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Best Space Heaters in 2021

From the look to performance, are you searching for the space heater that is best in both aspects? Well you could stop finding since here, behold the 10 best space heaters of all kinds in 2021.

Best Space Heaters 2020

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Don’t be too hasty in saying that “I hate winter.” Probably it’s not the time for giving off boundless energy, for hanging out “Hats on! It’s beach time.” But it’s also not the time to, as many may think, embrace the dark and cold.

Things we do love about winter are those enchanted hours of family gatherings, those magical moments when Christmas arrives, and the luxury of coziness inside our beloved home. No more darkness and biting cold as we now have space heaters coming into play to heat everything up.

To learn more about this warm-hearted friend, scroll down.

Top-rated Space Heaters Comparison Table

Lasko 751320
  • Advanced safety features
  • Versatile size
  • Energy-saving
  • Portable
Lasko 2510
  • Widespread oscillation
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Timer control
  • Aesthetic design
DeLonghi HMP1500
DeLonghi HMP1500
  • Space saving
  • Easy customization
  • Quiet operation
  • Safe
LifeSmart 6 LS-6BPIQH-X-IN Review
LifeSmart 6 LS-6BPIQH-X
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Timer control
  • Individual heating-zone mode
  • Air filter
    Lasko 100
    • Robust design
    • Risk-free usage
    • Cool-touch exterior
    • Easy setup
    Andily Space Heater Electric Heater
    Andily A-750-1500
    • Quick, efficient heat-up
    • Compact design
    • Safe to use
    • Three-mode heater
      DeLonghi EW7707CM
      DeLonghi EW7707CM
      • Maintain room temperature
      • Comfortable warmth
      • Maintenance free
      • Easy to transport
      Lasko 754200
      Lasko 754200
      • Built-in safety features
      • Manual control
      • Safe for children, pets
      • Adjustable settings
      Lasko 755320 Review
      Lasko 755320
      • Even heat distribution
      • Distant monitor
      • Built-in timer
      • Overheat protection
      Lasko 5572
      Lasko 5572
      • Automatic setting
      • Carrying handle
      • Auto shut off
      • Safe to use

      Our Top Picks: Best Space Heaters in 2021

      1. Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control

      The Overall

      Why do we place Lasko 751320 in the top pick?

      This black beauty is a versatile-sized heater that will bring cozy winter months to your living room, bathroom, bedroom, garage, and your office.

      As a powerful contender among the best ceramic space heaters,  Lasko never lags behind thanks to its advanced features. Packed with self-regulating ceramic elements, this heater is an economical way of heating up your space quickly and efficiently while it is highly portable with a carrying handle.

      It functions at a maximum of 1.50 kW per hour under frosty weather, but you can adjust the power to a lower setting in a crisp winter morning. When the weather picks up, there is no need to put it away as it can be a cooling fan for gentle warmth.

      One more thing we love about Lasko is the safety of operation, which makes it a friendly option for small kids and pets. The automatic overheat protection is ready to send the heater off its working mode whenever it gets excessively hot.

      A practical feature is a built-in timer for turning off the heater when it has already achieved the pre-set heating hours. Don’t worry about energy wastage as this heater will make the best use of its capacity in an energy-saving way. The wireless remote control, together with digital thermostats, frees the model from extension cords, which otherwise can cause fire hazards.

      Sadly, this room heater has a limited ability to warm up large areas, and you may have to endure some noises when it operates at full potential.

      2. Lasko 2510 Oscillating Tower Fan

      Runner Up

      This slim guy can add luxury to your existing decor while allowing you to enjoy perfect warmth.

      Can you see the gripping point of this candidate?

      That’s right! It lies in the elegant-looking design. No matter where you put this “friend”, he will blend in well with other electric partners in the house. Not to mention that he takes up a small space and can fit well to your office.

      The multi-function remote and electronic-touch control allow users to choose from different modes, and 3 quiet speeds as long as you feel the most comfortable with your room temperature. You can use it as a fan with widespread oscillation during warmer times.

      Did your electricity bill skyrocket due to the overuse of household devices? It’s a sad story though we now offer a solution to this matter. We have added the programmable timer control to this model to make sure it is worth the working time you desire.

      After all, we appreciate these special offers from Lasko manufacturers, but we do wish there would be more to the coverage oscillation features.

      3. De’Longhi Mica Thermic Panel Heater

      Best Space Heater for Large Room
      De\'Longhi Mica Thermic Panel Heater

      This DeLonghi HMP1500 is a large room space heater.

      The metallic black coat lends a stylish and out-of-the-box look for this model, making it shine in the vicinity of other applications. The slim, sleek design means that you can wall mount it or let it rest powerfully on the floor, without worrying that the modern machine will take up too much space.

