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The Best Dehumidifiers with Pump in 2022

Instead of using a hose to drain water to a tank, dehumidifier with pump automatically drains water to the drain spot. If you prefer this convenience, then these are some recommendations.

Best Dehumidifiers With Pump 2021Best Dehumidifiers With Pump 2021

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When you purchase a dehumidifier with the continuous drainage option via a hose, you must want to alleviate the dampness of your house constantly.

However, there is a common issue for these models. If your dehumidifier drains its water tank via a hose without a pump, both the device and the hose need to be placed in specific positions so that gravity can pull the water out of the reservoir.

If you cannot or hardly find a suitable place to put your dehumidifier and its hose so that the water will not be stuck, you should invest in a dehumidifier with pump.

Then, let’s read this article thoroughly to find out the best dehumidifiers with pump in the market.

Quick Comparison Table

Before we jump into the in-depth analysis for each dehumidifier with built in pump, let’s take a quick look at this comparison chart. Then, you will know their most essential specifications as well as our rating for them and compare them with each other better.

Product nameCapacityCoverage AreaWater Tank SizeOur Rating
TOSOT model GDN45BA-A3EBA2B70 pints4500 square feet1.8 gallon4.5/5
hOmeLabs model HME020031N50 pints4500 square feet1.8 gallons4.5/5
AlorAir model Sentinel HDi9090 pints2600 square feetN/a4.2/5
Frigidaire 70-pint model FAD704DWD70 pints1400 square feet2 gallons4.2/5
AlorAir LGR 85-Pint85 pints2300 square feetN/a4.4/5

In-depth Reviews on the Best Dehumidifers with Pump 2022

1. TOSOT 50 Pint with Internal Pump 4,500 Sq Ft Dehumidifier Energy Star

Best Overall

When the humidity of your home comes over your control, you can totally rely on this 70 pint dehumidifier with pump.

With its vast coverage area of 4500 square feet and whisper-quiet motor emitting sounds at 45 decibels, you can use this device in any room of your house, even your bedroom.

Together with the six convenient control buttons is an electronic display that facilitates you to select your desired options and use the timer without effort.

As we are talking out the best dehumidifier with pump, we cannot help ignoring the continuous drain feature, so the 8-pint drainage bucket, its transparent waterline window, anti-spill baffles, or handles are great but just optional.

Amazingly, the internal pump can push the collected water from the container to as far as 15 feet.

Moreover, you can remove the filter and the compressor fan to clean them with warm water effortlessly. Then, your device will work like new!

Certified by Energy Star, the appliance runs on negligible power, which is friendly to both your wallet and the environment! However, it can still perform impressively and remain the moisture level at relatively 60% in the normal condition of room temperature (around 40 to 90°F).

Apart from the automatic timer, the filter light on the screen will illuminate after every 250 hours of operating to remind you of cleaning the air filter.

Lastly, the robust plastic body of the machine weighs less than 50 pounds and is easy to move from room to room.

2. hOmeLabs 4,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier

The Best Basement Dehumidifier with Pump
hOmeLabs 4,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier

After we read and compiled a number of basement dehumidifier reviews, we determine that the hOmeLabs HME020031N is the best dehumidifier for basement with pump.

The generous covered space of up to 4500 square feet ensures your whole house can have the perfect humidity no matter how large it is.

Thanks to the light 40-pound weight and the neat 15 x 11 x 24-inch dimensions, you can grab the handle and push it on four wheels to any position you like.

Like the majority of today’s electronic appliances, it features a touch control panel as well as numerous automatic features to spare you a lot of time and effort.

What you need to do is just turning the device on and selecting a suitable option. Then, the dehumidifier will do the rest to maintain moderate moisture in your house.

Even when there is a sudden electric cut, the machine will restart itself when the power comes back. And if the temperature in your house falls too low, the defrost function will trigger itself to warm up the coil.

You can also benefit from the 24-hour timer to schedule this dehumidifier to operate and shut down. Or else, use the continuous mode as the built-in pump will prevent the water tank from overflowing.

Homelabs also includes a 2-year warranty for all parts of this small dehumidifier with drain hose so that users can be completely assured about its quality.

