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The Best Humidifiers for Bedroom of 2021

Humidifiers add moisture to the room to improve skin dryness and moderate the temperature. So if your bedroom air is dry, causing you irritation, what you need is best humidifiers for bedroom.

Best Humidifiers for Bedroom

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Do you want to have a sound sleep at night, especially in the cold months? It is time for you to buy a humidifier for your bedroom. That said, there are a bunch of products out there of different quality. So which one is suitable for you?

Let’s find out the best humidifiers for bedroom with us today.

Best Humidifiers for Bedroom 2021:

1. Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Best Overall
Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier - Premium Humidifying Unit with Whisper-Quiet Operation, Automatic Shut-Off and Night Light Function - Lasts Up to 16 Hours
Pure Enrichment

Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier made its leading way on our list for various reasons. First, the humidifier could moisturize the air softly for 16 hours of constant operation. Therefore, you can rest assured to breathe easily and get restful sleep when putting it in your bedroom.

Plus, it comes with low and high-speed settings, making it comfortable to adjust the direction of mist and speed to fit your comfort level.

Moreover, the humidifier features a water tank capacity of 1.5 liters, which provide broad coverage of up to 250 sq ft for your rooms, especially bedrooms.

On top of that, what we also like about this humidifier is that it comes with an additional night light, which can provide a soothing glow for your perfect relaxation.

Another plus point of this product is that it has an automatic shut-off mechanism. Accordingly, whenever the level of water is going to run out, or the tank is removed, the humidifier can automatically turn off.

In addition, we are impressed with its 360-degree mist nozzle. Accordingly, you can direct the mist flow away from the areas that do not need to be moisturized comfortably to the places that do.

Plus, you will find this humidifier easy to use and assemble so that you can ensure the maximum efficiency of the humidifier for a long time. Also, it does not generate noise during its working session at all. Therefore, it is a perfect option for you to put on the bedroom for sound sleep.

Furthermore, along with the machine, you will get AC power adapter, user manual, disk cleaning brush, and a five-year warranty when buying the Pure Enrichment humidifier.

In a nutshell, we considered the Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier as the best overall product. We do not have any complaints about its performance.

2. LEVOIT Humidifiers for Bedroom

Best Quality Humidifier For Bedroom

The second position belongs to the Levoit Ultrasonic Humidifier. This product outweighs other products thanks to its high performance of adding moisture to your spaces.

Plus, it stands out for a smart sleep mode. It could automatically turn off lights and makes use of an in-built humidity sensor to maintain a comfortable moisture level for sound sleep. Also, it creates little noise at only under 28 dB. In other words, this level of sound is even quieter than a library.

Notably, thanks to innovative technology – Dual 100, the humidifier could work as both a humidifier and a diffuser. Thus, you could combine the mist of the humidifier and favorite essential oils to spread your scents in the rooms.

Furthermore, you will like this machine since it lets you add water into the reservoir directly. Also, you will find that the clean-up is just a breeze with this humidifier.

Moreover, the LEVOIT humidifier is different from other machines as it features the Spiral Air Duct tech. Accordingly, it could turn water into the mist form to spread in an ample space within a short period without making the floor wet or fogging your rooms.

Furthermore, you can rest assured that it is totally trustworthy and safe since it is CA65 tested, not to mention, BPA-free ETL listed. The humidifier could turn off automatically when the level of water is low, and the reservoir is removed.

Nevertheless, the machine features a little small water reservoir. You probably feel a bit uncomfortable when refilling it regularly. Plus, it does not come with a powerful motor as the above options offer a humidity level of 40-60 % in cold weather.

3. Pure Enrichment MistAire Studio Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Best Small Humidifier For Bedroom
Pure Enrichment MistAire Studio Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Small Rooms - Portable Humidifying Unit Ideal for Office with High and Low Mist Settings, Optional Night Light and Auto Shut-Off
Pure Enrichment

If you are seeking a portable humidifier for your modest space, the Pure Enrichment MistAire Cool Mist Humidifier might be the one for you. It comes with a sleek, compact size so that it is a perfect choice for your small spaces.

Plus, it offers both high and low mist settings. In particular, in low mode, it provides the output of up to 60ml/hr moisture while on high mode, about 80ml/hr moisture can be added to the air.

