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Best Small Air Purifiers in 2022

Bedroom, kitchen, or working desk, wherever you are, these best small air purifiers are super handy to follow your step. Let’s check in detail the top 5 items and see, which one is for you

Best Small Air Purifiers

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Best Small Air Purifiers

Air pollution is no longer a matter of anyone. It has affected a lot of country in the world. The concentration of fine dust is growing. Even a house which seems to be safe can not prevent dirty air from entering the house.

Thus, is there any way to avoid air pollution at least when you are indoors? – Yes, you should use air purifiers.

Currently, there are many types of air purifiers on the market. To choose a suitable machine which also meets your need is not easy. Keep reading this article to find the best small air purifiers that are right for you.

Quick Comparison Table

Before making a detailed review of each product, we will have an overview of all five products. The comparison table will show the basic specifications of each product, and you can make your choice easier.

Product nameProduct DimensionsCoverage AreaFan SpeedsOur Rating
Germ Guardian AC41007.5 x 6.5 x 11 inches78 square feet3 Fan Speeds4.5/5
Winix 5500-215 x 8.2 x 23.6 inches360 square feet4 Fan Speeds4.5/5
MELEDEN 9P7P9.4 x 6 x 6 inches161 square feet2 Fan Speeds4.2/5
MOOKA Air Purifier7.5 x 6.9 x 6.9 inchesN/aN/a4.2/5
Coway AP-1512HH16.8 x 9.6 x 18.3 inches361 square feet3 Fan Speeds4.4/5

These specifications will show a little of the external characteristics and inner technology of the products. Based on this table, you can better understand the product and choose the right sized products.

In-depth Reviews On The Best Small Air Purifiers

1. Germ Guardian HEPA Filter Air Purifier

The Best Overall

What are you most interested in buying a mini air purifier?

First of all is the size of the product. It ensures compact and does not take up much space. The product has a very simple but not ugly design. This air purifier has a cool color tone.

It is very suitable for places with a minimalist style. It brings both modern and luxurious look.

About the purpose of the machine, it is the functional mechanism of a standard air purifier. It can guarantee to clean up to 99.97% of dust mixed in the air.

All pathogens harmful to humans such as dirt, pollen, and mold will disappear with this machine. It can kill all infectious bacteria in the air with fast and accurate speed.

Besides, Germ Guardian’s ultraviolet prescription light technology can eliminate many different types of bacteria from pollen or animal. An air filter called HEPA can filter out all the smallest active ingredients.

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Another strong point of using this machine is time savings. You already know that dust forms all the time in the air. Especially if your house has many windows and doors, you have to spend a lot of time cleaning often.

Thus, using an air purifier will help you do it more quickly and effectively. However, during use, this device will make a loud noise. This can affect you and the people around you.

2. Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier with True HEPA

The Best Small Hepa Air Purifier

This air purifier is indeed an excellent choice for your home. The design is quite large, in the form of vertical rectangles to save space for the house. Black is the dominant color, creating a modern feel for the room.

It does not occupy a too large area, and the design shows the full functionality of the product.

The size of this machine can use for small and medium houses, especially the children’s bedrooms – where we need to put the air purifier most, or someplace such as the kitchen, living room, etc.

This product is a smart and unique combination of three filtration systems. First of all, it is the HEPA filter. Next is the AOC Carbon filter, which is a mesh fabric, cotton material, and washable.

There is also a Plasma Wave unit, acting as a filter. These parts work to prevent odors in the room.

At present, four fan speeds are the fastest of these mini air purifiers. Programmable types are available in four levels, namely low, medium, high, and turbo. The bigger the mode is, the higher the level of cleaning is.

Besides, an interesting function is an intelligent sensor and automatic mode. It is a function that saves people energy.

Sensor mode helps to measure the concentration of contaminants in the air. It can then adjust the fan levels to purify the air. Automatic installation mode depends on the air quality in the room, which helps to save time for humans.

Moreover, it has the signaling function when the filter needs to be replaced. When the filter has gotten too much dirt, the air purifier will not work as well as it used to.

Thus, you should change filters so that the machine can work better.

With this machine, you do not need to check it. When the dirty filter reaches a level that exceeds the allowed level, its body will create a flashing light for you to know replacement status. It is a convenient function for users.

However, this product has a minus point that you can wash the filter, but that can not altogether remove the stains there.

3. MELEDEN Air Purifier for Home with Filters

The Best Small Air Purifier for Bedroom
MELEDEN Air Purifier for Home with Filters

First of all, we should talk about the design of this machine. It is another small air purifier which you can place on your desk. The simple design with white color is dominant, and there are no unnecessary details.

This machine has two modes of night and day. During the day, you can put it on your desk. And at night, you can leave it at the head of your bed.

The way to distinguish night and day functions is easy. It is based on color. At night, the design on the lid of the device is light blue. This green acts as a night light to help you fall asleep quickly.

Of course, it is an air purifier, so it has the essential function of an air purifier. Operation scale is not too large. However, within the allowable range, it can still filter the air to the best. It only has a few switches, and you can remember and use this machine easily.

Besides, this air purifier can turn off after eight hours because after eight hours of air purification, the cleanliness of the air was up to standard.

Thus, after that time, the device may turn off to rest. Also, eight hours is the standard time for a good night’s sleep.

