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Top 5 Best Box Fans in 2021

With the 5 best box fans, you just open up a cool, ventilate space just for yourself. The fan "takes care" of too many people, then purchase a small box fan to enjoy the breeze of your own.

Best Box Fans 2020

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Best Box Fans 2021

For a small room or cubicle, you don’t need to use an air conditioner or big energy-consuming tower fan to keep the air cool. Instead, a compact and portable box fan can be a good alternative.

Or in a big room, you can use box fan as a little sidekick standing by the “big guy” – the air conditioner and other types of fans to support air movement. It can also be a window fan that you can use to suck in cool air and propel out smoke, dust outside.

It sounds extraordinary already, doesn’t it? Not wait for any longer, now we walk you through the 5 best box fans of our trusted, most confident recommendations.

First, let’s check quick the board below for a brief overview of the item’s specifications.

Top-rated Box Fans Specification Board

Product’s NameDimensionSpeeds SettingsVelocity
Noise levelBest for Cord LengthWarranty
Hurricane HGC73650120 x 20 x 3.5 inche32400 CFMLoudGarage, living room, workshop5 feet1 year
Holmes HBF2001DP-BM20.5 x 4.2 x 20.38 inches31000 - 1400 CFMNot so loudIndoor, workshop, medium-sized room5 feet1 year
LASKO 20 inch Box Fan25.38 x 23.38 x 7.19 inches34750 CFMWhite-noiseIndoor, bedroom, bog room
6 feet1 year
Stanley Black & Decker BFB09W11 x 11 x 4 inches3-QuietBedroom, tablePretty short1 year
02COOL Treva portable battery fan12 x 3.5 x 12.4 inches2-QuietCamping, outdoor, bedroom, tableAbout 5 fee2 years

5 Best Box Fans in 2021

Not just being well-performed, these champions below are also state-of-the-art devices and more. Each item is a master in each aspect and is highlighted with useful function. Here are what they have to offer:

1. Hurricane HGC736501 Box Fan-20 Inch

Best overall
Hurricane Box Fan-20 Inch, Classic Series, 3 Energy Efficient Speed Settings Compact Design, Lightweight-ETL Listed, 20-Inch, White

The Hurricane HGC736501 is not among the items that let you down when purchasing online. It performs exceptionally well, comes with useful functions, and can be used in different ways. This little buddy is already a big winner to many users, this time, it could be yours.

One of the factors that recognize whether the fan is qualified or not is the capacity. To this Hurricane box fan, it absolutely is what you call – a powerful fan.

It provides up to 2400 CFM (cubic feet per minute) at the highest speed. Even when at the low setting, the breeze is still pretty strong. You can place it in a medium room, it shall do the job.

Also, the dual mount can be used in a variety of applications. One of the most practical purposes is to use it as an exhaust fan, house window fan.

You can lay it on the windowsills, or on the table near the window, and then face its front to the room to propel in cool air and turn it around when you need to suck out the bad air in your room.

Considering the temperature difference before and after the fan, you can immediately recognize when entering the room where the fan is. This 20inch box fan incredibly wipes out the hot air in the sweltering evening in small, medium, and even big living rooms.

When it comes to the fan’s construction, this compact and portable guy is impressive when it is on stage. While operating, the fan is pretty calm and stays still where it is. It doesn’t perform vibration, wobble status, or makes irritating sound when contacting the floor. All thanks for the excellent engineer.

However, the motor sounds seem to be this Hurricane box fan drawback. It’s pretty low at the highest setting. At the lowest, the noise decreases a lot, but our advice is not to put it in your bedroom, if you are sensitive to noise. So, the best way is to use it anywhere that needs a lot of air flow and has a lot of laughs.

2. Holmes HBF2001DP-BM 20-Inch Box Fan,Black

Best Quality Box Fan
Holmes HBF2001DP-BM 20-Inch Box Fan,Black

From one of the best-selling premium box fans from Holmes, this unit is the ideal option for someone that needs a powerful breeze to ease the heat and needs a good-to-the-eye box fan.

The first feature that many users loved about this fan is the consistent, powerful air flow. At all 3speed settings – low, medium, and high, are able to offer strong air flow.

In particular, low speed provides about 1000 CFM, medium is 1200 CFM, and high is 1400 CFM. With this capacity, this wind machine is not merely a fan but an air circulator fan, which ventilates the whole room and delivers the comfort zone.

And if you want a box fan to use in your bedroom and sing you to sweet dreams, this Holmes box fan can be your companion. Though it is not considered quiet, it does make a little sound, but don’t worry, it is still qualified for bedrooms. Besides, laying it 6 feet from you, the sound is a lot decreased, so it is not going to be disturbing or annoying.

