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The 5 Best Small Dehumidifiers in 2022

Don’t waste money on the high-capacity, bulky dehumidifier while you only need the right humidity for your small space. In this case, the 5 best small dehumidifiers here would do the job.

Best Small Dehumidifiers

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Your apartment started smelling moldy because of cooking, weather, and other objective factors. How to get rid of these stages?

If you want to improve the air in your house, it’d better utilize the best small dehumidifier. Why isn’t a larger one? Because it fits a limited space like your bedroom or bathroom.

In today’s article, we will introduce the 5 best small dehumidifiers that you might believe in investing.

Just below!

Quick Comparison

Product NameRoom SizesCapacity
Honati Portable Dehumidifier269 Sq.Ft2000ml
Pure Enrichment Compact Dehumidifierundefined27 ounces
SEAVON New Electric Mini Dehumidifier170 Sq.Ft500 ml
Pro Breeze Mini Dehumidifier250 Sq.Ft52 ounces
Inofia Portable Dehumidifier 1056 Sq.Ft0.5 gallon

The Best Small Dehumidifier: Our Top List for 2022

1. Honati 2000ml Ultra Quiet Home Dehumidifier

Best Overall

The first product that you can invest in keeping humid in your small living space more effectively is the dehumidifier from Honati – an ideal selection for any customer – both the quality and price.

First, you will likely be surprised at its capacity.

The machine contains up to 2000ml. With this capacity, it helps remove the moisture up to 750ml in a limited area ~ 269 Sq.Ft. Your room will become healthier and more comfortable after using it.

With the optimal performance like that, is the Honati dehumidifier noisy when running?

According to feedback from customers, the noise level is low. This small quiet dehumidifier produces the noise below 60db. It runs quietly during operation, which provides you with a quiet environment to study and work. Importantly, it consumes low energy without wasting electricity.

Next, when using, you also avoid the worry about water overflow, thanks to having the automatic shut off protection.

The machine will automatically shut off once the water tank is full. You may detect this because of the turn of the led (yellow). At that time, you only need to empty the tank. It is okay!

However, the Honati dehumidifier will be nice if it allows users to adjust the humidity level, instead of running up to the full holding tank or the humidity level of the room dropping.

After all, we highly appreciate its portability – the compact size (9 x 5.9 x 14.7 inches) and the lightweight (5.7 pounds). It allows you to move anywhere as desired, crawl space, bedroom, RV, bathroom, garage, for example.

2. Pure Enrichment PureDry Mini Dehumidifier

Best Small Dehumidifier for Bathroom
Pure Enrichment PureDry Mini Dehumidifier
Pure Enrichment

We choose the product from Pure Enrichment like the next dehumidifier to introduce to you because of many reasons:

The most outstanding feature is the ability to control the humidity.

Built-up the advanced parts, the Pure Enrichment Deluxe Mini Dehumidifier eliminates the moisture (10 ounces of the excess water) from the air. It gives you back a healthy atmosphere without mildew or mold.

To extract the 10-ounce amount of water from your room, this machine has designed the holding tank up to 8 liters (27 ounces). Don’t mistake between its photo and real size. It is larger than your imagination.

Not only is the capacity, but the design of the water tank is also convenient for users. You can remove it to empty and clean it quickly.

It continues the excellent advantages of the design of the Pure Enrichment model, received positive reviews of the consumers – the automatic shut-off and the one-button control.

You do not have to watch out the unit to turn off it because it will automatically shut off. Overheating or overflowing of the water tank will not occur. Even when you are no use it, you can press the one-touch button. What a convenient!

And we think that this dehumidifier would be better if we can pull the tray out smoothly and hold the machine when pulling out it instead.

3. SEAVON Electric Dehumidifiers for Home

Best Small Dehumidifier for RV

If you are searching for a small dehumidifier for RV,  we boldly recommend a machine from the dependable brand – SEAVON Electric Mini Dehumidifier.

As its name, a mini dehumidifier, the unit is constructed in 7.2 x 6.2 x 11 inches and 2.4 pounds of the weight. Is it both light and compact? Well, this is the lightest one on our list that many consumers prioritize to pick up for their RV.

