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Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans in 2022

A quality ceiling fan is recognized via the excellent performance, long durability, and nice design. Base on that, we have selected these top 10 ceiling fans and reviewed them in detail.

Best Ceiling Fans 2020

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Best Ceiling Fans 2021

In the previous review, we roll called the top fans of all types. This time, we list out the best ceiling fans and things you should know before and when adopting the device.

In terms of a potent air-blowing fan, people would not consider ceiling fans, since this type of fan is slightly weaker than the others.

The ceiling fan has more extensive, longer blades, but the breeze from it is feeble, and in general, it is more expensive than other types. So why do we even need it?

These features might make ceiling fan sound useless, but actually, ceiling fan is more useful if you choose the right one. As many feel disturbing and unbearable of the direct tornado-breeze fan, ceiling fan is the best option to circulate gently the air to the corner of big rooms.

About the design, ceiling fan beats many competitors of its aesthetic appearance. From the vintage look to the high chic design, ceiling fan matches with any room style, any interior. This advantage turns ceiling fan a fantastic decoration in your beautiful decorated rooms.

And if you are looking for an air-circulated device for a vast room but also want to save the budget, then in a 350-square-feet area, you probably need at least four to five standard fans to cool till every angle of the room, but with ceiling fans, two are enough.

There are more benefits when using the ceiling fan, and some of them must be the condition that urges you to purchase one. Then here we make it easier for you to use the best ceiling fan among thousands of items.

Each product is a master in a specific case and a fine-perform in many aspects. For a quick overview of these 10 best items, have a look at the comparison chart below.

The Ceiling Fans Comparison Chart

NameDiameterSpeedRemote ControlReversible functionUse indoor/outdoorLight kit  
Hunter 5309152 inches3 Not includedYesIndoorYes
Minka-Aire F843-WH52 inches3YesNoIndoorNo
Honeywell 5019554 inches3NoYesIndoorYes
Portage Bay 5025452 inches3YesYesIndoorYes
Parrot Uncle52 inches3YesNoIndoorYes
Kensgrove YG493OD-EB72 inches9YesNoIndoor and OutdoorYes
Hunter 5924444 inches3YesYesIndoorYes
Honeywell 50502-0152 inches3NoYesIndoorNo
Harbor Breeze Mazon44 inches3YesYesIndoorYes
Emerson CF765WW (Appliance White)60 inches4Not included, adaptable with remoteYesIndoor, and damp locationNo

The 10 Best Ceiling Fans in 2022

Among tens of ceiling fan suppliers and thousands of items. These top 10 for many reasons, obtain complements and trust from many customers who have experienced them. Now, follow our lead to know more the detail.

1. Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50614-01 Carnegie LED Ceiling Fan

Best Overall
Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50614-01 Carnegie LED Ceiling Fan 52\", Indoor, Rustic Barnwood Blades, Industrial Cage Light, Matte Black
Honeywell Ceiling Fans

Above all, this is the fan that we are confident the most to recommend to you. At this Honeywell ceiling fan, you can find useful functions that are super convenient to use.

And not to mention, the design is exceptionally stunning, and bet this would be your first interest about this fan, right? So let’s dig into the detailed info.

First of all, let’s get something about the most impressive feature: the fan’s design. At first glimpse, this beast looks stunning with 5 steel blades in matte black color. It’s perfect for a retro, rustic style house and absolutely can play as a decoration in your lovely room.

The lights are quite reaching our expectations. It is made dimmable, from 20% to 100%. If you want a romantic space with dimming light, you can adjust the light to be 20% dim, which brings up a blur, shadowy, mystery room for you lovely couple.

About the fan capacity, although it is not the strongest fan out there, it can still ventilate the room air pretty effectively. It has three-speed levels that propel out a comfortable, cool breeze.

