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The Best Humidifiers for Baby in 2021

Air conditioners can cause baby flu and affect breathing ability. Also, too dry air can cause him skin symptoms. So what should you use? Here we have the best humidifiers for baby to help.

Best Humidifiers For Baby 2021

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Using an air conditioner to cool down during hot summer days is inevitable for your whole family. Still, along with air cooling, there will be a reduction of the natural moisture of the environment. Too dry air will cause many harmful effects on the health of children, especially infants.

Some of the diseases children often suffer from during excessive air conditioning are nasal dryness, sore throat, bronchitis, as well as the risks of allergies, chapped skin,etc. To overcome such problems, let’s take a look at our 5 best humidifiers for baby that are capable of both balancing the humidity in the room and protecting your health.

Quick Comparison Table

Product nameMist TypeCoverage AreaWater Tank SizeOur Rating
TaoTronics TTAH-001Cool Mist322 square feet1.06 gallon4.6/5
Elechomes SH8820 Warm and Cool Mist HumidifierWarm and Cool Mist755 square feet1.45 gallons4.5/5
LEVOIT Dual 100 Cool Mist HumidifierCool Mist216 square feet0.48 gallon4.2/5
Vicks V4600 Ultrasonic Cool Mist HumidifierCool Mist400 square feet
1.2 gallons4.3/5
Honeywell HCM350W Cool Mist HumidifierCool Mist360 square feet1.1 gallon4.4/5

In-depth Reviews on the Best Humidifiers for Baby:

1. TaoTronics TTAH-001 Cool Mist Humidifier

Best Overall
TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier, 4L Ultrasonic Humidifiers for Large Bedroom Home Baby, Quiet Operation, LED Display with Humidistat, Waterless Auto Shut-off (1.06 Gallon, US 110V)

Coming in 3 different color options, black, blue, and grey, the TaoTronics TTAH-001 Cool Mist Humidifier has an undeniably attractive and elegant appearance. Not only that, but it also has many cool features that are worth appreciating.

As the name suggests, it is a cool humidifier, belonging to the classification of ultrasonic humidifiers which is a very reliable type. To be more specific, the machine uses ultrasonic waves to help the water molecules being distributed evenly. This will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

In addition to that, the ultrasonic application does contribute to reducing the noise, especially when it comes to the baby’s rooms. The noise level will be no more than 38 dB, which is perfect for a disturbance-free sleep.

What is more, you can choose either continuous or intermittent misting modes. The humidifier will help you sleep continuously thanks to a 4-liter tank capacity, which is equivalent to about 12 – 30 hours. That is fantastic, isn’t it?

Plus, you are guaranteed with its LED light system, which is completely convenient. The built-in humidistat is capable of displaying the current relative humidity (also known as RH). Besides, the manufacturer has installed the nightlight and sleep mode so that you can turn on or off the light depending on your needs.

Furthermore, it features a microporous filter cartridge. In fact, it is a small pored membrane that is used to sieve various substances, especially micro-organisms, when the water passes through. Eventually, the mist coming from the humidifier will be fresher and healthier for humans.

However, you should bear in mind that this humidifier is not suitable for being added with essential oils or placed on the blankets. If you did so, the device would be seriously damaged due to the leakage problem. Instead, you can use pure water for greater efficiency.

2. Elechomes SH8820 Top Fill 5.5L Humidifier

Best Quality Humidifier for Baby
Elechomes Warm and Cool Mist Humidifiers, SH8820 Top Fill 5.5L Humidifier for Large Room Bedroom Plants with Remote Control, 20db Ultra Quiet, LED Display, 600ml/h Max Humidity, Auto Shut-off, White

The Elechomes SH8820 Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier is a multifunctional humidifier that removes dry air, allergens, and bacteria in the air through the three-layer mist setup.

Cool mist is a decent standard and it will moisten the air gradually, but warm mist accomplishes this 30% faster and it will eliminate allergens and bacteria in the air which are harmful during this process. You can use the warm mist setting in the winter and cool mist in the summer.

Additionally, you may also like the display and clarity of each function. The LED screen is great. It is so bright and clear that it will never confuse you. Of course, everything will be better with a simple and practical device than a complicated one.