Besides, this product is a new dehumidifier for 2022, so it has owned the advanced features.

In case the tank is full of water, the unit will automatically shut off. It also notifies you when needing to empty the water tank through the LED (turning RED).

Even the SEAVON has equipped the Thermo-Electric Cooling Technology (Peltier) that operates quietly. It will not wake you at night while working. Feel secure!

But, if compared to the capacity of this dehumidifier to two ones above, it is smaller. Its water tank is no more than 16 ounces (500ml), which eliminates the moisture up to 9 ounces (250ml) in enclosed space.

All in all, this is a mid-size dehumidifier for your bedroom, RV, bathroom, kitchen, garage, or closet. With the 59-86°F temperature, the model can effectively run. Add it to your shopping list right now!

4. Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier

Best Small Dehumidifier for Bedroom

We continue introducing to you another excellent small room dehumidifier – the Pro Breeze 2200 Cubic Feet. The product is an optimal selection for your bedroom, thanks to:

Peltier technology is advanced.

Similar to the dehumidifier from SEAVON, the manufacturer, Pro Breeze, has also equipped the Thermo-Electric Cooling one to help save energy and bring a quiet space. Make sure that you will get good sleep.

Coming with that, the auto shut-off when the holding tank is full is noticeable.

For those who are forgetful and careless, this feature is helpful. The LED light will also turn RED to remind you to have to empty the water tank. What an essential convenience!

Don’t stop! The Pro Breeze 2200 Cubic Feet makes users satisfied with its size.

The water tank capacity is approximately 52 ounces. If compared to the 2022 cubic feet model from SEAVON, this best mini dehumidifier is larger. It can remove up to 18 ounces of moisture in the 220sq.ft area.

Nevertheless, the design is a minus point of this product.

You are not easy to lift it up with one hand because of the shallow finger slot for lifting. It compels you to utilize two hands to do this if you want to move the humidifier.

The unit from Pro Breeze, which will efficiently work in the appropriate temperature – 59-86 degrees F, is excellent for high humidity in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, garage, and more. Would you like to own it?

5. InvisiPure Hydrowave Portable Dehumidifier

Best Small Dehumidifier with Drain Hose
InvisiPure Hydrowave Portable Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier built-up with the short cord is not a too big drawback, is it? You can put it close to an outlet. Yes, we are mentioning the IP-DH800 Dehumidifier from InvisiPure – the right choice for campers.

This is the only product on our list that can connect with a drain hose. By attaching a ⅜-inch hose to this dehumidifier, it will continuously drain. And when the amount of the water in the holding tank is full, it will shut off or drain again.

The capacity of the InvisiPure IP-DH800 is also amazing for a home mini dehumidifier. Your living space will be protected from bacteria, mold, and mildew because the 64-ounce tank helps remove up to 27 ounces of moisture from the air.

Based on feedback from consumers and the numbers that the manufacturer shows, the Invisible unit can handle relative humidity ~ 80 percent. The ability to cover is about 300sq.ft – the largest of our products listed.

If you are planned to invest in a small dehumidifier, you can believe in the IP-DH800 model. It weighs 5.7 pounds and measures 9.8 x 6.1 x 13.9 inches – both compact and light. You likely move it in a limited space, boat, bathroom, RV, tent, bedroom, for example.

In addition to that, we highly appreciate the power that this dehumidifier provides – 75W, but it is super quiet during work. Feel secure about the noise!

How about the warranty and support?

You will get the warranty in one year and lifetime support. Do you like these ones?

Amazing Benefits When Using a Small Dehumidifier

You will need a small dehumidifier when the humidity of the air in your room is over 40 percent. You can be going to feel amazing after installing it.

In particular, what benefits does it bring?

Get rid of mold

No one can live with mold – the worst enemy and harmful factor to your health. If there is too much mold in your living space, you can get rashes, itchy throat, sneezing, coughing, irritation to the eye, and more.

It is noticeable that you are not easy to remove mold once it appears in your house. Whether you try washing it off, it quickly embeds in the walls, except the change of the humidity of your room.