Locating the fan in a moderate room from 200-300 ft.sq, this guy can work at its best. It is not simply to deliver cool air but gradually circulate your whole room. Sitting from anywhere in the room, you can all feel the gentle, comfortable ambiance.

If there is something you might not like about this item, it would be the installation part. There are many steps to accomplish, and the blades should be set up before hanging on the ceiling. Or else it is difficult to put in. Being that it takes more time to set up than other fans on average.

2. Minka-Aire F843-WH Ceiling Fan

The Runner Up
Minka-Aire F843-WH Ceiling Fan

Designed with high-end modern style and also influenced the advanced technology, the Ceiling fan F843-WH from Minka is incredible in many ways. Want a stunning decoration and do-the-job fan? Then purchase this item to “light up” the room interior as well as to enjoy the satisfying breeze.

Fan with 3 blades is popular among the ceiling fan world and this guy also has 3 blades. With 52 inches diameter, the Minka-Aire F843 delivers an expand airflow downward. 3 different stages of speed that pushed out bring you three ranges of strong, comfortable airflow.

And the most amazing feature of this device the 6585-CFM airflow its engine could propel. While traditional fans only make around 4000 CFM on average, this Minka is the one that stands out.

Even better, the Minka F843-WH is able to attach to Alexa voice-control program. What a convenient technology for the one who always forgets where the remote control is, and always be too exhausted once lying on a sofa.

Nonetheless, the Alexa voice control tech is not included in the package, and it needs a hub to work. Both of these devices are sold separately.

When purchasing a product, you will get a remote control for straightforward customization. 3.5 inches and 6 inches downrods are extra gifts in the package, which is tremendously necessary in the case your ceiling is too high.

If you worry about the sloped ceiling cannot install this ceiling fan, you can breathe in relief since the ceiling adapter (mounting option) also comes with the combo.

It seems like the producer had calculated all the risks you could meet when using ceiling fans; they had solved some most headache situations. If you asking that does this Minka product has any drawbacks? Well, to many, no light kit, no reversible function, maybe the disadvantages.

3. Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50195 Rio 52″ Ceiling Fan

Smart Ceiling Fan Adaptable to Alexa
Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50195 Rio 52\" Ceiling Fan
Honeywell Ceiling Fans

Who doesn’t want the best when spending money on something? Looking for the ceiling fan with multiple amenities and also at a reasonable price, this Honeywell 50195 is what you should aim.

This ceiling fan with a beautiful white light bowl that integrates the modern design, fit perfectly to your contemporary interior.

3 Matte blades that are brushed nickel finished looks fantastic, which is like a bomb of sunshine that attracts your guests, friend whenever they visit.

The fan has three settings that stand for low, medium, and high speed and work smoothly, quietly. Is it strong? Yes, it is.

Usually, at many ceiling fans, when it rotates, the blades are visible, while this item’s blades are so fast that you can observe the ceiling clearly like they nearly disappear to the eyes.

Run by reversible motor, the product can both push downdraft the cooler air to ventilate the room and suck cold air up when it is in brass monkey winter.

The remote control is convenient to customize, and it can be attached to Alexa program. There is one bother thing that it requires a bond hub to work with Alexa, which sold separately.

Add to the combo; when buying the item, you will receive 3 mounting options so that installation will be more accessible to the sloped ceiling fan. Moreover, here we have got a close-mount and a down-rod for the flat ceiling. Ceilings that are slope and decent will need the angled mount to install the fan.

A ceiling fan with 54 inches diameter is medium-size, and it is suitable for an average room from 12ft x 12ft to 18ft to 18ft. Notice that you can only use it indoor because the fan is not waterproof.

Wow, it really comes with an amazing combo. With only more than 100 bucks, you can get a worth-paying device. This is what we could say a good investment.

4. Portage Bay 50254 Ceiling Fan

Best Ceiling Fan for Living Room
Portage Bay 50254 Ceiling Fan
Portage Bay

If you are searching for a low profile, low-cost but fine ceiling fan, this Portage Bay 50254 will conquer your standard. Low cost! Depends, but in general, yes. Fine quality! Absolutely since it so far a huge ceiling fan star.

