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Best Dyson Air Purifiers in 2022

Before shooting the bullet, view these 3 best Dyson air purifier reviews will help your decision be more confident. Once paid the money, you should invest in the best. Let us help you out.

Best Dyson Air Purifier Reviews 2020

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Best Dyson Air Purifier Reviews 2021

But here comes the problem. While searching, you figure out that Dyson turns out to be one of the stand out brands that offers the best machine in the industry. Not to mention, the way they style the machine makes it look like an eye killer, literally.

And click to Dyson item list, suddenly so many products pump up on the screen that makes you confuse which one is best to choose. And here we are, the one to clear the path to your goal item.

If you have already bought an item from Dyson, you would know how awesome they are? And that’s why we meet in this post and help you to adopt another Dyson product home.

If you haven’t, then with all certainty, we are sure to say: you’re gonna love it. Why? You are about to find out in this post of best Dyson air purifier reviews.

About Dyson Brand

Dyson Brand

Started with the idea of inventing vacuum in 1978, James Dyson – the founder of the corporation finally established Dyson company in 1991. Up to this date, Dyson has recruited over 1000 creative engineers and scientists around the world.

This company is a huge success in the industry since count to this moment, Dyson has reached its arms to over 65 countries around the world.

With the vision of designing the future, Dyson breathed life into its collection, thousands of household machines.

And when it comes to the air purifier or tower fan, Dyson’s items are marvelously invented with bladeless features. But soon did he realize, bring Dyson’s out from the mud.

Air purifier from Dyson highlighted with bladeless design and multiple functions. The brand covers some other range of electrical devices, such as vacuum, space heaters, haircare, hand dryers.

How to Choose the Dyson Air Purifier

1. Design

Dyson features a bladeless design that becomes the recognized symbol of the brand. It appears with one big round base where the purifying job happens within. Above is the hollow ring from which the breeze is propelled out.

The design itself looks a lot high-class and fashionable. For any host who loves to see a lovely house with fancy decoration, or those who love the minimalist design, a Dyson air purifier should be what you buy.

2. Purifying Layers

At most air purifiers from Dyson, you will find 2 main layers, which are HEPA filter and carbon filter.

HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. It is made of either glass or synthetic materials and its function is to capture all sizes of particles (PM25), allergen (PM10).

Carbon filter is the inner filter that functions to eliminate irritating smell and harmful gas, such as volatile organic compounds in paints (VOCs) & nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in vehicle dust waste and smoke.

3. Noise

Dyson air purifier works like a thief, which means it operates silently, very silent. Its noise level falls from 45-55 dB at most of the items. At this rate, the sound is as quiet as in the empty library.

That’s why while sleeping or putting the fan near to you, the noise won’t be a disturbance at all. Hence, the machine is ideal for houses with elderly and toddlers.

4. Controlling Options

Dyson offers a multiple controlling of options. Users can adjust the air purifier by the convenient magnetic remote control, Alexa voice control, or compatible app.

Remote control has all the functions the fan has. Moreover, they are made with magnetic features to inhale on the top of the ring. So next time using it, you don’t have to flip over furniture to find the small magic box.

Or another way to control even more pleasing – Alexa voice control. Dyson air purifier is equipped with advanced technology – Alexa control, adding maximum convenience. You don’t have to move a finger to control. All you have to say is some magic words.

These three air purifiers in this post are all Wifi connected. Just install the Dyson linking app and then start using it. The specifications and all functions you need are displayed in very detail.

With it, you can control the fan from any place in the world, and acknowledge your room air condition, acknowledge what containment is there in the air.

5. Heating Function

Dyson air purifier with hot and cool air shows its efficiency in winter and summer. It can do triple jobs, cooling, purifying air, and heating.

Any time you want to enjoy a comfortable breeze when the weather is getting hot, you can also breathe in purified air. In vice versa, when on cold nights or chilly days, you can use the machine as a personal space heater.

