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RENPHO RP-AP001 Air Purifier Review

It is not exaggerated to say RENPHO RP-AP001 Air Purifier is superb. Good performance and useful functions, it received lots of love from many customers.

  • Brand:


  • Demension:

    14 x 8.1 x 20.9 inches

  • Weight:

    15.8 pounds

  • Speed:

    3 speeds and auto mode

  • Timer:

    2, 4, 8 hours


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Founded in the California United States in 2015, RENPHO focuses on manufacturing massage and health-improving products. Their principle is choosing the best item in the mass production. Promise to bring you the quality products that are good inside out.

“People think of air pollution as an outdoor problem, but they fail to recognize that they’re exposing themselves to much higher emission rates inside their homes,” said Tom Jobson – a professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Even in the well-ventilated house, the air still has contaminants that are harmful to your health. They are pollen, dust, mold, allergens, cooking smoke, cigarette smoke, bacteria, etc.

For this reason, air purifier is an essential device in every house. Being one of the best-seller products and well-performing in multiple aspects, RENPHO RP-AP001 Air Purifier with useful functions will bring back for you the fresh, clean air.

RENPHO RP-AP001 Air Purifier Review

RENPHO Air Purifier is a superb device. It is cleverly designed to wipe out literally all the substances that dare to harm your health. Some highlighted features of the machine are auto-mode amenities, quiet operation, and a powerful engine that changes the air in a big living room.

Notably, RENPHO is the key to anyone who has suffering allergies form pets. With this side by side, you can cuddle your pets without any worry.


Dimension14 x 8.1 x 20.9 inches
Weight15.8 pounds
Noise level=<54, 35 dB is the lowest level
Speed3 speeds and auto mode
Timer2, 4, 8 hours
Child lockYes
Filtration stage5
CADR rate135 CFM (230 m3/h)
Purified areaup to 301 sq. ft (28 m²)
Warranty1 year


RENPHO RP-AP001 Air Purifier Features

Premium 5-stage Filtration System

Hardly could you find the air purifier with many filters than RENPHO. This machine has 5 filtration stages with each own distinct function. Together, they are able to eliminate 99,97% airborne pollutants like pet’s dander, dust, smoke, pollen, allergens odors, and particles, which are as small as 0.3 microns.

In particular, counted from the out layer to the inner one, each filter has a function as follows:

  • Pre-filter: It captures initial large particles in the air, such as pet dander, hair, and inanimate scum.
  • Charcoal filter: It absorbs inanimate particulates and dust.
  • Activated carbon filter: Eliminates and neutralizes various household odors such as pet odors.
  • Antibacterial coating targets bacterial and germs.
  • True HEPA Filter: Capture contaminants down to 0.3 microns and effectively removes 99.97% airborne pollutants.


This guy is able to circulate air in a room whose size is up to 301 sq.ft (28 m²). Its CADR Rate of 135 CFM (230m³/h). You don’t need to move it from corners to corners to clean the room air comprehensively, just put it still and let it do the job.

Manual Modes

Speed buttons: There are 3 speeds available and an auto mode. The auto button will base on the air quality to adjust the suitable speed.

Sleep mode: At many machines, they are annoying when lighting up at night. It turns out to be sleep-disturbing. But at this air purifier, you can turn off all the light on it and lay it in your bedroom while carefree about being disturbed.

Timer: Available timers are 2 hours, 4 hours, and 8 hours. When the time’s up, the machine will turn off.

Child lock: Press the button and hold it a little to activate. Then, the other modes that you adjusted are unchangeable until you unlock.

Air Quality Monitor (AQ mode): This is one significant mode to have in an air purifier. The smart built-in air quality sensor will detect the air pollution rate.

Then, it automatically adjusts the airspeed as well as the light according to the quality of air it senses. There are 3 lights that indicate different rates of pollution:

  • Blue: the air quality is clean and healthy
  • Orange: fair room air, there is a little airborne pollution around
  • Red: there is a lot of airborne pollution

Separated Filter Replacement Indicator

There are 4 numbers, which stand for:

  • Filter light 1: Pre-filter
  • Filter light 2: Charcoal Filter
  • Filter light 3: Activated Carbon Filter
  • Filter light 4: HEPA Filter and Antibacterial Filter

When the light flash at a particular number, you only need to change that filter. No need to replace all the filters at once.

Whisper-Quite Operation

The machine makes no sound at speed one, speed two only makes a little noise if you notice it in a quiet room. At sleep mode, the sound just rates 35dB, which is literally “ear-invisible.”

But when it comes to speed 3 – max level, it works loud a little bit but not too disturbing.


This RENPHO’s cost is about 160 USD. Frankly, the price is a little high for an air purifier. But with useful functions and versatility, it is totally worth it.

The most significant strong point of this RENPHO that made it stand out is the bacteria-rated lights. The second excellent function is multiple filters. Yes, this guy worth the price, and indeed, it received a lot of love.


Where to place it?

The machine is quiet, well-circulated in a medium room and fair-air room. It is appropriate to locate in the bedroom, living room, office.

Basement is the least-circulated place in many houses since they have no or little window for air to escape. So, we understand it obviously is as a nest of bacteria and airborne pollutants.

You can use this RENPHO for your basement. However, the filters will not last for long and need to be replaced in a couple of months. If you intend to purify the basement, we have for you the reviews about air purifiers for dusty environment.

Filter replacing and cleaning

Filter 1: The Pre-filter is washable since it is a piece of plastic. Usually, the filter needs to be cleaned every month.

Filter 2: Charcoal Filter is suggested to be replaced every 6 months.

Filter 3: Activated Carbon Filter is suggested to be replaced every 6 months.

Filter 4: HEPA filter is suggested to be replaced every 6 months.

The pollution in the room affects the duration of filters too. If your room is too dusty or moisture, the time will be shorter than that.

For the filter replacement, filters for this RENPHO are now available and straightforward to order.

Sum up

With convenient functions that hardly meet at other air purifiers. Not only that, the performance and durability of this RENPHO are also excellent. We say this is one go-to item.

For more air purifier reviews, visit us for more options.

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