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The Best Floor Fans in 2021

Pedestal fan is strong but bulky, table fan is portable but weak. That’s why floor fan is the best option for porting and high-velocity demand. Here we bring up the best floor fans in 2020.

Best Floor Fans 2020

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It is right when saying pedestal fan is an essential device in households, but perhaps it is a little inconvenient to port. Besides, this fan takes up space in the medium or small size room.

Table fan sticks with a considerable benefit of portable feature, but a large among of them deliver undesirable breeze.

A perfect combination that is both super portable and strong is nothing else but the floor fan. And as far as we know, floor fan is manufactured with diverse sizes, styles that can cover a wide range of aspects.

A big and high-velocity floor fan is going to survive for long in your garage or dusty area. A floor fan with stunning design and small size is absolutely ideal for your office in the company. And if you have kids that usually sit on the floor to enjoy a funny cartoon on the TV, then a floor fan with ease breeze fits right in the room to cool the space near the ground.

In this review, we list out the best floor fans, and each one is master in a particular aspect. In addition, we share some useful guidance and issues that usually come up when adopting the fan.

Top-rated Floor Fans Specification Board

(high level)
Speed LevelWarranty
Lasko 2264QM346031 year
Vornado 29368535 year
B-Air FIRTANA-20X465031 year
STANLEY 65570428931 year
Lasko 3300198531 year
Maxx AirAround 400032 year
Wasserstein-33 months

Best Floor Fans Details in 2021

Next, we will figure out carefully about the 7 best floor fans. There is the best unit, the most quiet one, the most high-velocity one, etc. and them all are super to use.

1. Lasko 2264QM 20″ High Velocity Quick Mount

Best Overall

If disappointed with what you receive after all the money paid for a fan, then when seeing this Lasko 2264QM – flexible and high-velocity fan, you don’t have to find other replacements since this is already the best.

Come with a good price, the fan also scores point with good quality. Purchasing this Lasko, it is worth every penny. Comparing to other floor fans, this guy has a pretty high fan’s capacity.

Three levels are available with a strong velocity. At the low level, it propels out 3160 CFM, medium level is 3320 CFM, and high level is 3460 CFM.

With this rate of CFM, the fan can create a storm in your house, which means it’s airflow is super powerful. Use the fan at any place you need a strong breeze, it will blow away the heat within seconds.

The metal case looks stable and built to last. It is durable in a dusty-environment industry.

Especially, for a small-space room, the built-in quick-mount can convert to a wall mount, which is super convenient. Buy only one, but you get two styles of fan.

The fan blades spread approximately 20 inches. With these wide wings, it guarantees to ventilate the entire mid-size room and ideal to use in spacious rooms.

Pivot head, which is adjustable up and down, allows you to direct the air in any position you would like.

A perfect unit beat the heat in many areas. However, in exchange for the well-performance and its high capacity, the noise may be what a disturbance.

2. Vornado 293 Large Heavy Duty Air Circulator

Best Quality Floor Fan

Nearly a perfect unit if its price doesn’t go up this high. But let us tell you, your extra payment does not go in vain since, at this Vornado 293, the following features are superb.

For a floor fan, this Vornado design is way too lovely. This feature makes the fan not only a fan, but also an attractive house interior decoration.

About its velocity, many customers confuse that whether it is strong or not, well, this guy won’t let you down.

Paired with a unique motor – Vortex Action that significantly propels out strong airflow, this little fellow’s breeze can reach up to 100 feet.

When the breeze hits the wall, it will spread out and be able to ventilate your area well.

Though the fan cannot oscillate, it has a pivoting head that can be adjusted 360 degrees. It is easily directed to where you need cool breeze.

Cleaning is easy to access. You won’t meet any struggle in disassembling the grills and the blades. Moreover, the fan utilizes a ball-bearing motor, so you will never have to oil it.

Being manufactured with metal case and base, the fan is very stable and nearly indestructible in rigors of job site. It can be applied in a wide range of areas like dusty workplace, basement, garage, living room.

The fan has a built-in handle for easy-porting purpose. The 10-feet ground power cord helps the fan to be located further from the outlet. Integrated cord storage is a convenient feature that helps the fan look neat.

A tough fan like this, and with such amenities, it is explainable with such a price. With the Vornado 293, what you paid is all worth.

3. B-Air FIRTANA-20X High Velocity Electric

Best High-velocity Floor Fan

Throughout the number of tests and researches, we boast of listing this B-Air floor fan as the best high-velocity fan that one ever could find. Let’s see what other amenities it got.