One of the most favorite features is the smart/automatic moistening. With the auto option, what you need to do is to preset the humidity level (from 30% to 80%) and then, just let the device do the rest. But that is not all… If the room’s level drops below your preset mode, it will automatically start moistening again until it is close to your set level.

And for those who own many essential oils and are looking forward to using them, this humidifier is a good choice. Unlike other humidifiers that do not have an aroma option, this device has its own separate tray where you can sprinkle a few drops on a small cotton pad and it will circulate that smell when turned on.

Moreover, it is designed with a large water tank to moisten up to a 750 square feet room. The capacity of the tank allows a continuous spray of about 12 – 40 hours.

Nevertheless, the humidifier will drain much faster in warm-mist mode, high mode, or both.

3. LEVOIT Dual 100 Humidifiers for Bedroom

Best Cool Mist Humidifier for Babies

If you are looking for a humidifier that is compact and convenient, then the LEVOIT Dual 100 Cool Mist Humidifier will definitely satisfy you. So why is it? Let’s take a look at its features.

First of all, thanks to the 360-degree cylindrical design, it is favored by many people. The white glossy finish has brought it a rainbow effect when light reflects off its surface. Besides, with a height of 10.6 inches and a width of 7 inches, you can place it anywhere you want, even on the shelf or on the tabletop.

Secondly, in terms of cleaning, this humidifier excels at it. To be more specific, the tank is removable, which means you can take it off from the base when doing the cleaning. This task requires no complex disassembly and reassembly, so cleaning is absolutely simple. Besides, to refill the tank, all you need to do is to remove the lid and then pour water directly into the tank. Everything is so easy, isn’t it?

In addition to that, it features a set of buttons that makes the device easier to operate. In fact, there are only 2 buttons on the face of the humidifier. The first one lying at the bottom is the power button which allows you to press repeatedly to change the mist settings, from low to medium, and high. Above that button are 3 LED lights indicating different power levels.

The other button has a crescent moon on it, used to activate the sleep mode. This mode, when turned on, will play a role of turning off all the LED lights, giving out no lightning so that you can sleep soundly. Also, the built-in humidity sensor will be automatically activated in this mode, maintaining an adequate level of humidity and thus, making the air more breathable and fresher.

Moreover, this device acts as a humidifier and a diffuser, as well. You can add some drops of your favorite essential oils and spread them into the air. Also, the manufacturer has applied the Spiral Air Duct technology in the device, assisting in turning the water into a fine mist that is able to spread throughout the room in a short period of time.

Though it is a great and lightweight humidifier, the delivery quality is not really good. You should ask the sellers to wrap it carefully to prevent unwanted scratches.

4. Vicks Filter-Free Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Best Humidifier for Baby Congestion

Vicks is an American manufacturer that has an experience of more than 130 years in the business of medications. The brand has developed a lot of products that are related to inhaled breathing treatments. And the Vicks V4600 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is one of those products. This is why this humidifier is best on this list for baby congestion.

Coming with a 1.2-gallon tank, still, it is only 8.3 inches wide, 9.1 inches high, and weighs only 2,95 lbs. This means it is compact enough not to take up a lot of space on the table where it is located.

Yet, you may be worried about the device running out of water during the night, but in fact, it does not. The tank allows it to work well in 33 hours of soothing mist. You will find that it can run all night and there will be still some water in the tank the next morning. Most interestingly, no water is found on the table around the humidifier.

What is more, it uses ultraviolet rays to prevent microorganisms, bacteria, and mold from growing in water inside the humidifier. It is known to be a rare thing in an affordable humidifier range.

To deal with baby congestion, the humidifier features 2 soothing Vicks VapoPads. These pads are used to spreading aromatic vapors into the air and can be active in up to 8 hours. To use this function, you should choose the scent first and then put the pad in the slot. The aroma will relieve the symptoms of coughing and congestion, ensuring a disturb-free sleep.

In general, it is reported that customers are pleased with the performance of the humidifier and its ease of use. However, it is a cool-mist humidifier, so it needs to be cleaned regularly to keep it free from germs.

5. KAZ INC. Cool Mist Humidifier – HCM-350

Best Humidifier for Baby Room
KAZ INC. Cool Mist Humidifier - HCM-350
Kaz Inc.