Designed plainly and painted mostly white, the fan matches with any styles of room and interior. The unique feature is at the fan’s finish blades, it has one side white, and the other side is maple.

What is special about this way of painting? The magic will reveal when you turn on the reversible function. When it runs in one direction, the blades show white color, and when it runs in the other direction, the blades turn to Maple color. It is pretty cool when adding color to the room like this.

How strong can it be? Runs with different 3 stages of speed, the lowest rate is approximately 1600 CFM. On medium speed, it can reach 3,100 CFM, and at the highest speed, it is able to runs at 4,700 CFM.

Fan’s velocity goes in pair with 52 inches diameter fan’s blades. Together, this guy is an air cutter, and a stiff breeze deliverer.

A ceiling fan with light bulbs is a two-in-one product. The installation steps are very straightforward, and you can handle the job without the need for a professional mechanic.

Plus, if you worry about the low ceiling of your room, this item is an ideal choice for you. From the ceiling to the bottom of the light kit, the height is only about 11.50 inches.

Everything has its opposite side. This Portage has many Pross, but it also has some weaknesses. Many said that the fan’s light kit is pretty weak even when first comes out from the box. As a result, many had replaced or not using it at all.

Secondly, the fan is manually controlled via the pull chain and the wall switch. The remote control is still not included in the package.

5. Parrot Uncle F4601BK Ceiling Fan

The Graceful Decorative Ceiling Fan
Parrot Uncle F4601BK Ceiling Fan
Parrot Uncle

From one to ten, what would you mark this Parrot Uncle ceiling fan? Not yet know much about this unit, but sure it scores 10/10 the chic luxury design.

To be honest, this ceiling fan is much more like a ceiling light kit as you can see how well the design and big chandelier is. That is because the manufacturer’s intention is to highlight the feature, alluring at the look. They want to make it more than a ceiling fan and beyond the standard light bulbs.

The blades are retractable, how nice are they. If it was made as a fan, why are its blades tucked away? Well, as we can see, the light is the star on the stage. To somebody, these blades might look odd when attached with such beautiful light; then, the retractable function is here to fix the issue.

Despite this fact, it does not mean the fan’s air velocity is weak. This guy ventilates the air in a 100-150-square-feet room efficiently like a piece cake. The fan has 3 speeds; the light and fan rotating function can work separately. 4 blades with 46 inches diameter that designed in curving form, the fan cut the air silently, efficiently and invisibly.

So convenient when you have a remote to control. All the functions are on this box and ready to work as your commend.

It is not hard to install the fan at all; its way of installation is not much different from the other. But you might meet some problems when putting together the crystal pieces of the chandelier. Just do it step by step, and be patient, the rest job is straightforward.

Of course, you can locate the fan any place indoor. However, where can be better than the living room. It sure is a gorgeous bright ball in the room center and such beautiful interior like that, should be contemplated.

6. Home Decorators YG493OD-EB Ceiling Fan

Best Ceiling Fan for Wide Porch
Home Decorators YG493OD-EB Ceiling Fan
Home Decorators

Born to save a huge hot chamber, to save your budget, to adapt the weather condition, and to be open speed choice, the Kensgrove YG493OD-EB is the name to shine. This fan is also our favorite option; let us show you.

The fan is massive with 8 blades that spread up to 72 inches diameter, and plus 9-speed mode. These features open a multi-choice of airflow that you need. Also, with such wide long blades, the fan helps you to save money on buying one or two more other fans to cool the over 400-square-feet space.

Painted in maple, the fan has the plain but well-designed look to goes with any interior from the most plain to the most fashionable.

Notably, this beast is able to resist weather conditions so you can ultimately put it on the porch outdoor.