Is a dehumidifier useful for this problem?

Well, when equipping a small dehumidifier in the room, it will promptly reduce the humidity in there. This one eliminates the condition so that mold can grow. Keep your living space clean!

Get Convenience of the Design (Light/ Compact)

Those who used to utilize a larger dehumidifier might recognize two problems – heavyweight and noise.

On the contrary, a small unit to dehumidify is more advantageous. The lightweight and compact built-up allow you to carry it to place anywhere, bathroom, bedroom, RB, basement, garage, or any places having plenty of humidity.

Plus, the small dehumidifiers are pretty quiet while running. Make sure a good sleep for you!

Protect Furniture in Your Room

If equipped with a compact dehumidifier in your room, you can eliminate the quickly exposed risk of your furniture due to the high temperature.

Save Your Budget

The higher the moisture level in your living space, the higher the temperature will be. In this case, you can have to adjust the AC regularly in your limited budget.

Maintain Quickly

In the last one, you will not meet troublesome to deal with a small space dehumidifier, particularly, the maintenance.

It does not have plenty of big parts to remove and clean. Frequently, you only need to take apart the water tank and clean it. Simple!!

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Small Dehumidifier

We choose to use the best mini dehumidifier

For those who are looking for a small dehumidifier for their room, there are some considerations that should pocket. Here are:


Are you living and working in a large apartment? Well, the size of the dehumidifier will not be a big issue. But, small space, bedroom, bathroom, RV, kitchen, for example, do not have a large area.

A mini dehumidifier will be a better choice in this case.

The machines that we reviewed above have a compact design. All 5 dehumidifiers allow eliminating the moisture from the air in a limited space like mentioned.

Coverage Area

What dehumidifier is the best for bathroom, bedroom, or RV? For this problem, based on the ability to cover, we consider and tell you the maximum size that they can meet.

As an example, the unit from Hotani covers up to 269 Sq.Ft, which are suitable for both the bathroom, bedroom, and RV while the SEAVON model with the smaller coverage area only fits the RV.


We choose to utilize a dehumidifier for a small area like the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or RV, so the noise level is one of the vital considerations.

You will not likely get a good sleep if the machines run noisily.

Fortunately, our portable dehumidifier reviews show that they are quiet during work.

Which one do you pick – the Pro Breeze, InvisiPure, or Pure Enrichment?

Holding Tank Capacity

Not all small dehumidifiers have the same tank size. Some have designed larger tank capacity than others.

With the smaller tanks, you are easy to carry them because of holding less water. It means that you must often empty them when full.

Inevitably, you may only need to empty the tank once a day (depending on how much the humidity in your room is), in case you use a dehumidifier with a larger tank. When reaching up to the maximum capacity, these units are heavier.

Would you like to select a lighter dehumidifier or one with a larger holding tank?

Dehumidification Performance

How much moisture can your dehumidifier eliminate every day?

As known, each of the dehumidifiers has a particularized amount, such as the Honati Home Dehumidifier, which has a 200ml absorption rate per day, by the effect of the relative humidity and room temperature.

On the other hand, in the conditions – 80% RH, 86 degrees F, the Honati unit will efficiently work.

How will it be in case of these higher numbers?

This one makes the amount of the water emptied increase. Remember that the models do not have a similar performance level, so it’d better check the humidity in your room and try to maintain the room temperature at the recommended level of the chosen model.


A product providing a good warranty will show its reliability.

Every now and then, your purchased item has a defect after using a short time. You have certainly desired to get the guarantee of the manufacturer, instead of, you have to pay on own. With a decent warranty, you will also save the cost of replacing or repairing the parts.

How long the warranty time lasts long is something to consider.

The longer-last duration allows you to have more time to experience the product. Few dehumidifiers provide the warranty within one year, such as the models that we introduce to you above.

Make sure that you know exactly the guarantee that the manufacturer offers before giving a decision.

Other Features

Removing the humidity from the air is the vital function of the dehumidifier. Besides, there are several features that can make these small machines more flexible while using.