The last product we would like to introduce to you today is the Honeywell HCM350W Cool Mist Humidifier. This is completely suitable for those who have a baby.

The humidifier uses automatic UV light technology to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, mold, and fungi in the water, helping to prevent respiratory diseases. Thanks to the 2-step filter, it provides the humidity that is free from pathogens. The first step is to destroy bacteria and viruses in water with ultraviolet rays. Then, the water is treated with antibacterial methods to prevent the growth of germs and fungi.

Additionally, the tank has a large capacity of up to 1 gallon, so it can moisten large rooms for 24 hours without adding water. Therefore, this product brings a pure stream of steam to cover the whole room of your family, keeping your skin from drying out and preventing nasal symptoms such as stuffy nose, breathing troubles,…

In addition, this product is also a great option if you are worried about whether excessive humidity can create bacteria or affect electronic devices. This humidifier creates an even mist, which keeps the room dry while achieving the necessary air humidity. Along with that, there is a display that shows current air humidity and temperature, so it will never over-humidify. Also, it produces a cool mist that makes it ideal if you have children in your home because there is no hot steam or hot water burning your child.

When it comes to noise level, the Honeywell humidifier is up to 25% quieter than other humidifiers. At low or medium speeds, the humidifier is almost quiet. At high speeds, you can hear the fan noise quietly, but some people like that white noise, and it can help you sleep better.

Nevertheless, after a long period of use, you may need to replace the filter and it will cost you a little bit. But compared to the advantages it brings, it is worth its price, isn’t it?

The Top-rated Brands

Currently, there are many brands of humidifiers, not to mention products of unknown origin. So when choosing a humidifier, you should also care about the brand.

In fact, this helps you reduce the risks of buying poor quality goods. Some popular brands such as TaoTronics, Elechomes, LEVOIT, Vicks, Honeywell, etc. You will easily buy a humidifier with prices of all ranges.

1. TaoTronics

Taotronics was established and built with its headquarters located in the United States. The products are designed to ensure outstanding quality and safety and meet user’s tastes.

Due to the increasing demands of users, this brand gradually expands its market to China and spreads all over the world.

Taotronics products are always innovative, creative, and connected to everyday life thanks to its intelligent and modern technology.

2. Elechomes

Elechomes is a premium manufacturer that offers quality home appliances as an upgraded way of living. It aims at bringing better comfort, health, and well-being to its users by reducing the workload from house works.

Over the years, it has applied a sea of advanced technologies in its products, and thus, increases its performance and efficiency.


Established in 2017, LEVOIT is quite a new brand in the business of home wellness. However, the manufacturer always guarantees users with its quality products. Its products are known to be durable, functional, innovative, and beautiful. All of them do come with the Canadian industry standards.

Besides, the brand even creates a smart home app to provide as smart products as possible, fostering connected lifestyles and curating a better life.

4. Vicks

Vicks is an over-the-counter brand of the P&G group and was founded in 1985. Up to now, Vicks has many manufactories in many countries such as Germany, Japan, Mexico, USA.

Vicks products are trusted by customers because of the quality and price, especially quality products for children. Referring to Vicks, it is well-known for a number of inhaled breathing treatments that are good for baby congestion.

5. Honeywell

Honeywell is known as one of the world’s leading suppliers of high technology products. It is headquartered in Morris Plains, New Jersey, USA, manufacturing in many fields.

Its products are produced with modern technology, outstanding features, low price, and ease of use for first-time users.

What to Consider when Buying a Humidifier for Baby


Firstly, please calculate the room area to choose the machine with compatible water tank capacity. Large rooms with small devices will not provide enough moisture.

Conversely, if the humidity level is too high, the phenomenon of condensation will appear and give bacteria and molds the opportunity to multiply, grow, causing unwanted effects on the health of everyone in the family.

According to this factor, there are 2 types of humidifiers:

Low-capacity Humidifiers: This is mainly used by a parent or a baby only in a not too large area. This is the most commonly used machine.

High-capacity Humidifiers: You can encounter this type of humidifier in such a large area like kindergartens. Or you can see it in the room where the baby sleeps with his/her parents in a room.