As the title we gave to this guy: the best high-velocity floor fan. Though it is not significant in size, it provides an unbelievably strong airflow capacity, which is approximately 4650 CFM.

With such high velocity, it is like you have a tornado in the house. Just turn on the fan, and all the annoying heat in the room will disappear.

The metal case is stable, and it is like a certificate to ensure the product last for long, whether it is in workshops or places that infused with dust.

The converting base can play the role of a standing base on the floor and a fan-hanger on the wall.

Hence, you can utilize the fan on the floor to cool the low area and on the wall to ventilate the whole room. It also has a pivoting head to direct the airflow to wherever you need.

As everything has its own drawback, this machine is also not an exception. Since the fan cannot oscillate, it’s direct intense strong airflow can make you irritated if it points directly to you for a long time.

And as a consequence, a high-velocity fan cannot shut its noise down. You can find it is noisy at the medium and deafening at high speed.

4. STANLEY 655704 High Velocity Blower Fan

Is there anything wrong here since this thing looks nothing like a fan. Nope, no misunderstood at all. This Stanley guy is actually a blower fan, and its function is impressive.

A high-velocity fan focuses on one direction. Utilize the pivot head to aim the floor, the ceiling, or anywhere you want to enjoy the cool breeze.

You can also use it to dry the wet floor, the paint on walls, or combine with an AC to fasten cooling time.

Being lightweight and convenient with porting handle, you can take this monster blower to without any struggle.

Stable motor that is durable in dust environment, the fan can be applied in places that are other than in-the-house rooms, such as workshop, factory, industry, garage, etc.

Plus, to the convenience, there are two outlets on the fan, which is straightforward for you to charge the tool, phone within reach.

5. Lasko 3300 Wind Machine Air Circulator Portable High Velocity Floor Fans

Best Quiet Floor Fan

Are you looking for a strong-airflow but quiet floor fan, and even comes with a good price? Well, there is a bright candidate to meet your standard – the Lasko 3300.

We can barely see any drawbacks at this unit. It is nearly the perfect fan. Among all, the best feature of this fan is the quiet-operating and robust motor.

Available at three speeds, even at the maximum level, the fan works smoothly and whisper. And with the CFM of 1985, you will need a blanket to sleep with it since the fan will turns the air really cool.

This fan doesn’t have that modern aesthetic look. So, it is  recognized as a design for households.

Base on the above features, the fan is suitable to use in bedroom, living room, reading room, office, and any place you need a cool, quiet breeze.

A common issue at most floor fan, that is, they cannot rotate. But you can adjust the airflow direction via the manual tilt head.

The grill is designed to expand the breeze to a wide angle. So be pleased to sit on the couch with your family and leave the cooling job to this guy.

To wrap up, this is a product designed to fit in cozy sweet home, so if you intend to purchase a floor fan to use in your house, we highly recommend this Lasko 3300.

6. Maxx Air | Industrial Grade Air Circulator

Best Industrial Floor Fan
Maxx Air | Industrial Grade Air Circulator
Maxx Air

This Maxx Air fan is made to match with the industrial environment. Hence, you are gonna find it has industrial-standard quality.

The rugged steel and stable design of the unit contribute greatly to its long-last duration.

It is produced to maintain well in workshop, tough environments like indoor garden, industry at a high-dust-rate environment.

Notice, it is not going to be the cute little guy that you can take to anywhere you prefer. Rather, it is quite heavy at a weight of 37 pounds. So, they made wheels to help you move the fan easily.

A high-velocity fan ventilates the air well in a 600 sq.ft garage. You may want to turn on the lowest speed since, at this stage, it  provides enough high-capacity of airflow for a hot room.

As smaller is the room that you lay the fan in, as more efficient is the fan dust-exhausting ability.

You can tilt the head up to 180 degrees to adjust the airflow to the  position you aim.

On the other side, this beast is found as a bomb of noise when operating, especially at the highest level. So, place it in the living room, bedroom is not ideal.

7. 16” Smart Oscillating Pedestal Fan Compatible

Best Pedestal Floor Fan
16” Smart Oscillating Pedestal Fan Compatible

Applied technology to household device, Wasserstein bring us this smart pedestal floor fan to utilize in multiple situations.

This unit is controllable via convenient control methods: manual control, remote control (app control), Alexa, and Google voice control. Deliver you the maximum convenience.

On phone app, you can control the fan speed, timer, oscillating function, and voice command.

The fan has 3 speeds and timer, which is utilized to save energy. It automatically turns off when the set-time runs out.