      Luckily, the model doesn’t sacrifice function for its exceptional beauty.

      As its name suggests, it uses mica thermic elements which ensure constant, fast, and evenly distributed heat at a fraction of extra noise. You can place it in the bedroom as it requires no fan to operate, and is perfectly quiet.

      The controls are intuitive and made for easy customization. It features two heat settings, one stronger at 1500 watts and the other at 750. Such a high-end technology never disappoints us with the level of safety provided. Not only does it come with a safety thermal cut-off in case of emergency, but the set incorporates an internal tip-over switch to make sure that power gets disconnected when the heater loses its balance. Also, it will put you on alert in dangerous situations with caution indicator lights.

      The biggest minus on this offer is that you cannot dial in the exact temperature you want as it comes in the standard level from 1 to 6. Also, it fails to be effective when staying in the open-space area, or a large-sized room.

      4. LIFE SMART Black 6 Element Infrared Heater

      Best Infrared Heater
      LIFE SMART Black 6 Element Infrared Heater

      Keep your room toasty with the best infrared heater. Stop running around as you can land an ideal option here.

      The LifeSmart 6 Element heater allows you to set up a zone-heating mode only in the room you want to add extra warmth, instead of heating for the whole house. The point is to reduce unnecessary energy consumption and the best quality of comforting heat.

      This heater features 6 of our infrared quartz elements, with three energy saving modes and heating capacity up to 68 degrees at the consumption of only 500 watts. The E Z Glide casters support easy transportation while the 12-hour timer control ensures turn-off at the desired heating power.

      Excessive usage of technological devices may come at the cost of environmental destruction.

      But it’s not a problem in such an eco-friendly device which say no to combustions, fuels, or toxins. The material is clean, with no harmful smell.

      This is by no means a portable infrared heater as its weight is a real drawback. Not everyone favors a 21-pound heater as it is too bulky to move around without hassle. Besides, the remote control can impact your TV as the frequencies of the two fall in a similar range.

      5. Lasko 100 Heating Space Heater

      Best for Office

      If you are dreaming of the best personal heater that keeps those chill airs from making your teeth chatter, go for Lasko Model 100.

      The heater is fully assembled, thus getting it working is truly a matter of plug and play. With a slender, yet robust design measuring just over 6’’ tall, it can fit well for the kitchen, desktop and counter while the risk of tripping the circuit breaker is pretty low.

      But don’t let the small size fool you!

      This heater is small, but it is a mighty beast.

      Even it is intended for single use; you can share it together with two more friends of yours as the heat offered is enough at 200 watts of warmth.

      Except for the typical characteristics like built-in features, ceramic warmth supplier, this set also comes with a cool-touch exterior to make it completely safe within reach for children.

      On the flip side, the heater is costly, but for all it offers, you may change your mind and give this energy-efficient unit a chance to see how it works.

      6. andily Space Electric Heater

      Best Space Heater for Living Room

      During summer, we have an air conditioner and similarly during winter months, a space heater is right there for us. Try this Andily Electric heater.

      Thanks to the ceramic heating element, it heats things up in an instant, sends out abundant heat without open coils to make you feel the soothing warmth flowing gently in the air.

      This set lies among the best portable electric heater due to the small dimension measuring 6.2″ X 4.74″ x 8.3″, which means it belongs to enclosed rooms that need some comforting air for work and leisure.

      It features a three-mode heater with a fan. You can choose from the highest level of 1500 watts for the rapid increase in heat capacity in a couple of minutes or to the lowest of 750 watts for less energy consumption. Or else, activate the “Fan only” mode to enjoy gentle breezes.

      The heater is electricity-powered, with a thermostat that will now keep a comfortable temperature by cycling the heater on or off. It can be used on flat surfaces such as on your carpet. This is completely risk-free since it has advanced safety mechanisms incorporated, namely the automatic overheat shutoff and the tip-over switch.

      The only minus point is that its indicator light might be too bright.

      7. De’Longhi Comfort Temp Full Room Radiant Thermostat

      Best Space Heater for Bedroom
      De\'Longhi Full Room Radiant Thermostat, 3 Heat Settings, Energy Saving, Safety Features, Nice for Home with Pets/Kids, 27\" x 6.5\" x 15.5\", Comfort Temp EW7707CM

      Here comes DeLonghi EW7707CM Oil-filled radiator, a highly-recommended option offering great heating and utmost safety for your bedroom.

      The Delonghi heater provides solid heating capabilities, focusing on some specific areas of the house. This unit not only consumes less energy but helps save a considerable sum of money as well. Press the Comfortemp setting to enjoy energy savings mode.