3. ALORAIR Basement/Crawlspace Dehumidifiers 198 PPD (Saturation)

The Best Crawl Space Dehumidifier with Pump

Engineered with a robust motor, the AlorAir Sentinel HDi90 is capable of removing as much as 90 pints of steam from the air per day.

We rate this unit to be ideal for indoor areas of up to 2600 square feet in extremely high humidity. You can totally trust this as the figure is calculated based on the average ceiling height of conventional crawl spaces and basements.

Nonetheless, notice the name of this product. The HDi90 is different from the HD90 in that the former 90 pint dehumidifier features a condensate pump while the latter does not.

Owing to the straightforward control panel, you can set the dampness level as desired, and switch the appliance on and off with just a touch of a button.

What distinguishes this dehumidifier from the majority of dehumidifiers in the market is its compatibility with a Wi-Fi Controller. However, you have to buy this equipment separately.

Anyway, such a wonderful remote feature is appreciatable because you can control your dehumidifier anywhere you are. And this is more than necessary if your device is placed in an inaccessible place.

But if you do not use this feature, the controller itself is intuitive already enough to adjust. Indeed, it looks much like an AC control panel.

About the digital humidistat, it is only available on a Wi-Fi controller.

With this dehumidifier, you can reduce the moisture in your home as low as 35%, which is sufficient for any case, including preserving special goods. Hence, mold and mildew are nothing to fear.

4. Frigidaire 70-Pint Dehumidifier, Gray & White

The Best Frigidaire Dehumidifier with Pump
Frigidaire 70-Pint Dehumidifier, Gray & White

Frigidaire stands out from brands that manufacture dehumidifiers for home, so we spare a section in this article for their best dehumidifier.

About the Frigidaire FFAD7033R1, the first thing we have to refer to is its extremely small size contrary to the high capacity. Due to wheels, carry handles on either side, and the 11.6 x 15 x 24.4-inch dimension, this unit is super mobile. Even your kids can help to move it to different positions in your home.

What makes it one of the best Frigidaire dehumidifiers with a pump is the antimicrobial mesh filter that can eliminate airborne particles, room odors, and microbial if there is any.

The daily capacity of 70 pints over a 1400-square-foot area is satisfactory for any room, even a hall or multiple small rooms.

The very good point is that you do not have to worry about the errors happening to your device due to sudden turning on and off. The compressor features a time-delay function that prevents itself from overheating if the unit is switched on or off too fast.

Plus, the electronic controls, the digital humidity readout, and the 6-foot power cord facilitate users to utilize the equipment in the most convenient way.

With two fan-speed options, you can also have more flexibility. If you do not need to dry your home immediately, the low-speed option is sufficient and quiet. On the contrary, the high speed is a bit noisier but handy if you want to dehumidify your home quickly.

Last but not least, the continuous pump option is what you are looking for and promises to meet your expectations. The appliance will work smoothly without interruption!

5. ALORAIR LGR 180 Pint Commercial Dehumidifier with Pump

The Best Commercial Dehumidifier with Pump
ALORAIR LGR 180 Pint Commercial Dehumidifier with Pump, cETL Listed, 5 Years Warranty Memory Starting, for Damage Restoration, Crawlspace and Basement Drying

With the AlorAir LGR Extreme, AlorAir boasts creating one of the top compact dehumidifiers for commercial use. This unit is capable of removing the moisture amount of up to 190 pints per day in saturation conditions at 210 CFM and 85 pints per day in AHAM standards.

Unlike household dehumidifiers, this commercial machine features MERV 8 filters and integrates a powerful pump that can continuously push water as far as 20 feet away.

As such, the atmosphere over an extra-large area can be dried and purified constantly without any water spilled from this tiny commercial device.

Contrary to our common thoughts, such a robust machine is rather quiet. As we measured, it should only produce noise under 58 decibels.

Furthermore, it also offers a long list of superior features, including auto on/off, hot-gas defrosting, memory starting, solid construction, and stackable design.

This AlorAir LGR 85-Pint commercial dehumidifier proves its class most obviously when you submerge it in the water. Unbelievably, the equipment can still work well without any hassle.

That is why the manufacturer does not hesitate to provide its customers with a generous 5-year warranty on all parts of the dehumidifier.

Anyway, this is an expensive choice that is intended for commercial areas such as a shopping mall or an office. But if you have a massive and wet house (like a villa) and a big budget to spend, just go for it. You will never be disappointed!

