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Best Air Purifier for Pet of 2022

Are you struggling with pet allergies? Are you tired of cleaning pet fur? With the best air purifier for pets, you will be so much relieved. Find out product reviews and how to choose your best product here.

Best Air Purifiers for Pets

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Best Air Purifiers for Pets 2021

Although there are many ways of hygiene when you have pets in the house, you never get those fur or odor thoroughly handled. Furthermore, when it comes to pet allergy, casual cleaning definitely cannot solve the problems.

But with the best air purifier for pets, it will filter well the airborne fur, dander (the leading cause of pet allergy), and other pollutants, reducing pet cleaning and considerably your pet’s allergy symptoms.

In this post, we will guide you through standards to choose the best air purifiers for pets and offer you the top-rated items that are proven to solve the problem adequately. With no further ado, let’s get started.

Why Do You Need an Air Purifier for Pets?

A good air purifier for pets can support these issues:

Reducing Allergens: Airborne allergens such as pet dander, pollen, spore, etc., are hard to detect by eyes and cannot be cleaned thoroughly. An air purifier can filter pollutants in the air, clearly alleviating your allergy symptoms.

Reducing Cleaning Time: Though most of the pet’s fur will cling to the surface of fabric furniture, an amount still exists airborne. In this case, the air purifier will help you with hair floating in the air, decreasing the fur-cleaning job considerably.

Eliminating Odor: House with a pet is hard to avoid pet odor from the pet’s body, gas, and waste. An air purifier with a carbon filter can filter the smell well and wipe away that irritating odor thing. However, to completely get rid of this problem, cleaning the source is essential.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Our editors independently research and summarize the information from reliable pages. We dedicated over 38 hours to this post. The information and data are mostly taken from EPA, American Lung’s Association, the WHO, and organizations that have expertise in air quality. 

We went through over 1000 customer’s reviews on Amazon, Walmart, and Youtube to pick the top-rated items. We do not show our bias to any recommended product, and we don’t receive a commission from the manufacturers. Most out-standing machines with steady and good performance, good rating, and feedback are always our priority.

What to Look for at an Air Purifier for Pets?

High Air Volume

To suck in large particles like pet fur, dust, that air purifier needs to have a high capacity to do the job. Feature to know how strong the machine is via CADR rating, which stands for clean air delivery rate. CADR reflects the volume of air in CFM (cubic feet per meter).

For an air purifier for pets, you don’t need a bulky item with astonishing airflow. All you need is a machine that can work well in your room size.

Concerning this issue, the manufacturer stated well the ideal room size for the machine in the product description.

If your room is bigger than that, the AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) suggests the CADR should be at least equal to 2/3 your room size (square feet).

For example, if your room is 150 sq.ft, the CADR should be:

150* ⅔ = 100 CFM

Activated- Carbon Filter

The activated carbon filter is a porous filter used to absorb odor. When buying for pet purposes, you should buy a HEPA air purifier that has this carbon filter attached.

Noise Level

The machine noise level should be what to concerned next as the bedroom can be where you use the machine the most. The noise level is indicated in decibel (dB). Most products will have this rate in their description. At the air purifier, we classify the noise level in three ranges:

  • <30dB is like a whisper conversion or nearly invisible to our ears.
  • 30dB – 50dB is only as loud as a small rainfall
  • >50dB is as loud as a starting-engine car or a running vacuum.

Additional Functions

If you are in favor of items coming with multi-amenity, aside from timer, sleep mode, auto mode, filter changing alarm, etc.,… you might also want to look for these functions:

  • PM2.5 readers
  • App appetible
  • Remote control

Our Top Picks: Best Air Purifiers for Pets 2022

Based on the standards mentioned above, we have chosen five products which meet the need of ideal ones that are best for pets and allergies.

1. LEVOIT Air Purifier Core P350 for Home Large Bedroom

Best Overall

A model designed especially for pets, LEVOIT 350 with high-capacity air delivered and quiet motor guarantee to improve more than just air problems pet’s brought.

Air VolumeFor RoomNoise Level
141 CFM219 sq.ft 24dB – 50dB

Special Activated Carbon Filter

Using a high-grade modified activated-carbon filter that adds a recombining substance, this item can not only absorb odor particles but also cause them to recompose.

