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Top 5 Best Air Filters in 2022

In this world, an air purifier is an essential appliance to keep your family healthy. With those who live in a countryside campus with no fumes, they might be insisting on your fresh atmosphere.

Best Air Filters

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Best Air Filters

But, have you wonder if smokes from cigarettes, pet hairs, mold, and bad smells would invisibly affect your health?

Every space that we live in now is not entirely fresh, and human is suffering polluted air at different levels.

That’s why we need air purifiers.

There are many types of machines filtering your air. But, will you buy a new one if the old one gets overloaded?

We suggest using replaceable air filters- a more economical and portable solution.

Don’t worry because we won’t leave you with hundreds of products but only the top 5 best air filters at the moment.

Let’s see what we’ve got!

Top 5 Best Air Filter Reviews

RabbitAir Original MinusA2RabbitAir Original MinusA218.1 x 16.5 x 4.5Allergens absorber
LEVOIT Air Purifier LV-H132 LEVOIT Air Purifier LV-H1328 x 6 x 1.5Specifically effective with pet hair
Coway 3304899 Coway 330489915 x 13 x 0.2Doubled Activated carbon filter
WinixWinix 11713016.2 x 12.2 x 1.8Multiple sizes for multiple models
IQAir Certified HyperHEPA IQAir 10214140016 x 6 x 14Made to filter ultrafine particles and viruses

1. Rabbit Air Original MinusA2 Filter Replacement

Rabbit Air Original MinusA2 Filter Replacement
Rabbit Air

Among many air filters, this one can save you from sick!!

RabbitAir is a popular name in supplying air purifier regardless of complete devices or parts. This MinusA2 replacement kit promises an attractive choice.

The most outstanding function should be its ability to block smoke from smoking, wildfires, and fumes.

It’s the effect that you can feel it right away after establishment.

If you have a smoker in the house, living with children and women, having this air filter is necessary to protect your family’s health.

Besides, this filter can filter out allergens. To see through its work, it takes the time of several days to fell the difference in the air. However, some people are quite sensitive to allergens or pet hair can feel instant improvement.

RabbitAir will be a shield from all kinds of air issues you meet daily. Moreover, with the HEPA filter, it keeps all particles away from your living space.

The only problem that might stop people from this product must be the price. It is quite expensive in comparison with typical filter replacement. However, it’s a set with two years of resistance, multiple effects, and promised effectiveness.

2. LEVOIT Air Purifier LV-H132 Replacement Filter

Best Air Filter for Pet Hair

RabbitAir saves people from sickness caused by allergens, but there is one more cause to health problems, which is pet hair.

In the market, manufacturers do not focus on solutions for pet hair even though more and more people keep dogs and cats at home as pets.

LEVOIT came up with a product which solved that irritation.

This version of the air filter is a combination of 3 filtrations.

This three-stage layer can trap every type of harmful particles such as smoke, odor, mold, and most importantly, pet hair without blocking the filter itself.

You will feel the fresh air immediately after setting this air filter, especially if you have furry pets living in the house.

People usually come for ozone generators to minimize pet hair because these furs are floating in the air. However, ozone brings another irritation to sensitive noses.

Meanwhile, using HEPA and Activated carbon is totally harmless to both animal and human. It produces no smells and even naturalized odor from your beloved pets.

Having LEVOIT in the house, you can live with a pet in peace.

However, to keep it work well with hair, you need to change the filter quite frequently. Manufacturers suggest six months, but we think you should replace the air filter in 3-4 months.

3. Coway AP-1512HH-FP AP-1518R Replacement filter

Best Air Filter for Odor Solution

Activated charcoal is popularly used to make air filter nowadays. We have no doubts because this material does its job. Therefore, we paid our attention to every product with this chemical, for example, this Coway 3304899 filter.

But what makes it end up being chosen?

It has two carbon pre-filters. It is specially designed to eliminate odors and gases. This doubled shield will protect your family to the fullest for sure.