What’s more, this air purifier can filter out fine PM 2.5 dust, suitable for families with the elderly and children. This is the recommended device at night because when operating, the machine did not make any sound of activity. This is a plus point when you are considering to buy this machine.

4. MOOKA Air Purifier for Home

The Best Small Office Air Purifier

The exterior design is somewhat simple but very delicate. It is still a cylindrical tube with a cutting design at the bottom and a switch system on the top of the machine.

Many companies often choose white and black as the main color for their products. Black expresses mysterious and luxurious while white is the embodiment of gentle and elegant.

About the use of this machine, the manufacturer ensures that it has excellent quality. It can filter most types of dirt with an accuracy of up to 99%. Besides, this product can remove fine dust as well as impurities mixed in the air.

Also, you can use the device to eliminate the surrounding odors. Thus, it is suitable for use in homes with children and the elderly.

How to use this device is very simple and easy. There is only one button. This button has two functions that are on / off and intensity control.

When the machine is running, you can hardly hear any noise coming from it. The device works with stability light intensity, which does not lose your good night’s sleep. It is very suitable for those who like quiet. In case it makes a loud noise, you should have it serviced.

Besides, the nightlight system is equipped with this item. You cannot turn off this nightlight, so if you feel uncomfortable with this, you can refer to a few ways to remove the light on the internet.

In addition to neutralizing and filtering the air, this machine also has a diaphragm to shield animals. The function to remove odors works very well thanks to the activated carbon filter. This air purifier is very suitable for animal lovers.

However, you need to remember that this product can only use indoors because it cannot diffuse in a wide space.

5. Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier

The Best Small Air Purifier for Allergies

This is a designed air purifier which looks like a desktop speaker. Besides the air purifier function, you can use it to make your room more beautiful.

Despite its compact design, this machine possesses a filtration system with four levels, such as normal filter, deodorizing system, HEPA filter, and vital Ion. This allows it to clean the air concentration to the absolute extent, including fine dust.

Besides, the Coway Mighty pollution sensor system is used to measure air concentration. It will tell you when to purify and when not to.

It works with great capacity but does not consume much electric power, which will help you to save some money.

The LED system will signal the level of cleanliness in the air all day. The four-level fan speed is quite perfect, which make you have to own this item early. This machine has a built-in auto-timer function.

Thus, it will turn off after one hour, four hours, or eight hours depending on your change. This product will also notify you when the filter needs to be replaced.

However, when operating, this device may cause unpleasant noise. Therefore, if you do not want it to affect you or those around you, you can leave it away from where you are.

The Top-rated Brands for Small Air Purifiers

Guardian Technologies

Guardian brand is not too strange to devotees. They offer a lot of products in many different fields like beauty, dining, ect. They are also famous for their friendly air purifiers.

Winix Inc

A brand that has been around for 50 years (since 1973) has created a lot of prestige. The company always focuses on developing perfect products from quality, technology to appearance.


Melende brand specializes in manufacturing products related to air filtration systems. They provide a lot of air filtration systems in the home or in the car.


Coway specializes in providing smart appliances for indoor use. They sell air purifiers, water purifiers, and smart toilets. Coway products have unique designs and advanced functions. It can say that they are the leading brand in the trend of intelligent houses.

What To Consider When Buying The Best Small Air Purifiers?

When you choose to buy an air purifier, there are many things to consider to purchase a suitable one.  Hence, we have compiled all the essential factors that you should think about when buying this type of equipment as follows.

Let’s check them out!

Product Dimensions

Product Dimensions is one of the conditions for you to consider when buying an air purifier. The size of the product related to the purpose you want to use it.

If you use this machine to filter the air for a large room, get a big one. On the contrary, in case you want to put it on the nightstand or the desk, get the smaller one.

Coverage Area

This criterion is also a criterion to help you choose the machine that suits your purpose. An air purifier can only work best in a given space according to its design. If you use a small machine in a big space, it may not operate at full capacity.

For small engines, you should only use it in a particular area. And you should be near the device at a reasonable distance so that you can absorb the best air.

Fan Speeds

Fan Speeds or air purifier levels is one of the remarkable criteria when purchasing air purifiers. Fans with more functions as well as multiple levels, will bring the best performance. Therefore, you should pay attention to these criteria before buying this product.

Frequently Asked Questions And Our Answers

Where can we buy these machines?

With the current complicated disease situation, you should not go out to buy things. A very simple, fast, and convenient option is This site sells air purifiers from various brands, so you can choose any type of air purifier that suits you!

Is how to install the machine difficult?

It is not. This is the mini air purifier series, suitable for small spaces. It runs on batteries or plugs in, so it is simple and easy to use. You should put the device where the power is. For small machines, the power cord is not very long, pay attention to this.

Will these devices consume a lot of energy?

As mentioned, this is a mini-series so that it will save more power than other types. Besides, the above products have the brand’s commitment to power saving. When used, the machine will have many different modes to choose.

You only need to rely on air quality to adjust the suitable level to save power. Moreover, these machines can turn off the electricity when the air quality in your room is stable and clean.


Above are our reviews of the top 5 best small air purifiers. With the severe air pollution situation today, we hope it will be useful to you. If you have ever used these machines, please share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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