LEVOIT 350, with this advance, can catch odor (such as pet and pet’s ways odor, musty smell, food fume, etc.), effectively reducing the irritating smell in your home to minimum, delivering spotless and odorless air.


To keep the noise low and calm, products from Levoit paired with QuietKEAP Tech are nearly soundless. It keeps the noise at only 24dB and under 50dB at its highest level so you can run the machine next to you while sleeping.

Vortex Air Tech

Adapting Vortex Air Technology, this air purifier propels a strong vortex airflow on its top surface, helping the air spread better and cleaning the air faster.

Within an hour, this guy can clean up a 219 sq. ft room 5 times, making your air the best to breathe.

What’s worth saying, LEVOIT 350 also offers you extra convenient functions like sleep mode, timer, pet lock, providing you wide options for air cleaning.

Our Verdict

The machine is both good wood and good paint. Moreover, the affordable price makes it an item for every house. It provides us many options, works strongly and super quietly. You can put it on the bed table or next to you to breathe in clean air while sleeping.

Natasha’s Review: “This thing is amazing! I have a rabbit and have bad allergies. I was getting itchy all over my body and taking allergy medicine every day. I have had this for one week, and I have not taken any medicine. My itching has completely stopped, and I can breathe again.”

2. Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier 3 Stages

Best for Pet Hair

With extra convenience, cutting design, and super strong motor, the Blueair Pure 211+ is everything you will expect a good air purifier to be.

Air VolumeFor RoomNoise Level
350 CFM540 sq.ft, 620 sq.ft32dB – 56dB

HEPASilent Tech

Blueair Pure with the HEPA Silent Tech works as a thief at 32dB. At this rate, you can barely notice the machine is running.

This item combines electrostatic and mechanical filtration technologies and can capture 99,97% airborne pollutants as small as 0,1 micron. Therefore it can filter PM2.5 dust and most home air issues.

One-button Control

Be extremely friendly to users, this Blueair has only one button to run all its options. You just need to press the knob button one time to start the product, and it will auto-detect and adjust the speed mode, delivering you maximum convenience.

Large Space Coverage

On top of all, this air purifier is ideal for a large room when it can deliver super powerful airflow at 350 CFM. The air outlet on the top helps to send fresh air streams to every corner of a room from any position it stands.

Our Verdict

The products offer a very powerful airflow and air suction which helps it to catch a lot of airbourne hair. Also, this Blueair puts the carbon filter in the last layer, so there might be a light carbon smell in the air propelled out.

Schrute’s Review: “The odors disappear, it smells clean – almost sterile, and it feels like you’re breathing PURE O2 out of an oxygen tank.”

3. VEVA 8000 Elite Pro Series Air Purifier HEPA Filter

Best for Pet Odor

With under 100 bucks, it is hard to find a product that can filter better odor and work more powerful than this VEVA 8000 Pro.

Air VolumeFor RoomNoise Level
CFM325 sq.ftdB

Multiple Activated-Carbon Filter

Being more special than other air purifiers on the market, this VEVA air purifier has 4 activated carbon pre-filter, which help it capture a wide range of stubborn odors such as mold spores, pollen, smoke, pets, etc. Putting it in a heavy-smelling room, you will sense a huge difference the other day.

Dynamic Airflow

This VEVA, with three dynamic speeds, can suck in and deliver the air powerfully. The ultra-premium HEPA filter is advanced to filter even more effectively the airborne pollutants, easily filters micron irritants such as PM2.5, bacteria, pollen, dander, dust.

To know its effectiveness, you can put it in a heavy-dust room and see the result the next day. Sure it will make you surprised, as many users were.

Our Verdict

With many carbon filters, this air purifier traps the odor efficiently. It works very powerful and filters a large number of irritants in a short time. Hence, you can use it in a heavy-smell and heavy-dust environment like a kitchen, basement. 

Sarah’s Review: “It WORKS! I’m extremely allergic to my fiancé’s cat and have a bad dust/pollen allergy as well, so this time of year is usually miserable for me! Since I’ve gotten this, I’ve slept soooo much better and can breathe again!.”

4. Airthereal APH260 Air Purifier for Home

Best for Pet Dander

The Airtel is outstanding with multiple filters. Applying special tech, it works like a charm with many sorts of airborne irritants.