What to Consider When Buying a Dehumidifier with Pump

We know it is not always easy to find out the perfect dehumidifiers with pumps for your home. Hence, we have compiled all the essential factors that you should consider when buying this type of equipment as follows.

Let’s check them out!

Dehumidification Performance

The dehumidification performance is the amount of humidity your device can remove from the air to reduce the dampness levels in your house every day.

It means that a dehumidifier with higher performance can remove moisture faster to eliminate more water from the air in a 24-hour cycle.

For example, a 70-pint dehumidifier can remove up to 70 pints of water from the air per day.

As a rule of thumb, the more humid the environment around your dehumidifier is, the more capacity it should provide. Depending on the dampness of your home, you can pick models from 30-pint to 100-pint capacity.

Drain Height

If your appliance uses the pump to push the collected water to a lower position, then there is nothing to say.

Nonetheless, contrarily, if it pushes the water up to a higher position such as a basement window, you need to inspect the drain height of your device carefully.

Each pump has a different power to push water up to a particular height. So if you try to push water at an excessive height compared to what is recommended, the pump is going to be broken down after a time.

The average drain height is roughly 15.5 feet, but some models can pump water as high as 20 feet, like the AlorAir HDi90 Basement/Crawl Space dehumidifier.

Coverage Area

It is a good idea to purchase a dehumidifying unit that has a higher capacity than you demand. For instance, if your house area is 4000 square feet, it is better to get a dehumidifier that can cover up to 4500 square feet.

A small or medium dehumidifier is okay, but it does not work as well as a bigger unit with an integrated pump.


One more thing you ought to bear in mind is that all dehumidifiers can only work at moderate temperatures. Most of them will be frosted if the temperature falls below 65 degrees F.

While many units come with the defrost function, they cannot work properly in too cold areas.

So, think about this if you intend to put your device in the basement or garage during the winter.

Automatic Functions

If you often leave your dehumidifier runs while you are busy, sleeping, or away, or you do not want to keep checking it regularly, the automatic restart function is incredibly handy. Besides, there are many other automatic functions that you might need, such as automatic draining (imperative for a dehumidifier with pump), auto defrost, timer, and so on.

Weight And Size

If you are going to put your dehumidifier in a restricted area such as your home’s attic or crawl space, you cannot use a model that is too large.

In addition, if you usually need to move the equipment from one position to another, you will love a compact and portable model.

Thus, pay attention to the weight and dimensions of a product before you rush to buy it.


Excellent warranty policy delivers your peace of mind when you decide to invest in such expensive electronic devices like dehumidifiers with pumps.

A good guarantee not only ensures the quality of a product but also saves you from troubles that you can have with the item later.

Each unit comes with a different warranty policy. For example, some brands cover all parts of their products for two years, while others only cover a few parts for one year.

Extra Features

Any electronic appliances will need several extra features to make it more valuable and simple to use. Some of these include LED or LCD indicator, digital control panel, multiple speed settings, detachable filters, etc.

For mobility, you should use models with casters and handles to move them without effort.

Continuous Drain Option

When it comes to dehumidifiers with a pump, we cannot miss the continuous drain option.

As you are going to use an internal pump to push the water from the tank to the hose and finally to a sink, your dehumidifier cannot lack the design to install a hose.

Or else, you just waste money buying a dehumidifier with a pump while you have to empty the reservoir manually.

The Top-rated Brands



As the company defines itself, TOSOT stands for Technology, Outstanding, Style, Originality, and Trust.

Run internationally by Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai China,  since 2003, TOSOT Corporation is the top household electronic device vendor for a number of different countries all over the world, such as Pakistan, Russia, China, Brazil, Canada. This list goes on!

With a worldwide network of labs and teams of world-class researchers, TOSOT dehumidifiers are very versatile and can be applied in any part of the world. You can always have peace of mind that their products will suit your home well.

2. AlorAir

AlorAir Brand

With the aim of bringing about premier values to customers, the AlorAir products always have top performance, outstanding features, and the company’s customer service is also the 1st world-class ranked.

Owing to its modern facilities across many countries and regions, AlorAir supplies classy products loved by customers and experts in all parts of the world, whether they are in Europe, Asia, America, or Australia.