Also, at night, this fan can be an alternative to an AC. Putting it on the windowsills will lead the cool air outside in and gradually cool the whole room temperature up. One bird hit two stones.

Sometimes, advantages can also be disadvantageous, and this seems to happen to this fan. Its capacity is so strong that it becomes too strong that it tends to blow the thin, light body of itself.

Well, if it happens, you probably need to add rubber to its 4 feet, or put something to support its back. Other than this, everything all works great.

3. Lasko 3300 Wind Machine Air Circulator Portable High Velocity Floor Fans

Best Quiet Box Fan

You might think that a strong fan cannot be quiet and a white noise one can not offer powerful wind. To most circumstances, it is right, but this Lasko box fan breaks this rule into shattering glass as it is the best of both worlds.

Feature with white noise standard, the fan works really smooth and quiet. Even when turning on the highest speed, noise isn’t a matter at all. Just doing your stuff, and a while after that, you can barely notice there is a fan in the room.

For these features, the fan is best for rooms that need both cool breeze and quietness, making it an ideal item for bedrooms. You can sleep soundly and deeply with this fellow’s support.

What about this Lasko 3300 capacity? Is it strong? Not just strong, it is literally a tornado creating machine, deserved the title the air kings.

Though also considered as a box fan, this Lasko guy is used as a floor fan. It’s because it’s bigger and delivers more breeze. In fact, floor fan is pretty tough at sending breeze and here we also have top-rated floor fans for you to consider.

This air circulating machine fan does more than make you comfortable. It drops the room temperature effectively and propels a large amount of air that can ventilate the room in no time.


Best Small Box Fan

This super compact and portable tabletop box fan is convenient to bring along anywhere that you go to.

The 10inch personal size box fan delivers you a gentle breeze and can be used as a window box fan, which easily fits and stands on the windowsills and effectively circulates the air for a small room.

You can also lay it on the table to relax with its chill air while doing your business. In addition, its size allows you to straightforwardly carry it along with you when you are out, offering chill air in whichever room you need.

When it comes to fan speed, it is moderate and gentle. It isn’t like other big fans that consistently slap the powerful wind directly to your face and body. So you will feel a lot relaxed when using it as a personal fan.

Noise is also a big factor to concern, and with this little guy, you can find the noise is pretty bearable. It is not that so-called white noise fan, but it won’t stop you from doing anything you are doing.

In general, the fan performs well and is durable. If you are looking for a small portable fan to play as an air ventilating support or a convenient personal fan, this guy can be the one that matches your expectations.

5. O2COOL Treva 10-Inch Portable Desktop Air Circulation Battery Fan

Best Outdoor Box Fan

The weekend has come, kids, let’s go outside and have some fun. Outdoor activities and barbecues are times for family to gather, but the weather can be hot, or there is no wind and you will end up looking like bathing in sweat.

Your day rescuer is here! Relax and enjoy your outdoor day because the Treva will ease the heat and send you a cool, satisfying breeze.

The most awesome thing you can find at this fan is the chargeable feature. The fan needs 6 D-cell batteries to run. Using it only at night, it can last up to 3-4 days. As a result, this feature makes the fan a must-have item for outdoor and camping.

On top of that, the breeze is pretty strong and works best for close spaces like tents or for individuals. Put it in the tent, you can feel the inner space is full of air flow and create a whole different range of temperature compared to outside. By that, it brings you comfort zone.

Box fan can be really unstable due to its too-strong wind but too-thin box frame. But at this Treva fan, you can be care-free about this problem. It’s flat and spread leg helps it stand still and balance, even when you accidentally hit it or perform any impacts.

Best Box Fans: Buying Guide

In general, box fan will come with these factors below. Understanding them thoroughly, you can gain some experience using the fan, maintaining, and choosing the item that matches your expectations the most.

Box Fans Feature

1. Speed Options

To provide a wider choice of breeze level, the fans are made with many numbers of speeds. At box fans, it usually has 3 speeds. Some smaller one just only have 2 speeds.

2. Remote Control

Those box fans that have remote control are 9 out of 10 of the high-end product and their price undoubtedly is a little more expensive. Those that don’t have this feature, it doesn’t mean that they are scrap or less qualified, they just lack a convenient function.

3. Removable Grill

Box fan has a removable grill so you can clean the dust that sponge on the blades and the grill easier. And in general, only the front grill is removable. About the blade, can I take it out? Yes, most fan’s blade can be taken out.

4. Noise level

Fan in most households, is the main cooling device and used to sing people to good sleep. So choosing a noisemaker to cool the bedroom is not the option to make at all.

