflow will turn your hair into a mess.

Additionally, despite delivering a strong breeze, its motor works pretty quietly, suitable for sleeping and working.

5. Snawowo Mini Handheld Stroller Fan

Best Mini Stroller Fan
Mini Handheld Personal Portable Fan, Baby Stroller Fan, Car Seat Fan, Desk Fan, with Flexible Tripod Fix on Stroller Student Bed Bike Crib Car Rides, USB or Battery Powered (Dark Blue)

Snawowo stroller fan is a compact device for both handheld personal fan and fan for mounting. Its size is small and fits neatly in your bag, backpack, and suitcase. Going anywhere out, you should have this guy to bring you comfort.

Feature with a small size that is only 8 inches tall and 4.8 inches wide, the fan is easy to carry along.

It has a flexible tripod to open more choices for you to locate it. It can easily be bent to sponge on bars, to hold, or to stand on the flat table, which is extra convenient.

The fan offers a three-speed setting and they all are pretty strong. At the highest speed, it can cool you down in no time. At low and medium speed, it is suitable for gentle cooling and saving battery.

At the lowest speed, the fan can operate for 8 hours straight. The highest speed offers you 2 hours of sending breeze.


What are Stroller Fans?

Stroller fans are small, convenient cooling devices that come with a clip, tripod leg.

It is portable to carry along when going outside and the leg is made to allow the user to clip it on the bars of the wheelchair, stroller sidebars, backseat, or place it on the table, and so on.

Why Do Stroller Fans Suit a Baby?


Babies and children’s body temperature loses very quickly. It can be up to 4 times faster than the adult condition. But too strong wind can highly cause them ills or make them uncomfortable.

For this reason, a portable stroller fan with moderate wind and adjusted head is the best choice for parents to cool the baby down when going outside and when sleeping.

What to Look for When Buying a Stroller Fan?

Once paying money for something, you must have a good-value-for-money product. Here are some features that a good stroller fan should have:

  • Check the distance between the gap since if you have children or kids, their curious finger won’t get through.
  • Check the operation mode, in particular, the speed level. As more speed the fan has, as flexible the time of the battery. At a higher rate, the fan consumes more energy.

Fans with many settings, will offer more choice to adjust the suitable speed and the length of using time.

  • Check the fan grip carefully. You need to make sure whether it is strong enough to not slide down the bar or not. Notably, the clip should also be big so it can hang on more oversized bars and objects.

How to use the stroller fan effectively?

Distant You Should Place a Stroller Fan

For adults, you can place the fan anywhere that can ease your body heat quickly, it could be face-to-face for a short time, or lies 1 foot from you apart.

For babies, a reasonable distance is from 1 foot on, depending on the speed you are turning on. This would deliver them enough comfort and the continuous breeze is less likely attacking their body.

Always Check the LED Indicator

The LED indicator shows up when you plug the USB charge. When it is full of energy, the light will turn color. No light means it is still unplugged.

So make sure there’s a light when you charge the fan. Also, leave it there until the light changes color so that it can work at its longest time.

Use When You Need Most to Save the Battery

If you are on the street, where there is nothing near the power source, you should turn the fan on when you are really hot and then let it rest when you are fine again.

In this way, when the heat bothers you again, you can be pleased as the cool breeze will be there at your most needed time.

Final thoughts

Well, the post concludes all the things we have to say about the 5 best stroller fans and related information.

Hope that after going through the review, you can choose your most suitable item and find the solution to issues you are still wondering when adopting a stroller fan.

Let us know your pick and until we meet again in the next posts.

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