In addition to various designs and capacities, AlorAir dehumidifiers feature a lot of advanced functions. For example, the most notable things that you should pay attention to are plug n- play components, easy access, digital control, built-in condensate pump.

Most importantly, these units are examined thoroughly to surpass strict standards and get CE, SAA, TUV, ETL, and SGS certifications.

3. Homelabs

hOmeLabs Brand

Founded in 2016, hOmeLabs builds up its reputation and spread its fame quickly in just a few years.

To keep moving forward in the competitive international market, the company always tries to research and create up-to-date products to meet the requirements of the time.

Whether you are there to operate your hOmeLabs dehumidifiers or not, they can still run well and serve your family quietly in the background.

Premier quality, ease of use and maintenance, reasonable price, and satisfactory warranty are all going to make you feel assured in the long run.

4. Frigidaire

Frigidaire Brand

As we mentioned earlier in this post, Frigidaire is a well-known consumer and commercial/home equipment brand not only in the US but also in many other countries.

Incorporated more than a century ago, the company has been going through plenty of innovations, and nowadays, it is known as the subsidiary of the giant Electrolux corporation in Europe.

With its long experience in home device manufacture, Frigidaire offers a wide range of preeminent dehumidifiers in all shapes, sizes, capacities, and good quality.

Guide of Use

Choose the right position to place your dehumidifiers

When you utilize a dehumidifier with a pump, it requires no specific position to work properly since the pump has taken over the work of gravity. Then, what you need to do is install the hose in a way that it can drain water to an appropriate location.

However, we recommend placing dehumidifiers in the center of your rooms and far away from obstacles such as furniture, ceilings, or walls. This leaves sufficient space for the vent to vacuum the air in the room.

How to care and maintain your device

To prevent dust particles and debris from getting caught in the air filter of your appliance or being pushed around, you had better dust and vacuumed its ambient area beforehand.

This will help the air filter cleaner for a longer time before you have to remove and wash it (if possible) or replace it with a new one.

Keeping the air filter clean is critical if there are any people in your family suffering from breathing difficulties or other allergies.

Frequently Asked Questions and Our Answers

How should I install the drainage hose?

You can connect a drain hose to your dehumidifier via the hose connector if your device has any.

Some tape might need to be added to hold the hose tightly and to alleviate water leakage. Nonetheless, this is unnecessary if the hose fits enough.

Then, you can run the hose directly to your sink or through a floor drainage hole, a window, or an exterior wall hole.

Now, you can turn the dehumidifier on and select a setting as you desire.

Can I empty the reservoir by hand without any hose?

Yes, of course. But this is so inconvenient and time-wasting.

Moreover, as we are talking about dehumidifiers with a pump, why do you spend more money to buy a much more expensive model without using its hose and pump?

Then, while it is possible, it turns out to be pointless if you try to manually empty the water tank of your pricey dehumidifier that has a pump.

Does a dehumidifier with a pump cost more power to run than a no-pump one?

It goes without saying that when a dehumidifier with a pump is operating, it has to consume more energy to run its internal pump at the same time.

As we can easily calculate, a dehumidifier with a pump will cost electricity as much as the total amount of power a dehumidifier without a pump plus a pump use simultaneously.

Why do I need a dehumidifier with the continuous drain option?

The continuous drain option enables the water accumulating in your dehumidifier to be drained automatically and constantly into the drainage system.

This feature is very useful because you do not have to empty the reservoir of the device manually, and your dehumidifier can work uninterruptedly. People living in high-moist climate areas will particularly appreciate it.

What’s more, if you want to use a dehumidifier with pump, your equipment has to offer continuous drain options.

Are dehumidifiers with pump noisier than ones without a pump?

It is out of the question that a pump will emit some sound when it is operating. However, regarding the amount of water that a dehumidifier can condense, the pump does not necessarily work too hard, and the sound it generates is negligible.

In fact, the bigger your model is, the noisier it tends to be. But the noise mainly comes from the compressor fan rather than the pump.


With our in-depth dehumidifiers with pump reviews as well as the helpful knowledge to pick the right products we provide to you, you will surely find the best dehumidifiers with pump for yourself.

If you still have any questions about this topic, comment below to let us know.

Thanks for reading!

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