If you located the fan outside, then you definitely need a source of light to sit down and chat with your homies. Guess what, the light kit on the fan now so useful for you.

Included in the product’s box, there is a remote control. On the remote, displayed every function of the fan (include speeds, on/off button, and light button)

Noise is not a concern when the fan operates whisper, even at its highest speed. If there is anything you would not like so much about this fan, is its air capacity send.

With so many blades, the fan needs a strong motor to maintain. A heavy and bulky ceiling fan, of course, has its limit of propelled air.

Yes, it stirs the air around the room. However, if you desire a stiff breeze, you have to have a medium ceiling fan. What happens to customers with a high-ceiling room. In this case, you need a longer downrod to feel the breeze efficiency.

7. Hunter 59244 Dempsey Indoor Ceiling Fan

Best Low Profile Ceiling Fan
Hunter 59244 Dempsey Indoor Ceiling Fan
Hunter Fan Company

The ceiling fan that is specially designed for the low-ceiling room, Hunter 59244, is a bright candidate to apply for a space in your house.

Pushing about 3,100 CFM with 4 blades that cover 44 inches dimensions, it is not an impressive number since, at other ceiling fans, the medium breeze is about 4000 CFM.

Admittedly, the desire for a potent breeze is not going to happen. Instead, you will get a medium breeze, even at the highest speed.

But to low ceiling fan and room with dimension about 130 sq. ft, you can enjoy a lot of cool air, and your room air is circled enough to make the ambiance feel comfortable.

Plain white painted and made with a white light case is elegant to locate in a simply decorated but delicate room.

If noise is a bother to you, then this ceiling fan is one of the top ones you should concern since it works quietly, just like a sniper. While you are busying with your thing, the fan will not catch your attention at all.

The reversible motor is able to be customized to flows into two directions. During the winter, turn the updraft mode to push all cold air up and in summer is vice versa.

It is convenient to control when the fan goes with handheld remote control. The remote displays the button of a function of the ceiling fan, like speed, reversible mode, light dimming mode, turn on and off feature.

Especially, you can breathe in relief when thinking about the duration of this fan since hunter product applies strictly producing method and implement the manufacture professionally. All to last the usage of products for over 100 years.

8. Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50502-01 Ceiling Fan

Best Antique-look Ceiling Fan
Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50502-01 Ceiling Fan
Honeywell Ceiling Fans

Vintage is never out of trend. And vintage items provide a distinct look for the house interior. The Honeywell 50502-01 ceiling fan will worth the budget since its gorgeous design and features had received so many compliments.

Goodness is better than beauty, but it is impressive if something is both good. Design to be a tropical ceiling fan, this fan is a functional piece of art. 5 leaf-image blades featured by bronze finish is a spotlight in the room.

Each blade had gone through the skillful hand-carving process before assembling with the fan’s axis. They are made from basswood so as to enhance the antique look.

It does not cost an arm and a leg to possess a beautiful ceiling fan with lights; this model is an example. 3 fan speeds send different air velocity, and 3 brightness settings allow you to adjust the wanted light and breeze.

While rotating, this fan runs smoothly and quietly. For this, you can leisurely enjoy the fresh, relaxed ambiance of the room while gathering around with your homies for a fantastic movie on TV.

With 52 inches of dimension, the powerful breeze delivery, the fan is the master to command the air stir as it wants. Rooms with the area around 18×18 feet are ideal for locating this beautiful beast.

The reversible function is available in this fan. To control it, there is a controlling chain to turn on/off easier. But if you wish for remote control, luckily, your wish has become true.

Though the remote control is not in the package, this fan is compatible with its company remotes.

There is more in the combo gift. When purchased the product, you will also get three mounting options, which makes it possible to install the fan on a decent ceiling.