It can bring the temperature to the rate at which your body can feel the warmth.

6. Sensor

Dyson air purifiers feature an automatic sensor that can detect the pollution rate in the air and then analyse which contaminants are there and show the result on the LCD small screen.

As soon as it senses any harmful particle or smell, it can run by itself to clean the room air by auto mode.

Top-rated Dyson Air Purifier: Specification Board

ItemRoom sizeTypeOscillation (Degree)Speed LevelAuto modeControlling optionWarranty
Dyson HP04LargeAir Purifier, Heater, Fan35010YesAlexa, App, Remote control2 years
Dyson TP04LargeAir Purifier,
35010YesRemote control, app, Alexa2 years
Dyson DP04LargeAir Purifier, Fan35010YesRemote control, App, Alexa2 years

Top 3 Dyson Air Purifiers in 2022

Below are the 3 best Dyson purifier detail reviews. We especially choose the items that perform exceptionally in specific aspects.

One is outstanding with multi-purpose functions; another is best for small rooms, and so on. To open the chest and see what the treasure you will find, we now begin:

1. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP04 Air Purifier

Editor Choice

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP01 air purifier easily wins the first rank due to its multiple magical functions. Aside from being an air filtering device, this Dyson can turn into a powerful fan and a space heater.

Most air purifiers on the market are attached to the true HEPA filter. This filter’s role is to capture the harmful bacterias, pollutants, and allergens that are as small as 0.3 microns.

After the HEPA filter, the next filter layer is the active carbon filter. This tool’s function is to filter the smell from gas, odors, and other irritating smells that used to be your huge concern.

Moreover, the machine can automatically detect polluted air. After processing, it reports the data on the LCD screen and handles dusty areas within the nick of time. With the capacity of a 77-gallon air purifier per second, this monster is an ideal air purifier for a big room.

Based on these features, this air purifier is suitable for households with elderly, for whom raising pets, or someone who has an allergy.

The heater function does its job well. On cool nights, you can use this machine as an alternative to a space heater.

Frankly, it doesn’t work as those machines that have only one destiny: to heat the air up. But using it in a small room or sitting near it, you can feel the air temperature change pretty obviously.

And the last purpose of this spectacular air purifier is fan mode. It has 10-speed settings, offering you more choice to adjust the air flow. With a 350-degree oscillating feature, the fan can cover almost all the space in the room, circulating the air faster and more effectively.

An up-to-date machine, Dyson HP04 is Wifi connected. It uses the Dyson link app and shows all the fan functions and features on the phone. Otherwise, if you have Alexa, you can also control this Dyson purifier via voice control, offering the highest convenience rate.

2. Dyson Pure Cool, TP04 – HEPA Air Purifier and Tower Fan

Best for Allergy and Asthma

The TP04 air purifier has Dyson’s most advanced technologies that are beyond what air purifiers are supposed to have. Notably, if you have problems with bad sneezing or respiratory disease, this air purifier can change you for a lifetime. Let’s see what it has to offer.

The TP04 has a sealed HEPA and carbon filter that can suck in dust, odor, germs, and smoke contained in the floating air. The carbon filter works as a smell cleaner, so the final propelled air is clean and pollutant-free.

The proved for its efficiency is the Certified Asthma and Allergy friendly, approved by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. So if you’re struggling with respiratory disease, you can see the huge change in your condition before and after Dyson TP04.

Or if only looking for an air purifier for allergies that don’t come with fan mode, you can come here to view products that are best for allergies.

In addition, this air purifier is also a powerful Dyson fan. It circulates the air of the big living room effectively within a second. With 10 speeds available and other cool adjusting modes, such as sleep mode, auto mode, oscillating option, etc., the fan is a worthwhile product.

Even more convenient, this air purifier has a backward airflow function that only activates purifying mode and propels it backward. So on cold days when you definitely don’t want any cool breeze around, you can turn this mode on only to enjoy the fresh breeze.