Moreover, this machine also features soft glow lighting, making it a breeze to use the machine in dark conditions. Another point that we are impressed with this product is that I can run continuously within 10 hours. Plus, it comes with a 0.7-liter water reservoir, so that you can sleep soundly at night with no need to refill it.

Also, you will love it as it comes with various adds-on. For instance, when getting this humidifier, you will get an AC power adapter, a brush for cleaning disk, and a user guide. More importantly, you can rest assured to buy it as the brand offers a warranty of up to 5 years and customer support seven days per week.

One more thing, if you are a fan of green living and have tree pots in your house, the Pure Enrichment humidifier is a good choice for you to keep them beautiful and healthy by providing an ideal level of moisture needed for their growth.

Last but not least, this product is able to balance the level of humidity in your room to ensure you can have a comfortable sleep. Also, it can help prevent dry skin as well as relieve cough, dry throat, and congestion.

As mentioned above, this product is only suitable for small rooms. So if you want to provide moisture in big spaces, you should skip this option. Plus, it seems to appear slightly poorly constructed.

4. Vicks Filter-Free Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Best Cool Mist Humidifier For Bedroom

The next position belongs to the Vicks Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier. A notable point of this machine is that it does not need replacement filters. Plus, it comes with a 1.2-gallon water tank, which could significantly provide up to 33 hours of providing mist. What a fantastic feature.

Another point that we like about it is that it generates a little noise, which is ideal for bedrooms and nursery. Also, it could diffuse moisture to your room atmosphere. You can get a sound sleep with this machine, and it is also a great choice for dry skin and allergies.

If you need a device to relieve your coughing and congestion, you could consider this option. It could help you breathe much easier wherever you are.

On top of that, you will not need to worry whenever the level of water is low as it comes with an auto shut-off mechanism. What we are impressed with this machine, it features the Dual Scent Pad slots, which fit Vicks VapoPads to offer soothing vapors.

One more thing, this machine comes with adjustable mist control mode so that you can set the moisture level that you want to add to your spaces. The last thing to say about the Vicks Filter Free Humidifier is that it could humidify your rooms of medium size perfectly.

That said, this option does not appear to be perfect at all. We find that its water tank sometimes drips water when being replaced. Also, it is not easy to clean, so that you will need to put more effort into the clean-up work.

5. TBI Pro Top-Fill Humidifer – Best Humidifier For Large Bedroom

5. Top-Fill 6L Ultrasonic Humidifier for Large Room

Best Humidifier For Large Bedroom
[2-IN-1] Top-Fill 6L Ultrasonic Humidifier for Large Room, Home, Baby Bedroom - Cool Mist 360° Air Nozzle - LED Display, Easy to Clean Portable Humidifiers & Upgraded Anti-Leak, Auto-Off (1.6 Gallon)

Our last pick is the TBI Pro Top Fill Humidifier. This is definitely the one for those who are seeking a machine to add moisture to their big bedroom.

The first outstanding feature of this machine we find is that it comes with a 6-liter big tank with long-lasting effects. Therefore, you could use it for two days and for your big spaces, especially bedrooms. Also, you will not need to refill the tank frequently.

Another point we like about it is that it comes with an exclusive 360-degree humidification mechanism. With a rotating nozzle and three adjustable mist modes, the machine could add an even humidity level to your atmosphere, deliver a soothing environment, and limit the risks of germs, bacteria, and diseases. This is also thanks to the ability to maintain the humidity of above 43 percent.

Plus, it is ideal for you to deal with cough, dry skin, allergies, insomnia, and wrinkles. There is a unique medical stone filter for adding healthy mist. Accordingly, the humidifier could purify water to make sure that you could stay away from all bacteria and impurities.

Furthermore, as it comes with an effective hydration system, you could rest assured that it could offer a healthy air and a relaxing environment for you. Plus, you will love this product as it generates a noise of only below 30 dB.

It could also turn off the indicators and improve your sleep cycle. Accordingly, you can have a sound sleep and wake up healthy, rested, and happy. One more thing, it could relieve you of allergies and coughing, which improves your sleep quality and skin condition.