Type of Humidifiers

This is determined based on how it works, there are two common types of machines on the market: cool humidifiers (the most used is ultrasonic humidifiers) and warm humidifiers.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers

It can be understood that this device uses ultrasound to convert water into mist and then blow them out through the ventilation system to increase the moisture in the room. The mist blown out is very cool, so it is not dangerous to users.

It is also energy-saving and produces a very low noise level or even no noise when operating.

However, it is quite easily broken coming with a slightly loose water tank lid.

Warm Humidifiers

The machine uses temperature to vaporize water into steam and bring them into the air.

They usually come in many diverse models.

Besides, it is easy to use, disassemble, and clean.

Nevertheless, it is slightly energy-consuming. It can pose a threat if left in the baby room as when they move or crawl around the room, they may break it down and burn themselves.

Noise Level

Each type of device will have different noise levels. Choose a quiet humidifier, such as an automatic ultrasonic humidifier that uses high-frequency sound waves to guarantee a sound sleep.

Period of Humidifier Operation

Humidifiers should be cleaned and filled with clean water after 24 hours of operation. This is the ideal amount of time for busy parents who do not need to check the water level regularly.

More importantly, always make sure that the humidifier you choose has an automatic shut off mode. This will ensure that there is no accident of explosion, in case you forget to add water to the water tank.

Child-friendly Design

Humidifiers have become an indispensable part of your child’s daycare and bedroom. Therefore, manufacturers create a range of machines that are child-friendly in both color and shape.

You can freely choose from the animals or colors that your child likes such as Freddy the Frog, Merlin Dragon, and even Hello Kitty.


Should You Use a Warm Humidifier or a Cool Humidifier for Baby?

Unlike what some parents usually think, studies suggest that a cool humidifier should be used for babies and toddlers as they can prevent the growth of bacteria in the air better than a warm humidifier.

The water temperature in the tank of warm humidifiers is always high, so warm humidifiers can pose a risk of burns for children if the device breaks.

On the contrary, a cool-mist humidifier also offers the same benefits as the warm one. Along with that, in cool humidifiers, there is no hot water, so children will be safe from unneeded burns.

How Often Should You Refill the Humidifier?

Normally, if you use the device continuously throughout a day, you should refill the tank every 24 hours. Some humidifiers may require fewer times of refilling, so you should check it carefully in the instruction manual. Also, some models even provides a sleep mode to let it automatically shut off if it happens to drain during your sleep.

Meanwhile, if you do not use the humidifier very often, it will require fewer refills.

Should You Add some Salt to the Humidifier?

Users assume that adding a bit of salt to the humidifier will create an ocean mist. But in fact, this is a very bad thing to do. It will definitely ruin your humidifier.

To be more specific, the minerals in the salt will clog in the filter of the humidifiers. Besides, salt acts as an electrolyte in the water, speeding up the reaction and increasing the concentration of ions and finally, raising the rate of corrosion of the metal components in the device. In the end, the lifespan of your humidifier will be shortened.

Should You Turn On the Humidifier Day and Night?

No, you should not.

Turning the humidifier 24 hours a day can create a phenomenon of excess humidity. When the humidity level is too high, your air environment will become a wonderful habitat for mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Can You Use Hard Water for Humidifiers?

In fact, you can but it is not advised.

If your humidifier has a mineral cartridge, then it is fine to use hard water. The mineral cartridge, in this case, will help you absorb the mineral content in the water, reducing the risks of allergies and asthmas.

However, if your humidifier does not have a cartridge, you should use distilled water instead.

What You Should Avoid When Using a Humidifier

Should not leave the water in the tank drain to avoid leakage and breaking.

Before refilling the tank, please make sure that all the old water is removed and the tank is carefully cleaned. This is to eliminate the risks of bacteria and mold growth.

Should not use the humidifier continuously. Instead, keep the humidity level at 40 – 60%. You can use a humidity indicator to know the level.

Clean the device regularly, at least once a week.


On hot days, babies may suffer from blisters, eczema, etc., and even worse, chickenpox. Leaving the baby in the room with air conditioners can cause skin dryness, so a humidifier is a better option.

At first, you may think choosing the best humidifiers for baby is a difficult task. But now, after you have read all about the buying guides and the pros and cons of each product, everything seems to be much easier, isn’t it?

And now, let’s make your own decision! Good luck and thanks for reading!

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