  1. Automatically shut off when the holding tank is full of the water.
  2. Alert with the LED in a case of the full water tank.
  3. Have equipped with a drain hose for draining easily, not emptying the tank manually.
  4. Construct the built-in handle for moving conveniently from room to room.

Tips for Your Dehumidifier Maintenance

According to our experience, some customers use their product broken quickly due to the maintenance improperly, no except the small dehumidifiers.

So, if desired to keep your dehumidifier working well, you ought to follow these tips:

  • Keep the temperature of your room no more 65 degrees F when using a dehumidifier. The purpose is to protect your unit from burning up the motor or freezing.
  • For the humidity level, it is best from 40 to 45 or higher so that your dehumidifier can run well.
  • You should check the filter regularly. If dirt or broken, you can quickly clean and replace it when needed.
  • The coils also need to be checked frequently. Dust or frost can affect the performance of your machine.
  • By cleaning the holding tank after each use, you can remove the risk of the growth of mold and bacteria.
  • Avoid turning your dehumidifier on/off too quickly. It would be best to leave it cool down before emptying the water tank.
  • Don’t place your dehumidifier close to the wall or other solid surfaces. We recommend you to put it at least six inches away from these surfaces.
  • Read the manual carefully to follow correctly.


Are any mini dehumidifiers good?

Based on the compact design, lightweight, and reasonable price, a mini dehumidifier can run well in a specific area, the bedroom, bathroom, garage, RV, closet included. It is convenient for the movement and ideal for keeping your room from mold and moisture.

The small dehumidifiers will not likely run well if you place it in a larger space.

The best plan would be to rely on the recommendation of the manufacturer to install your mini model properly. There are dehumidifiers designed for bedroom using while some might work in the moisture condition like the bathroom effectively.

How does a small dehumidifier work?

Through the filter, these dehumidifiers draw the air over cooling coils. The water condensed on the coils will drop into the holding tank.

The small dehumidifiers work with this running principle, so they work better in the high humidity level. The best is about 86 degrees F and 80% RH. Keep in mind!

What makes the dehumidifier be the best selection for your room?

Well, there is a variety of reasons why many people choose to use a dehumidifier for their bedroom.

Does the chosen dehumidifier fit your sleeping space? Yes, you need to consider this feature first. No cramping plenty of your style is okay.

Next, the best single room dehumidifier has to be quiet during work. The noise from the dehumidifier can be going to wake you. The models reviewed above are super quiet while eliminating the humidity from your room – so ensure that you will purchase one. Remember that you never pick the compressor because it creates noise all night.

On the flip side, the best dehumidifier will not require you to empty their water tank after several hours. With that in mind, the unit that allows using throughout 24 hours without empty the tank is ideal. In addition to the automatic shut-off function, you will not worry about spilling.

Do dehumidifiers consume more power?

We cannot give you a specific number. But, if taken a fundamental model with the operating performance at 280 watts per hour and the current electric consumption – 15 cents/kW, you will pay 4.2 cents for an electric dehumidifier per hour.

By multiplying how many hours you used the dehumidifier by 4.2 cents, you can exactly know how much the consumed power is.

What will it occur if I leave a dehumidifier running throughout the night?

No problem. A tabletop dehumidifier is safe when you leave it on all night, especially when the humidity level in your room is high. Using the dehumidifier will help maintain the appropriate level of humidity. Protect you from the effects – allergies, breathing, and comfort.

Can a dehumidifier kill mold?

The dehumidifiers can only prevent mold by removing moisture from the air, and they may not kill mold.

The higher humidity will make mold grow easily.

When recognizing the higher humidity (mold do not appear), you can use a dehumidifier to prevent this issue. But, if had in your home, you ought to overcome this quickly by calling a restoration company to deal with the moisture and mold problem.

In Sum

Have you found the best small dehumidifier for what you need?

All in all, equipping a small dehumidifier is ideal for getting rid of the high moisture (the main cause of the appearance of the mold). You can set it in a compact space, the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, RV, for example. Convenient!

We hope that our small room dehumidifier reviews are useful for finding one. Leave your comment or question so that we know and give you a better article at the following time.

Happy living healthy with a dehumidifier!!!

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