      It comes with 7 fins to produce a good amount of heat while still automatically maintaining the room temperature. Also, the heater sends out excellent radiant heat but at the same time manages the surface temperature at a low level.

      A unique feature you can only find in Delonghi is the patented SmartSnap pre-assembled wheels, with a base for safety which together makes it easy for transportation.

      However, even though the device can provide a maximum amount of heat in just a matter of minutes, that the set operates independently of a fan takes the heated air longer to spread throughout the space.

      8. Lasko 754200 Ceramic Portable Space Heater, Silver

      Best Portable Space Heater

      This contestant lies among the best rated space heater when it comes to home use.

      So, what is the catch of this ceramic portable space heater?

      The slender, compact design makes it a perfect partner to use by your desk or on your table for personal heat. You may be worried about electrical failure or stuck wiring, but rest easy as there are built-in safety features to keep you safe.

      The cool-touch exterior is a friendly feature for children’s use, whereas it offers optimal safety for your pets by eliminating the risk of being burned or fire hazards.

      With 11 different temperature levels, it goes without saying that you can totally get the most suitable settings for yourself without compromising on the fixed 3-setting temperature. Manual control is added to the design of this heater, so feel free to adjust it for personalized comfort.

      Generally speaking, this heater offers quiet operation, but when it is forced to run with the fastest setting, there will be some noise. Also, the thermostat will not ensure your heater keeps working for a long period of time.

      9. Lasko 755320 Ceramic Space Heater

      Best Electric Space Heater

      Probably it’s time to look for a ceramic space heater used exclusively for your basement, bedroom or anywhere in your home.

      The Lasko 755320 is also an outstanding product from the familiar brand Lasko. It is equipped with two quiet settings with a high and low heat level. A plus point is the Auto setting for better control in your home and office. Coming with everything needed, this heater guarantees evenly distributed heat for the whole room.

      The digital temperature display is a valuable offer in this design, allowing users to select their ideal temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. The remote control and built-in timer are for the distant monitor, with the timer option going from 1 hour to 8 hours or 1-hour intervals.

      That the set is fully assembled means you merely need to take it out of the box and boost the engine for it to start working.

      On the other hand, the Lasko 755320 ceramic space heater is not a perfect choice if you are expecting a whole-house heat-up approach.

      10. Lasko 5572 Ceramic Tower Space Heater

      Best Space Heater for Garage

      The review is coming to an end. If what you are looking for is the best portable heater for garage, there is one right below.

      This heater features ceramic oscillating tower heater that pushes warmth throughout the room quickly and effectively. Especially, it comes with a thermostat-controlled automatic setting for easy adjustments and the safety in this design is well appreciated with automatic overheat protection and ceramic element.

      For perfect portability, there is a carrying handle, while the auto shut-off helps reduce energy consumption. The remote control comes in handy for easy operation in your own seat.

      It will be a flawless space heater if the lacking features for large-scale heating are compensated.

      What to Consider When Choosing the Best Space Heaters

      A space heater will offer extra warmth in a chilly room or some drafty corners of the house, so just let your hair down with a favorite book or an entertaining film and rest assured that the frosty, snowy weather can’t prevent you from enjoying life.

      However how to know one is the best room heater when every day we are bombarded with a variety of models which are different in styles, functions, features, etc.? Not to mention that we can’t test it ourselves if the heater we purchase will encompass all the selling points its manufacturer claims.

      Don’t worry! Follow these five must-read criteria and they will lead to to the most accurate judgment of your room heater.

      1. Heater Type

      What is the best type of space heater?

      Radiant heaters with the ceramic quartz element instantly heat up things in their vicinity. This option is cheaper to buy, but the elements get hot, and it is better to keep it away from small pets or babies.

      Convection heaters have a fan to circulate the hot air to heat the room faster. Similarly, micathermic heaters warm up your place quickly, evenly, and are not taking much space.

      Otherwise, you may want a panel heater that can be moved with no hassle, and that can be wall mounted to save space.

      2. Heat Capacity

      As a general rule of thumb, you will need around 10 watts of heating power to cover each square foot in your room. Based on this rule, a 2000-watt heater can be used for an above-average-sized room measuring up to 200 square feet.

      3. Energy-efficiency

      It’s miserable to see your heater eating up the monthly electricity bill, so this factor is critically important. In case your heater doesn’t accommodate the EER ratings, use this formula to figure it out yourself: wattage times hours of use divided by 1,000 times cost per kilowatt-hour is the cost of electricity.

      For example, a 1,000-watt heater under one-day usage at a rate of 7,5 cents per kilowatt-hour, the cost of operation will be 1,8 per day.