Notably, it does come with a clear LED screen, which greatly facilitates the operation and provides outstanding efficiency with low power consumption. Lastly, this machine features up to three mist level settings so that you can choose a suitable mode based on your preference.

That said, we find that it is slightly poorly made. The plastic appears to be of low quality. Plus, its display only shows Celsius, so that if you prefer Fahrenheit, you should find it slightly uncomfortable. Moreover, whenever you turn it on, you have to reset it, which is a big letdown.

Top Brands For Best Humidifiers For Bedroom

Pure Enrichment

The first name we want to mention in providing the best humidifiers for bedroom is Pure Enrichment. It is a leading manufacturer of high-quality personal care, wellness, health, and home products. This manufacturer started with exclusive air purifiers and has been developing from there. Throughout years, it is driven by the motto “Pure & Simple.”

In addition to air purifiers, the brand also provides a variety of machines, which could improve your daily life. All of its products are designed meticulously in order to meet the quality and design criteria in purification systems, cosmetic cars, relaxation, and aromatherapy.


LEVOIT is a familiar brand in the home appliance industry. It is a US-based producer, which stands out with outstanding product design and innovative technology.

By offering high versatility, durability, functionality, and beautiful design in all products, LEVOIT has gained much trust from a variety of customers all over the world.

On top of that, the popularity is even wider thanks to award-winning air purifiers as well as the introduction of a new app. It is also confident in offering customers with relaxing and comfortable conditions at their house.


It is safe to say Vicks is a trustworthy brand in providing high-quality humidifiers for your bedrooms. You might not know this, but whenever the dry atmosphere at your house could cause irritation to the tissues of the throat and nose as well as exacerbate the dry skin, Vicks Humidifiers could bring additional moisture to the air for you to breathe.

Notably, during the winter months, when the level of humidity declines to uncomfortable levels, its humidifiers play an important role in regulating the moisture level to relieve the respiratory discomfort temporarily. On top of that, the humidifiers of Vicks are carefully made to offer healthy and pure humidity for your entire rooms, especially bedrooms.


TBI Pro is a famous manufacturer of smart home appliances, which deliver great experiences for consumers. The brand stands out for providing a wide range of products, which meets almost the demand of customers.

The value of this manufacture is defined by its versatile breakthrough technology as well as high-quality craftsmanship. The brand aims to manufacture home appliances such as humidifiers, kitchen appliances, air purifiers, and other machines for babies and parents. Throughout the years, this manufacturer has been trusted by many consumers from many countries around the world.

What to Look for When Buying Humidifiers for Bedroom?

When it comes to humidifiers for bedrooms, you must have considered various things to ensure you will get sound sleep and wake up healthy and happy. Below are some critical features that you need to think about when seeking a humidifier for your bedroom.

1. Noise

This is definitely the first point that you need to consider. As you know, a night of good sleep requires a silent environment. That’s why you will need a humidifier that can function silently.

Otherwise, you will feel irritated and uncomfortable when hearing the noise generated by the humidifier. Therefore, it would be better if you could check the model in question whether it comes with a silent operation mechanism.

2. Moisture Level

Another important factor for the best humidifier for bedroom is how much mist it releases. You know, in the cold months, the atmosphere is definitely dry, so that you will need much mist added to your indoor air. This will contribute to helping you sleep soundly and comfortably. Plus, it could prevent various health issues such as dry skin and allergies.

3. Water Tank

Do you want to refill the tank frequently? Well, the answer might be no, right? That’s why before buying any humidifier, you had better check the capacity of its water tank. The bigger it is, the fewer times you have to go to refill the tank. Also, if you have a big bedroom, buying a humidifier with a big water reservoir is a must.

4. Durability

Well, it is obvious that everyone wants to use a product for a long time. Humidifiers are no exception. If you do not want to lose much money in repairing your device for buying new ones, you had better consider the humidifier durability. When the machine is durable, you could rest assured that it could work for a long time.

5. Price

This is one of the most important things when buying any products. No matter how much you like a product, if it comes with a quite high price tag and you could not afford it, you will still have to skip it. Therefore, check your budget and the price of the humidifier in question to have the best buying decision. Besides, in case you do not have any trouble with the budget, you could buy any humidifiers that you think are a good deal.