Air VolumeFor RoomNoise Level
152+ CFMover 355 sq.ft28dB – 49dB

Multi filtration

This Airtheral with UV light and Anion technology forms another layer to catch the dirt that has flown through the previous layers, delivering the air as fresh and clean as possible.

Moreover, it has the medical-grade H13 true HEPA filter available. You can use it to replace the origin HEPA filter to filter micropollutants as small as 0,1 micron.

Smart Control

This air purifier automatically detects the air quality index and adjusts the suitable mode accordingly. This function is really helpful as an air purifier with many modes usually makes us confused.

Plus, this Airtheral air capacity is very powerful, so it will be appropriate to use in medium and large rooms like living rooms, kitchens.

Our Verdict

With many steps of filtration, including the UV and Anion Tech, this machine reduces maximum the irritants getting through the filters. Those small allergens, pet dander won’t have a snowball’s chance in hell to be introduced back to the air.

Alina’s Review: “I have a cat in my room, which produces cat fur and dust. I was searching and looking for a good air purifier to cure my runny nose. After getting it for a few days, my allergic nose seems to be getting better.”

5. LEVOIT H13 True HEPA Air Purifier for Home Large Room

Best for Allergies and Asthma

More than just filter pet allergies, this LEVOIT vital 100 also shows high efficiency in filtering heavy smoke. With a modern, sleek design, it will fit in your high-styled room furniture.

Air VolumeFor RoomNoise Level
130 CFMover 300 sq.ft from 23dB

High-efficiency Activated-carbon Filter

This air purifier can filter the odor and smoke well due to its high standard carbon filter. This filter contains multiple hexagon pores, which help it to trap particles more effectively.

Thanks to that, this Levoit air can wipe out that hard-to-get-rid odor from wood, furniture, mold, spore, heavy smoke, etc.

Near-silent Noise Level

Provided a sleep mode, the item is nearly silent at 23dB, ideal for putting in places needed quiet like baby room, bedroom, elderly room.

Top Facing Air Vent

The machine propels air from the top, so when laying on the ground, you can enjoy its fresh air flow when sitting in a high position.

Our Verdict

The machine is ideal for allergies and asthma. It can handle all the smell things, from light food fumes to harsh furniture smell. Plus, it filters smoke remarkably, making it an ideal choice for houses near a wildfire.

Sevier’s Review: “We were at the end of our rope with household odor because of four cats. Entering the Levoit, within hours, we noted significant odor reductions. After a few days….GONE. It is a Christmas miracle!”


Can an Air Purifier Filter a Pet’s Hair?

A high-capacity air purifier can filter airborne fur effectively and help reduce the vacuuming job.

But since the fur mostly clings on the object’s surface, you should use other methods like pet hairbrush and sofa vacuum to reduce the amount of shredded fur as much as possible.

I’m allergic to pets and am raising some, can air purifiers help me feel better?

Pet allergy is sourced mostly from pet dander. The dander can range from large that is visible to so tiny that you are hard to notice. When airborne, it is easy to be inhaled and causes allergy reactions.

An air purifier can effectively filter a large amount of pet allergen and pet dander in the air. Hence you will feel a huge difference when having one. In fact, many have reviewed that they get so much better since having an air purifier.

How to Maintain the Machine?

To prolong the duration of the air purifier, you need to regularly clean the pre-filter and change the filters as the manufacturers suggested, usually after 6-8 months.

Also, it would help if you turned on the mode according to your room’s air condition. Overusing the highest speed in a long time will deteriorate the machine’s efficiency.

Sum up

Air purifiers are a close friend that allergic folks can’t live without. No method is better than an air purifier in curing the air for allergy folks.

Even if you aren’t allergic, air purifiers are still a home appliance you should have in the house. It can solve most indoor air problems, being very beneficial to our health.

Hopefully, you can select your items after our reviews of the best air purifiers for pets, and it is our pleasure if you see this post helpful. See you in our following reviews.

Emily Nguyen the content writer of our team, has been dedicating 2 years to the work of researching and writing regarding indoor air quality. As a person who struggles with asthma, she realizes air quality is the top factor to care for, in terms of healthy breathing. Sharing the same purpose with the team, she does her level best to deliver informative, helpful documents to all her readers.

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