      4. Safety Features

      You may not want something flammable to come into contact with your space heater as it can become fire hazards. To be safe, keep your heater free and clear of any objects that catch fire easily. The safest space heater will have a sensor that automatically shuts the heater off if it gets too hot or tips over.

      Additionally, always keep your room heater on the ground and maneuver it with a handy remote control, instead of using extension cords. Periodically checking the power cord is a must since power cord damage can engender various risks of injuries and burning.

      5. Noise Level

      To prevent having a room heater that interferes with your peaceful moment, we suggest you go for non-fan-assisted models like oil-fueled heaters in your working space or bedroom. Radiant heaters and baseboard room heaters are also known as a silent worker, so consider picking them.

      Best Space Heater Brands



      When it comes to space heaters, Lasko is among the best-rated manufacturer. The three most important criteria, according to Lasko, that a high-quality space heater must have is safety, durability, and energy saving. It’s Lasko that gives its heaters a stylish, slender look with a variety of options for convenient use. They know how to make us pleased.



      This brand is renowned for some of the highest infrared heater reviews thanks to technological improvements it offers in a high-performance solution to household heating. Coming with a lightweight body, silent and efficient heating, user-friendly features, smart thermostat, Delonghi is a one-stop solution, except for the fact that it may not be the expert in expansive heating.

      Mr. Heater

      Mr. Heater

      Mr. Heater owns one of the best indoor portable heaters for campers or house owners. It is nice and safe. The heaters from this brand can extend its potential to both outdoor and indoor use while still guarantee the optimal heating quality. Many testers say that Mr.Heater has taken portable heating to a new level.


      With Andily space heaters, no matter how cold it is, your house will be filled with spring-like warmth distributed quickly and efficiently in the air. The products are built to last, so there is no worry about the quality. They provide all-inclusive features to ensure safety, automatic control, no transportation hassle, etc. However, one limitation from this brand is that most products need to be kept away from high-humidity places.


      Is it cheaper to run the heat or a space heater?

      A: The answer is it depends on the heating footage you desire. If you plan on heating a localized area in the whole room, go for a space heater such as a radiant one which will only distribute the warmth to what is staying close to it. Otherwise, for a larger scale heat-up, a convection heater will get things done perfectly.

      There are contrasting views about what makes the best energy efficient space heater as generally, most energy conservationists will discourage using several space heaters in lieu of one central heating system as it will cost more in these separate units.

      By contrast, some house owners prefer setting up one space heater in each room and let them operate at one time for better heat focus and efficiency savings for one modern whole-room heater.

      How much does it cost to run a 1,500-watt heater for 24 hours?

      A: This can be calculated via some simple equations:

      Time the watts with hours of use, then divide them by 1000 times before timing the average cost of a kilowatt hour. Try to find down how much you will be charged for each kilowatt per hour. This can differ depending on where you live.

      For instance, in Los Angeles, they will charge $0,40 per hour. Together, the cost of electricity to run this system total $14,4 (1500 × 24 ÷ 100 × $0,40 )

      Can I run a space heater all night?

      A: Even though your space heater is guaranteed the top-notch quality with high-end technological improvements, it is risky to let it run all night straight to early the next morning. Why is that? You may well ask.

      No matter what type of heater you own, a fueled or non-fueled one, it is made up of highly flammable elements that can cause a fire. High watts of electricity will heat up the wires after extended use, and if the wires are too worn out to handle the heat, the burning state will be triggered. This holds true even for high-quality wires or gas-fueled heater.

      For the safety of the whole family, you’d better let the engine rest.

      Why did my space heater stop working?

      A: The possible reasons are:

      • The space heater is not getting the power from the outlet. Probably there is something wrong with the power switch
      • Blown fuses or tripped circuit breaker
      • Auto shut-off when the engine gets hot
      • Thermostat gets stuck
      • Electric cord damage

      What is the difference between Space Heaters and Central Heating?

      A: Space heaters are designed for small-scale heating, and best suited for a limited area. When it is employed in a well-ventilated room, the heat will be dispersed unevenly, leading to no warming effects after long use. By contrast, central heating can make the best whole room heater, distributing heat throughout the house. But this central heating system is costly in the installation process.

      Time to get the room warm

      Hey, winter is on the doorstep!

      We suppose this may come as both good and bad news for some people. Don’t let the frightful weather condition hold you back from enjoying the goods. All you need is the most efficient space heater that operates well.

      Fortunately, gone are the days when people refused to place their trust in a space heater as it was said to be posing potential risks for its users. But the technology world has made great strides in the search for a flawless room heater that is smart, safe, efficient, and planet-friendly.

      When you are shopping for the best indoor heater for the family, make sure you have carefully considered all the criteria that help open the way for the ultimate suitable option. With the best models leading the market listed above, hope you may find the right one for your home.

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