6. Size

Another crucial thing for you to consider is the size of your room. It will help you determine which humidifier is suitable. As humidifiers come in different coverage, you should check if it could add moisture to your entire bedroom or not. A humidifier whose coverage ranging from 500 to 1,000 sq ft might be a perfect choice for large bedrooms.

7. Extra Features

Auto Shutoff Mode

This is a great feature that will help you rest assured whenever the level of water goes low. Accordingly, the machine with this mode could turn off automatically when it does not have enough water to operate in its tank.


Timer is definitely a useful feature if you do not want to do much manual work. With a timer, you can set a specific time that the machine will stop. Thereby, you will not have to press a button to turn off the machine when you want.

Combination model

For the bedroom, you can go for a humidifier that can provide both cool and warm mist settings. Thereby, you could use it in all the seasons of the year. Which is a good deal!

Adjustable output

We are pretty sure that you will need to adjust the level of moisture that you want your humidifier adds to your bedrooms. With adjustable output settings, you can choose a suitable level of humidity for your bedroom to ensure sound sleep.

Dirty Humidifier Health Risks

You might not know this, but it’s a must to take care of your humidifier. This not only aims to keep your air fresh and clean but also protects the health.

If you leave your device uncleaned, it can become breeding sources for a variety of species of fungi, bacteria, and amoebas. It could trigger low-grade fevers, allergies, even serious inflammation of your lungs, dubbed hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

Irrespective of which kind of your humidifier, you have to clean it frequently to hinder funky stuff growth in the water tank and other parts. As per the suggestion of the EPA, it would be best to clean the humidifier each the third day. Pure Enrichment, the manufacturer of our top option, suggests one per week.

Notably, you will also need to make use of distilled vinegar to eliminate mineral deposits. To disinfect the machine perfectly, after you wash your humidifier, you should rinse its plastic surfaces with 3% hydrogen peroxide or a mixture of a spoon of bleach and a gallon of water, and lastly wipe dry.

And to avoid the growth of mold on the humidifier filter, you should pull out its filter and dry it when you turn off the humidifier for over a day. In addition, you will also need to alter it every half a year at least.

Care and Maintenance of Humidifiers for Bedroom

It is critical to remain the humidifier clean in order to stay away from common issues of the humidifier, preventing the growth of a variety of germs and organisms. Accordingly, you should rinse the tank regularly to limit any residue. Then you should mix a cup of white vinegar with water and pour this mixture into the tank.

Moreover, you’d better watch your children and pets for concern about safety. Even when your humidifier features auto shut-off mode, it is likely to be burned when it’s turned over because of the heating unit.

On top of that, you should unplug your machine, especially if its tank cannot be removed before filling your humidifier. Besides, you should remember to keep cords away from the walkways, which can lead to a risk of falling. Plus, you should not let your pets reach the cords as well.

Last but not least, if your humidifier features steam to add mist to the atmosphere, you should not put it close to the children.


Which size of the water tank is suitable for bedrooms?

It depends. If you have a big bedroom, it is obvious that you will need a high capacity water tank. Normally, a 1-gallon water tank capacity is the ideal choice. The humidifier with this size could provide a run-time of up to 30 hours before the next time you refill it.

What are the humidifier benefits?

You might not know this, but a humidifier can soothe problems caused by the dry atmosphere, including chapped lips, nose bleeds, itchy skins, and allergies. Those who live in cold or dry climates find a humidifier helpful for them to breathe and sleep well. If you have any kind of respiratory symptoms, you should consider buying a humidifier for your space.

When do I need to clean the humidifier?

It is recommended that you should clean your humidifier after three-six months using it, at least. This will help you keep it function properly and make your air fresh.

Final Thoughts

So that’s all we want to share with you in today’s article about the best humidifiers for bedrooms. In short, these humidifiers will help a lot in providing good sleep for you.

Have you decided to buy one of the above-mentioned humidifiers? If yes, we hope you would have a great time with it. If not, you could consider our first product – the Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. Not only does it provide an ideal level of moisture to your bedrooms, but it also comes with a super quiet operation so that you could have sweet sleep. Anyway, if you want to share some suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below. Thank you for reading!

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