9. Harbor Breeze 00724 Mazon 44-in Ceiling Fan

Best Ceiling Fan for Low, Small Space
Harbor Breeze 00724 Mazon 44-in Ceiling Fan
Harbor Breeze

Throughout the number of tests, listing this item in our 10 best ceiling fans is hit the nail on the head. A flush nickel finish ceiling fan here is equipped with essential features and beyond that is sending a sense of comfort to your room.

A sleek, shining silver color and ergonomic design of a 44-inch diameter, the fan can deliver the airflow up to 4545 CFM. Amazingly, with the small dimension taken, and high-velocity air sent, the fan is suitable for bedroom, office, and narrow space.

Available with 3 speeds, and be able to control via the handheld control, you can choose the relaxing breeze as you wish with the magic box in hand.

Add to the record; the light kit works powerfully to light up the room.

The reversible motor is also a useful function. In winter, the warm air usually focuses on the ceiling, and in summer, below part of the room is way hotter. Then, switch on reverse mode and enjoy the appropriate airflow.

See how many amenities go with this brush-nickel ceiling fan, and all of that goes with surprising price, which is just a little more than 100 bucks. Give it a shot, and pleasure will be got.

10. Emerson CF765WW 60 Inch Ceiling Fan

Best High-velocity Damp Ceiling Fan

More, more, and more powerful, you want a ceiling fan like that. Admittedly, ceiling fan velocity is not stronger than most of the fan types, such as pedestal fan, tower fan, floor fan. But this Emerson industrial design fan is an exception.

This model from Emerson features a contemporary mix and industrial design. The plain look is the word to describe this fan, and for that reason, it can blend in any room style and especially be a spotlight in the modern designed room.

3 airfoil blades with high energy efficiently blow the air. With 60 inches diameter, the fan can deliver up to 7579 CFM at its highest speed, which is far above the average rate of a traditional ceiling fan. Even on the 20-feet-high ceiling, the breeze pushed out is still impressive.

Notably, the white appliance finish and the Barbecue Black versions of this kind are also used as a damp ceiling fan. You can locate it at a suitable porch and patios. But notice, the brushed steel version is for indoor use only.

One more significant amenity of this guy is the reversible functions. In different conditions of weather, hot or cold, this function is useful to adjust the comforting breeze.

With the 6 inches downrod, it is a savior for houses with a high ceiling. But this model does not have a handheld control. With such a price, this is a concern as the drawbacks to some. Instead, it uses wall control to adjust the fan speeds.

Overall, this is a go-to ceiling fan to anyone who is looking for a durable, functional, high-velocity fan. And as many fans that cannot adapt to a humid environment, this fan is the one that stands out.

The Famous Ceiling Fan Brands

Picking a good ceiling fan is saving money, time, and gaining a requirement for relaxation.

A good ceiling fan is originally from a reliable brand. In the USA ceiling fan market, many have acknowledged the potential of making business on this product, and here we are, over tens of ceiling fan suppliers competing.

Among them, these brands, through time, had gradually become a famous name to users. Let’s check some info about them.

Minka Aire

Minka Aire Band

Being a part of the Minka Group – the leading brand of the decorative lighting industry, Minka Aire is responsible for creating a ceiling fan. They do an excellent designing model that integrates the contemporary style and modern style, all based on the current trends.

Ceiling fan from Minka Aire reaches around the global. Though they are creating many kinds of ceiling fans such as outdoor/ indoor ceiling fans, 3 – 5 blades ceiling fans, etc., their most popular item is a mini ceiling fan, which can fit right in the small-sized room.

An excellent global brand has to achieve other Pross other than the design. Indeed, in Minka Aire, they carry professional designers and workers who deal with a small detail to make a perfect product.


Emerson Band

A corporation had established in 1890, Emerson led by John W. Emerson, is one of the oldest ceiling fan brands in the US.

With over one hundred years of improving technology and experience, Emerson each year releases the latest items that take the idea of modern design, applies the modern tech and, at the same time, maintains the J.W Emerson standard.