Another advantage of this filter is quiet operation.

Have you ever been woken up because of the vibration sound from air purifier?

Coway will not let you down if you are seeking something operating in silence.

However, Coway is quite sensitive to cat hair. When the hair falls in the filter, it will vibrate a bit.

4. Genuine Winix 115115 Replacement Filter A for C535, 5300-2, P300, 5300

Best Air Filter for All Models

Speaking of typical filters for airborne particles, we need a proper HEPA filter that Winix is doing the best.

Winix focuses its design in blocking daily dust and air pollutants. It guarantees to eliminated 99.97 % particles breaking your house regarded the size no smaller than 0.3 microns.

Besides, it copes with issues relating to odor. The filter coated with both basic filtrations enough for one year of using.

Besides, we recommend this filter even though it has no unique selling function. The vendor provides this primary filter in many sizes to it in many models of air purifiers. If you can barely find a perfect replacement, this Winnix might be the best available.

5. IQAir Certified HyperHEPA Replacement Filter

Best Air Filter for Complete Protection

All four options below are average in the market which everyone could pay for. But air filter also has its premium segment where only premium products are praised. IQAir is one of those high-classed products.

IQAir will bring you a total world-class experience in air freshening job.

At first glance, it has LEDs for users to watch by night. Besides, they equipped it with a controller to track expiration time. It is for each filter.

Speaking of its effectiveness, there is nothing to complain a bit.

IQAir, the filter is made to trap all particles known existing in the air, including fine and ultrafine thanks for its exclusive medial air filtration.

Let’s review the definition of “Ultrafine’ in a nutshell.

Ultrafine particles are in the air but visually invisible. They are agents to cause heart attack, respiratory issues. And you know what? Ultrafine substances include viruses that can travel to the brain and body’s closed organism.

With conventional HEPA filter and activated carbon layer, you can stay away from mentioned risks.

Besides, this filter is made of CFC-free. So, it’s such an excellent product for the environment.

For all of those effects, people should rush to buy this air filter. But, this product is premium in quality as well as price. People usually joke about its price because we can buy a new air filter instead of an IQAir. However, we cannot buy the technology that saves us from harmful viruses if it is not IQAir products.

Author’s Choice

Among the top 5 best air filter we mentioned, the RabitAir item seems the best purchase concerning price and quality.

We want a product which is compatible with a large number of users as well as reasonable in price.

We trust the technology of RabbitAir. And the price is quite good for a part of the air purifier, too.

What Are Air Filters Available in the Market?

How can we come up with these five products above? It’s the result of studying different options in terms of materials and constructions.

Let’s overview different types on the market and do a fair-play evaluation of each.

1. Considering the Texture of Filters

Basic and HEPA

HEPA and traditional cores are the two most common types. More importantly, they all have lasted long on the market.

These filters, in general, are made of multiple layers of cloth such as foam, cotton, fiberglass, and so on. This multiple-layered filter helps with blocking dust and even micro-sized particles.

Let’s think about micro dust which causes respiratory illnesses. You cannot block them out of your house by shutting windows all days but using HEPA filters.

  • Advantages

Because basic and HEPA filters are quite useful and cheap, they become the consumer’s favorite. These parts are also easy to set up or clean if necessary.

  • Disadvantages

Only minus point is that users need to change the filter every month or two because they fill up with particulates very quickly.

Ionizers and Ozone Generators

While traditional filters only handle the air passively, people develop ionizers and ozone generator to solve floating particles.

This kind of filter will cause dust flying around to stick to surfaces. By doing so, it minimizes the effects of dust to people’s respiratory, especially children.

  • Advantages

This technology enhances air quality even better because it works actively to dust.

  • Disadvantages

However, the filters running on ionizing or ozone irritates lungs as well. Therefore, be careful when you choose these products.

  • Notes

In the market, we have electrostatic filters which work the same but cause less irritation.

Choose the right filter as your need
Choose the right filter as your need

Activated Carbon Filters

Apart from other filters, activated carbon filters cope with smells instead of particles.