That’s why you need to check the noise to know whether you are comfortable with it or not

5. Velocity

Velocity is one of the factors that define whether the fan is good or not. Aside from the robust motor, the blade’s length and the fa’s size can also affect the fan’s velocity.

Before taking any fan home, it is necessary to know the place to put it. If you want a fan to lay on the table, you should purchase a small one.

If you intend to use a box fan as a floor fan, you might consider a bigger one, about over 20 inches diameter is appropriate.

Box Fan FAQs

What Are Box Fans and How Does It Work?

Box fan is a compact cooling device that is straightforward to port. It usually comes in a square enclosure frame, or rectangle, circle.

Unlike other kinds of fans, most box fans can not oscillate, or even pivot. It spreads the air via the spinnable front grill or the tilted head.

And like how pedestal fans send its breeze, box fans suck all the air from the back and propels it out in a straight line from the front. It directly cools the temperature within its reach.

How to Clean a Box Fan?

When it comes to box fan cleaning, first, you will need some simple tools:

  • A screwdriver
  • A small sweep
  • A damp cloth.

First, open the front grill and the blade, then you might want to take them into the bathroom and wash them. The rest of the box fan, use a dry cloth or sweep all the dirt down before cleaning all the remaining dirt with a damp cloth.

Cleaning the fan whenever you see dirt clinging on the blade and grill, usually after 1-2 months after using.

What is Box Fan Best for?

Sure, you can use the fan anywhere you want, down on the floor, on the table, next to your bed on the bed table, on the attic, anywhere you can take it to. But for a box fan to work at its best, it should be in the right position.

  • Use a box fan to cool down the computer heat: to some extent, a box fan can cool down the computer by placing it near your device and let it do its job.
  • Use a box fan to support the air conditioner, ceiling fan, tower fan, etc. ventilating the room’s air: while turning on the AC, you can direct the box fan breeze to the corner/section that the AC reaches the least.This helps your room cool faster and has the same quality at every room angle. Otherwise, if you are using the fan which is a tower fan, pedestal fan, etc. you can place the box fan on the window so it can suck in the relaxable cool air outside, and the other kind will spread that air out.
  • Use a box fan to suck out the irritating smoke, smell, dust, and suck in the cool air outdoors: You don’t have an air purifier to deal with dust and smell. Anytime you feel like the air is polluted, you can open the window and let it naturally go out.It might take time, but with a compact box fan, it can fasten this process. Just direct its air flow out the window and leave it there until the room air is clear again.
  • Use a box fan as a personal fan: Box fan offer a direct, consistent air flow, so in hot weather, it can effectively cool you down.And since it works weaker than other fans, its continuous breeze doesn’t cause you a cold. The lowest setting with moderate and gentle air flow will offer you nothing more than pleasant.
  • Use a box fan to make a DIY Swamp cooler: by putting an ice cube behind the back grill and turning the fan on, you basically have a DIY small swamp cooler. This method shows the best effect of individual cooling.

What are Box Fans Benefits?

Base on the fan features, box fan offers benefits that others cannot, in particular:

  • Save energy and decrease the total bill: Box fan capacity is not as strong as other fans like pedestal fan, wall fan, tower fan. But in exchange, it consumes less energy when operating.
  • Being affordable: Make a simple click on the retail websites, you can find a wide range of box fans that only cost around 10-20 bucks. If you are looking for a fan just for your own or for your small room, isn’t a box fan the best choice?
  • Easy to carry: Box fans are light and easy to carry. Hence, you can take it anywhere as long as you need it to be, on your desk when working, in the office, or any place outdoors.

Is Box Fan Better Than Pedestal Fan?

No, it’s not. Most box fan is weaker than other types of fans, and cooling the big room or for a group of 4 – 5 people is a bit much for its reach. But using the fan in the way as we guided above, can show the best efficiency.

How Can I Maintain My Box Fan?

Take care of the fan very often by washing it grill and blade whenever it gets dirty. You can use vacuum if there is only a little dirt or when the motor vent gets dirty. And if the broken issue comes up, the fan’s parts are widely sold and easy to get.

How Far Can A Box Fan’s Blow Reach? What is the average CFM?

In general, a 20inch box fan performs best within 9 feet from its enclosure. Sitting further from this distance, you can barely feel comfortable.

The average CFM varies from one brand to another. Normally a fan with 1000 CFM is good enough. Those items we offer above are all strong, with CFM from 1500 – 2500.

Wrap up

Learn how to use a device effectively, you will receive many advantages from it. And to box fans, utilizing it as a natural air ventilator or personal cooling device will offer you a huge benefit.

Hope that our 5 best box fans review can work out to your circumstance and narrow down your pick items.

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