One of the Pross about the Emerson ceiling fan is capable of saving up to 40% energy-consuming compared to other rivals. This results in a decrease in electric bills. It saves pretty much energy and, of course, costs you less.

While operating with less power, it does not mean that Emerson ceiling fan velocity is also dragged down. In fact, they used the Eco Motor, which engine is the charged magnetic field to deliver the same, even better capacity of breeze without using much energy.


Westinghouse Band

This company established in 1886 and founded by the great inventor George Westinghouse, who invented the rotary stream engine and founded 60 companies during his whole life.

Westinghouse throughout the years, produce high-quality ceiling fans and other machine. Today, this brand fame spreads all over the world market.

Ceiling fans from Westinghouse have a modern appearance that familiar to the eyes of buyers. Its quality is approved as excellent when they had surpassed various tests and standards.

At Westinghouse, they strongly invest in craftsmanship, and due to that, their ceiling fans is available in many styles, like long and short blades, outdoor/ indoor ceiling fan, ceiling with and without a light bulb.

Besides doing a great job with ceiling fans, this company also a renowned supplier of light bulbs, lighting fixtures, and light accessories.


Hunter Band

Hunter Fan Company is dated back for over 130 years ago, which is long enough to show Hunter Company is an experience and fierce competent on the machine market in general and the ceiling fan market in particular.

Incorporating the latest technology to their fan, Hunter ceiling fan brings the most convenient usage to buyers. These are go-to ceiling fan’s brand for those who care about electricity saving.

Hunter ceiling fan has so far been famous for maintaining the great balance of the blades. They ensure users won’t hit any trouble from the blades like wobble, wiggle.

Not just a fan, but these are actual pieces of art. Their fans are  available for different styles, lighting choices, mounting options, and well-craft housings.

Each ceiling fan type owns a distinct design and comes with a different story of origins. So, it could be said that besides purchasing just for the breeze, you will also get something about the history of a ceiling fan.

The quality and craftmanship of Hunter are tightly follow the standard since establishing. So does these standards work out? Looking at the numbers of sales and positive comments of products from Hunter, the answer is obvious, isn’t it?

Let’s consume the benefits that you will receive when purchasing a Hunter. They are energy-saving, decorative and art item, great balance and long durability, excellent performance, and especially, the whisper-quiet feature.

Ease of Use

– Control

In general, these are essential fan controlling methods that are widely applied to the ceiling fan.

  • Handheld remote control: This way just makes it easier to control a device when you are just too lazy to leave the sofa.
  • Wall Control: This is an old-fashion control. It needs cord to connect to the fan’s functions that are set on a tablet on the wall.
  • Pull Chain: This option is rather for the look than the function. It will be so annoying if the chain just hit our head when we are moving right.
  • Voice Control: One of the popular voice controlling programs is Alexa. You can see many ceiling fans are bonded with Alexa. Other than this, other voice controlling programs can also do a great job.
  • Bond – Smart Remote Control: Smart phone is an essential device in our lives, and we can do many kinds of magic with it. Yes, via the phone app, you can actually adjust your ceiling fan, as long as the fan has the bond kit.

– Speed Mode:

A ceiling fan can have 3,4 speeds or like the Kensgrove 72 in, which speed is up to 9 level.   To be frank, ceiling fan with many speed modes, the velocity sent from speed 1 to speed 2, or speed 6 to speed 7, just does not make a huge difference.

– Noise:

No need to worry about noise disturbance since the ceiling fan made to be as less noise as possible until it is not a concern. Especially, to industrial fans, noise is the issue that took care of the most.

If you require for quiet fan of different kind, click for more infomation.

– Reversible Function:

This feature has a great impact on circulating the air in the room in particular weather conditions. Whether it is too hot or freezing in the place, the updraft mode will push the air up and the downdraft mode propels the air down. By that way it relieves the room’s heat.

– Blade:

A ceiling fan can have 2, 3, or up to 10 blades, depends on the manufacturer’s ideas of design.