Tilt head and the adjustable height provide a wide range of positions to aim the breeze.

Low the height until minimum, you can get the cool air near the ground. And at maximum height, you can enjoy the airflow on the sofa and bed.

While operating, the fan is pretty quiet. It fits in your bedroom and sings you into a good deep sleep. However, its velocity, is not as strong as expected, as many said so.

Best Floor Fan Brands

1. Lasko

Lasko is one of the famous household appliance brands that renowned for producing quality fans, small electrical devices, space heaters, etc.

Start the business in 1906, Lasko has it all the fame, the experience of making quality products. Throughout over 100 years, this company has become an international brand.

Purchasing products from Lasko, you are owning quality, well-designed, and durable items.

As this is a huge trusty brand, we bring up many fans from Lasko in our previous review. You can visit the posts for more options.

2. Vornado

Borned in 1945 by the experience airplane engineer, Vornado’s fan is high-end and delivers powerful airflow applying Vortex technology.

A brand from the USA invests in home appliances such as fans, heaters, steamers, air purifiers, etc.

About the fan, Vornado’s fan is not only looking stunning for any sleek, modern interior but also works efficiently in big rooms.

Mainly, fans from Vornado utilize the Vortex technology to ventilate the room air.

Up to the present, Vornado is ranged as one of the top fan brands in the US market and so far, gain the trust from the buyers worldwide.

3. B-air

Established within the past 20 years, B-Air seems to be the newbie among the age-old brands, but soon it gains the huge consuming market with quality products and well craft.

B-Air items come with a rigorous design and careful manufacturing process.

They cover a wide range of home devices, such as air movers, blowers, dehumidifiers, pet and animal hairdryers, plus a whole lot more.

For an air-moving device with fine craft, B-Air is also a go-to brand. While producing high-quality items, B-Air offers a very reasonable price.

4. Stanley

Though Stanley is not dominant in fan or cooling devices, this brand is famous worldwide for inventions that are used under that magic hand of world-famous scientists.

Founded in 1843, Stanley gradually becomes an indispensable part of the builders, professional contractors, and accomplished homeowners.

Products from Stanley is about hand-held tools. The product list includes hammer, cutting tools, knife and blades, fastening tools, etc.

Fans, floor fan from Stanley, is designed in a very distinguished, which looks like a blower. It focuses the stiff breeze in one direction, quickly dry the wall paint, portable to be used as a blower.

5. Other Brands

Of course, these are not all the good brands that we should concern. Besides the mentioned names, you can choose floor fans from other trustworthy brands like Honeywell, Air King, Maxx Air, xPower, etc.

These names are listed as the top floor fan on Amazon and received lots of positive feedbacks.


Velocity and Size

As many wondered, is the velocity proportional to the fan’s dimension? The answer is not quite.

Fan with bigger size, in fact, can expand its breeze to a wider angle. Base on that, it ventilates the room faster and better.

On the other hand, small size fan provides a narrower airflow but if they are paired with quality motor, of course, they can be a high-velocity fan that the breeze is as you expected.

Like models from Vornado, their product is not so big, but their ability cannot be denied.

Use and Care

Make sure to use the fan properly and implement the maintaining steps to keep it in good condition.

While using, you should let it rest about 30 minutes every 4-hour using or after overnight. A fan is made to run 24/24, but if you keep using it in this way, after a time, you will probably smell something is burning in the fan.

Clean the fan whenever you see clingy dirt. Usually, the fan motor is protected against dust. Hence, removing the dirt is to let it propels better and cleaner airflow for you.

At many floor fan, you cannot clean the black grills and blades, but the front grill is straightforward to take out, so use a wet cotton cloth (after squeezing it) or an air duster, vacuum to clean will work.

For more specific info of steps of fan cleaning, you can check the the instruction.

Pivot head

As we mentioned in the products’ review above, floor fan, well most of them, cannot oscillate.

Instead, you can tilt the head up or down to receive the appropriate airflow. Though it is impossible to rotate, the air is spread out by the front grill, which can partly play the role of oscillating function.


Amazing, beloved readers, you made it all the way up here.

After viewing our review of the 7 best floor fans as well as the related info about floor fan, you must have more options and experience to choose the right floor fan for your sweet home.

Floor fan comes with potent breeze to blow efficiently the heat. So, if you are looking for a high-velocity fan, floor fan is most appropriate.

Hope that you won’t need to look for any website else to find the best candidate. It is our joy if you find our review helpful and share it with your friends.

Last words, thank you for your concern. Meet again in our next reviews, Readers!

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