Cleaning the fan cannot be easier. When the filter is almost expired, the system will tell the amount of time the filter has left and notify you when to perform a replacement.

Using the air purifier in place with fine air quality like the living room or bedroom can last the filter duration up to more than 1 year.

And don’t worry about finding a replacement filter. The filters are sold widely online, and the brand itself also produces the standard alternatives.

3. Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Fan DP04, White/Silver

Best Dyson Desk Air Purifier

If you want a Dyson with all those cool technologies but comes in a smaller size, then we have the winner. It is the DP04 model – the choice for a high-advanced and compact air purifier.

This Dyson pure cool air purifier DP04 is actually the previous model of the TP04, but it is still armed with many high-tech functions.

As an indispensable feature of air purifiers – HEPA filter, this model from Dyson has the sealed HEPA filter, capturing 99,97% particles and pollutants in the air. Delivering to you fresh, healthy air and gradually ease your allergy.

But let’s be honest, no air purifier can eliminate 100% dust since there is always dust in the air. What it does is drop the dust level down to the rate you can breathe healthily.

And to know whether a purifier works well or not, one can put it in where there is smoke the most. Or if someone has an allergy or asthma, they can tell the clear difference.

Not only is it an air purifier, but also is a compact fan. With the size of 8.77 x 13.85 x 27.2 inches, this Dyson purifier is considered a desk fan, and its efficiency is not inferior compared to other big monsters.

For more alternatives, you can visit this post to choose the best-rated small air purifiers. These products are a pure air purifier with no other purpose like the three Dyson in this review, so it can cut the budget like a lot.

Using air multiplying technology, the fan has 1-10 speed levels that promise to blow your whole room air up. You can place the fan on the table or bed table to receive more pleasing air at a closer distance.

In addition, this machine also has sleep mode, which turns off the light signal and decreases the noise to a whisper quiet rate, which you can barely hear anything from the motor. Enjoy your sleep with comfortable air and no noise disturbance.


If you have any further question about Dyson air purifiers, probably your case are one of these:

Does Dyson Air Purifier Removes Dust and Smell?

Sure it can, and this is the basic air purifier function. The true HEPA filter can vacuum 99,97% particles, including small germs, odor, and bacteria that are as small as 0,3 microns. This vacuum cleaner also traps bigger dust, pet hair.

And the carbon filter can purify a wide array of smells, such as gas, VOCs, cooking smell, bathroom smell, animal smell, or musty smell, etc.

How does the Dyson Air Purifier Work?

First, the automatic sensor will detect and analyze the air pollution rate. After that, it reports on the LCD screen and shows the data and the air status. Then, it starts to suck the air in at its base, leading the air through the HEPA and carbon filter.

When operating, the air is pushed up to the ring above and then propelled out. The machine can both provide cool air and purified air at the same time. Offering a cool and clean breeze to you and your house.

How to Clean?

Cleaning Dyson air purifier is straightforward and took no effort to implement. When it needs to change the filter, the machine will alarm you, usually after 1 year and a few months after changing ( depends on the room condition).

Then you just need to push the 2 buttons on the sides of the base, easy as a piece of cake. Afterward, take the filter that needs to be changed out, put the new layer in, and assemble the case back. And congratulations you have just finished the filter replacing steps.

Also, another big advantage that you can only find at the bladeless fan is that there is no need for blade cleaning. All you need to do is a damp cloth and a few minutes wiping the machine outer plastic cover, and that’s it. The cleaning step down.

Wrap Up

Dyson actually is also our favorite brand. Though its price is a little high compared to machines from other brands, the function it offers you is not what can easily be found at others.

After going through all the information of best dyson air purifiers reviews and guides, you can be confident to buy a Dyson product and know the greatest features/functions of the brand’s air purifier.

Well, this post is long enough, so allow us to stop here. It’s for you to perform buying action, to go out there and shop your favorite Dyson air purifier. Wish you all the best and until we meet again.

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