– Light Kit:

Ceiling fan with light! How cool! Many producers even focus more on the aesthetic aspect that the light can look really spectacular, such as chandelier ceiling fan.

– Cleaning:

As the fan operate, it accumulates the dust, debris on its blades. Fortunately, the maintenance does not take much effort.

To get rid of the dust on the blades, it is a smart option to use a pillowcase. According to many reviewers, pillowcases are really a “revolution” in cleaning ceiling fan blades.

It helps you to clean and avoid the dust flying into the eyes or face while wiping. Or if your ceiling fan is out of your reach, then you will need a ladder.

You should be careful and wipe the dust lightly, not to damage the blades. Remember to wipe the pull chain and the motor case to remove the dust.

For the interior motor, spray it with the compressed air to remove the dust inside. If there is too much dirt in the fan motor, it will cause unbalance and noise issues.

Then, to clean the dirt left, use a damp towel to wipe the out parts.

To avoid the problems that a ceiling fan might hit, it is better to clean the fan every 3 or 4 months. And that is all the cleaning about.

– Warranty:

If the company provides a lifetime warranty, you can change a new product without charge if the damaged part is the failure of manufacture.

Types of Ceiling Fan

1. Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Also called the hugger ceiling fan or the flush mount ceiling fan, this type of fan is designed for low ceiling rooms. A low profile ceiling fan does not use a downrod to attach the rotate part with the ceiling. Instead, it is installed directly onto the mounting bracket.

Houses with a ceiling that is less than eight feets tall, a low profile ceiling fan would be more efficient in sending cool breeze as well as be safe to the human height.

For this reason, this ceiling fan cannot send a powerful breeze to cool you if the ceiling is over 10 feet tall. But still, it does an excellent job of ventilating the room and gradually eases the room’s heat.

2. Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

Wall-manual control and controlling cord (pull chain) are known popularly as traditional ways to control the ceiling fan. But talking about the handy solution, the remote control is the one preferred.

As the demand rises, the supply also develops to accommodate customers’ requirements. Whether it is an outdoor, a low profile, or ceiling fan with light, a remote control is now widely available in all types.

On the remote control, display all the features of the fan, such as light control, fan’s speeds, on and off button, dimming mode.

For those who have an issue with mobility, who use a ceiling fan in the restaurant, banquet, or commercial properties, or someplace that requires professional service, this feature makes a significant shortcut of adjusting.

Even better than a remote control, there is numerous ceiling fan that can attach with Alexa for voice controlling. To use this program on the ceiling fan, you need to buy an extra tool to make it work.

3. Ceiling Fan with Light

As we notice, once install the ceiling fan, it narrows the space to set up lights on the ceiling. In this case, a ceiling fan with light simplifies your issue.

At some brands, they even produce ceiling fan with a beautiful chandelier. Not just a fan itself, but this type of ceiling fan is also a center of attraction in the living room, banquet.

However, there are also some drawbacks to the light. Many customers respond to the low brightness. It is not powerful enough to light up the room, and usually, the light would not be durable; it goes out within a few months.

As a result, people frequently buy another light bulb for the replacement. But not all the ceiling fans with light will meet this problem. You can always find for a best-of-both one that meets your requirements.

4. Damp and Wet Ceiling Fan

A damp ceiling fan is designed to locate outdoor or in high-humidity areas or somewhere in the house that is not exposed directly to water. It is able to resist mist, dew, or moisture in the air.

For this reason, the fan can be used in the bathroom, where the condition is slightly wet, but water or liquid cannot reach. Since this type of fan is various in design, style, and colors, you can locate it anywhere in your house for aesthetic aspect.

An upgrade version of a damp ceiling fan is the wet one. A wet ceiling fan is specially made to be durable in all locations, whether it is in or outside of the house.

Its motor is waterproof, and blades are made to bear with the weather. Even when you wash it by a hose, there won’t be any problem happen to the fan.