You should now that bad smells also affect badly our respiratory. Ordinary cloth in filters cannot tackle intangible pollutants like smells but only dust or particles.

Will you use perfume spray to drown lousy smell? It is such a wrong solution that cause smell even worse.

Filters with activated carbon do not replace the smell by another. They neutralize the odor to make the room odorless.

  • Advantages

It is harmless to people’s health and irritation-free.

  • Disadvantages

Activated carbon filters need combining with other types because they cannot tackle particles.

UV Lights

We have filtrations to eliminate particles and odor, but microbes and viruses are existing in the house that mentioned filters could not remove.

Therefore, people develop UV lights in purifier to kills, harmful agents.

  • Advantages

It can deal with viruses and ultrafine particles, which is no kind of cloth can stop.

  • Disadvantages

These filters are only effective in a small area, so, people usually set it up nearby ventilators or windows where the air comes through before breaking into the house.

2. Considering Materials

Fiberglass filter

Fiberglass is a material commonly found in tradition or HEPA filters. It can stop dust and many sizes of particles easily.

It is so-called throwaway material because it only lasts about 30 days. That’s why we need to replace HEPA purifiers quite frequently.

  • Advantages

It is cheap material and easy to buy in any shops. And we consider it the reason why it becomes popular in the industry of making purifiers.

  • Disadvantages

However, it is not really effective in blocking allergens and microbes.

To freshen the air 100%, you need extra work from specifically functional materials.

Polyester and pleated filters

It is quite the same as fiberglass, but this material is elevated with better resistance and dust-blocking.

  • Advantages

They work better in trapping smaller particles in the air and more durable.

  • Disadvantages

They are more expensive than fiberglass

Washable air filters

  • Advantages

As its name, this material is washable.

  • Disadvantages

In fact, it works better and better with built-in dust. Washing it too frequently even reduces efficiency.

At last, we need to replace it, although it has longer life-span.

How to Change Air Filters?

Changing air filter is not a hard job. However, we need to follow step by step to set it correctly in the purifier.

Step 1: Identify Your Air Filter

It is crucial to identify the size and type of air filter you need to change.

If you don’t know exactly, you can ask local mechanics or shopkeepers referring to the model of air purifier you are using.

Besides, referring the machine, you can search on the Internet suitable replacement.

Step 2: Choose the Best Replacement

Sometimes, you might find out more than one option for replacement. Let’s make a wise choice.

First, pick the air filter with MERV (Minimum Efficiency Report Value) rating above 6.

The higher the rate is, the more effectively it stops small particles.

So, why don’t we choose the highest rate?

High MERV rate will run on more energy, that means you need to pay more for the bill.

Therefore, you should pick the one with the middle MERV.

Step 3: Locate the Air Filter Position

Each air purifier will have its own slot for air filters. Our job is to look for it.

Usually, we can find it in a box between the air handlers.

The part must be naturally removed so you can change the filter inside every month.

Step 4: Change the Filter

To make sure your safety, keep the purifier turned-off when you change the filter.

When dust and particles stop being trapped by the machine, you can remove the old filter.

If you find the correct place, the filter cover will be taken off smoothly.

Be careful with a dirty filter.

Throwaway old filter and insert the new one. Make sure that you keep the previous airflow when changing the original part.

Step 5: Check the Replacement

The best way to check if new part work is by running the machine.

If you do not hear any weird sound, it properly runs well.

You should clean off dirt around the ventilator to keep the new part out of dust.

Step 6: Take Note of the Date

Depending on the air filter, life-span varies. Therefore, it’s necessary to take note the date of changing. You know, to keep track.

We recommend taking a look at the filter every month to ensure normal operation.


Buying a replaceable air filter has nothing to say, but, you need to invest seriously in picking the best ones.

There are many choices available. Manufacturers are on the way to perfect their products by improving materials and technologies.

In general, the best air filters must be the ones which can handle different pollutants as suggested.

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