Therefore, the fan is perfect for locating at the patios, porch, where profoundly attach to water, wind, and snow. This type of ceiling fan is quite tough, isn’t it?

5. Energy-star Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans with energy-star rating means it is energy-saving and efficient. An Energy-star rated ceiling fan is widely available in traditional fan, low profile fan, etc.

This device helps to save electricity from 20-30 percent compared to a normal standard. To be recognized as an Energy Star device, the product must meet strict energy efficient criteria set by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

And using less power goes parallel to saving money on the electricity bill. That is not all cool things about an Energy Star ceiling fan.

The healthy environment is essential to every living creature. Using an electrical device will expose polutants to the clean air. But to an Energy Star ceiling fan, it just only produces a little to no environmental impact.

So, all the benefit of adopting an Energy-star-rated product is less energy-consuming; less money, but more friendly to the environment.

Pros and Cons of a Ceiling Fan Compared to Other Types of Fan


  • For decoration

Not yet concern about the efficiency the ceiling fan can make but about the aesthetic feature, which fan can surpass the ceiling fan?

Looking for an antique design with a pull chain, which is like dating back from centuries ago, or a modern, sleek finish fan with voice control, or a graceful light kit for banquet, event rooms, just type and click, and you’ll get what you need.

  • Cover larger space

The ceiling fan for home use is from 44 inches to 70 inches in diameter. With such wide long blades, a fan gently stirs the room air and base on that forms an appropriate, comfortable temperature to a room.

A ceiling fan (vary to size), can alone mess up with the air at max 400 sq. ft room while other fan types will need at least 2 units to send a comforting breeze.

Base on that, a single ceiling fan consumes less energy and decreases the bill, but covers breeze in more substantial space.


  • Lower in capacity

Not paint all the ceiling fans with the same brush, but in general, the ceiling fan is like to ease the heat and gradually turn the air cool. It cannot immediately work like a tornado. If compared to pedestal fans, floor fans, this point is a drawback.

  • More difficult to install

Even though the installing steps is easy but it will take you more than an hour to finish. If you have no idea about mechanics or machines, then you will need help from a professional installing employer.

Some Relative Issues

How to choose an ideal ceiling fan?

A fish can only swim in the water; a ceiling fan is only ideal when its size, the down rod is suited with the room. From large, medium to small-size room, the fan with longer blades is more to send stronger breeze.

So, locate the device in the room appropriates to its size, can raises the efficiency to max. In particular:

DiameterWork Well atRoom Size
29’’ to 36’’Utility Rooms, BathroomsRaise to 75 sq. ft
42’’ to 48’’Bedrooms, kitchen, dining roomsRaise to 175 sq. ft
52’’ to 56’Family room, living roomRaise to 350 sq. ft
60’’ or largerFor larger spaceRaise 400 sq. ft

When to use the downrod?

At different ceiling height, it will need a different length of downrod to outperform the propelling air.


In general, the data below will help you to have a more general acknowledge about using the right downrod for the right ceiling.

Ceiling HeightDownrod Length
7 feet – The minimum height to install a ceiling fanA Hugger/ Flush ceiling fan is recommended
8 feetStandard downrod
9 feet6 inches
10 feet6 - 12 inches
12 feet12 - 24 inches
14 feet24 - 36 inches
16 feet36 - 48 inches
18 feet48 - 60 inches

Are more blades stronger?

This is not the right conception. 3, 4, or 5 blades basically just choices of design. With few blades, the fan weight is lighter, and base on that consume less energy. More blades ceiling fan requires a larger motor and more energy to maintain.

It is partly right that a 3 blades fan can outperform the 2-blade fan since more blades can push more air. But the efficiency is based on many factors, for example, the blade’s pitch.

Blade pitch is the angle of the blade from the motor. With the suitable blade pitch, the air propelled out is optimum.

Sum Up

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