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Levoit LV-H128 True HEPA Purifier Review

Looking for an affordable yet effective air purifier, we will offer you one of the best items we found - the Levoit LV - H128. Read on for a true review based on our own experience.

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The Levoit LV-H128 offers a sleek design and a reasonable price, which points to many people looking for an air purifier with this price range.

And it would be icing on the cake when such a budget-friendly product performs more than it is worth. We find that this Levoit guy is the evidence of this conclusion.

In this post, our team will provide you with a true, in-depth review based on our own experience during 8 months using the product.

Whatever info you consider about this machine, we will ensure you get it after this review. More than that is the help in deciding on whether you should buy this product or not.

With no further ado, let’s get started.

Levoit LV-H128 True HEPA Purifier Review

Levoit LV-H128 Statistic

For the shortcut of the Levoit LV-H128 feature, this table will provide you all the necessary info:

Weight3.3 Pounds
Size (L x W x H)6.69 x 6.69 x 10.43 inches
Child LockNo
Coverage area161 sq.ft
Remote Control or other control (Phone App, Alexa, Google Voice Control)No
Noise level (dB)28 dB to 44 dB
Sleep modeYes
Auto modeNo
Eco modeNo
FiltrationPre filter – Carbon – H13 True HEPA
Pollutant IndicatorNo
Filter changing IndicatorYes
Filter durationHEPA: 1 YEARCarbon: 6 months
Available colorWhite
Warranty 2 years
Manual LinkLink

An Overview of Our Experience

This Levoit LV – H128 does gain a really good name out there, and lots of people have used it and left compliments. So we decided to experience it to know if it lives up to its name or not.

One of our team members who worked with us on this review has used the product. She put it in her double bedroom for personal use for eight months. After all the time, it has not performed any flaws or faults at all. She is delighted with its performance.

Product Design: It is made to avoid scratches and is easy to clean.

Front of Levoit LV-H128

From our standpoint, the machine is of good quality in build. The design is very robust. Its surface is not shiny or reflected. This is why it looks very sleek, simple, and not too modern.

The housing is made of plastic, yet it doesn’t look cheap at all. Also, the material is a little rough on the surface, which helps it avoid scratches and is good to clean. So you will find there is very little to no staining or marks at all after a long time of using.

In addition, we prefer the square shape of it. Combining all, we think this Levoit guy is well designed, simple, not too flashy, and can match nicely with any room decoration.

Performance: Quiet and Efficient in filtering smell

With three layers of filters: a pre-filter, H13 True HEPA filter, and carbon filter, the machine is said to capture up to 99.97% of particles in the air.

It is claimed to work best in a room about 161 sq. ft. So we put it in a bedroom which is approximately the same size. And indeed, we notice there is a positive change in the air quality that can be visually recognized.

How it Handle Dust

First of all, the air after using the air purifier gets a lot lighter than before. This is extremely helpful to someone with unwell breathing or those with asthma. 

Though the air purifier does not propel strong airflow, the air outlet on the top helps it circulate the air better. At first, we noticed there wasn’t much change in the amount of dust in the air.

The machine is quite weak in terms of filtering air in a few hours. It won’t show immediate effect but grows after an hour’s use.

But after a time using it, we saw that the dust wasn’t sticking to the furniture, window sills, or the door as much as before.

Our team member usually uses it overnight for 9 hours straight and then 4 -10 hours more in the day. She has a pet, and the pet hair is only ever limited to the blanket the pet is on and does not spread across the room like it used to.

How it Handle Smell

We recognize that this Levoit guy handles the smell pretty well, and it takes only a short time until the smell is gone. This could be explained as this guy was paired with a thick pallet of carbon filter, which is way better than an item with a carbon filter that is as thick as paper.

As proof of its efficiency, our team member raised a cat, and she noticed the machine made a massive change in the pet’s odor. The pet smell nearly disappears when the device is on.

She also has some second-hand furniture in the room with a potent odor. And the air purifier completely got rid of this to where she cannot smell the odor at all, and no one else who comes into the room can either.

How it Handle Smoke

The carbon filter is efficient to filter smoke and odor carried in it. Though our team member didn’t live in areas with high smoke concentrations or live in regions where wildfire smoke occurs, she noticed cooking smoke and food fumes get better after a few minutes of turning the air purifier on when putting on the countertop.

If you have a spouse who smokes or lacks a range hood in the kitchen, this air purifier can improve the air condition and make you feel more comfortable after a short time.

Product Noise: Quiet for working and activities

The machine will start at sleep mode and then low to high mode. If you let it have a quiet ambiance, at first, it is clear but still very low and is relaxing to listen to, not disruptive.

The product noise is said to be from 28 dB to 44 dB, which is really quiet, just as loud as a whispering sound. When using it, we were really pleased with how quiet the air purifier is.

At high level when putting the machine about 1-2 feet from you, the noise sounds very quiet and calm. We used the dB meter to measure how loud the noise was. And it is only a few dB louder than the claimed rate.

Levoit LV-H128 Noise

She finds the low level noise relaxing but if you did have to record any audio, you would have to turn the machine off as it would be picked up by the microphones.

For this feature, it is very suitable to put it on your working desk or bed table to enjoy fresh air better, without being disturbed by the noise.

Above all, sleep mode is the most important. We all need a quiet space to sleep which makes it necessary to measure this machine’s sound in sleep mode.

However, when putting the dB meter next to the air purifier, the number went up a lot louder than the advertised rate. Here is the video we recorded about the sleep mode sound:

We are concerned that it is noisy when placing the machine next to the bed table. Therefore, it would be best to place it 1-2 feet away from where you lie so the noise can decrease and won’t disturb your sleep.

Ease of use: Easy to use with one controlling button

The machine is very small and light. It is only 3.3 pounds, so it is very convenient to carry to other places or to your office.

There is no handle to lift it up, so when you have to move the machine, you have to grab all its body. But this is not difficult to work out, and we don’t see it as a real drawback.

Using Levoit LV-H128

There are no extra functions for this product. You will find it is very easy to use and control. There is only one button, and a light comes on for each setting. You have to push the button three times maximum to go through all the different settings of the device.

However, if you prefer a machine with smart functions like app appetible, child lock, pollutant indicator, etc., this little guy will not be ideal for you. 

In sleep mode, the light will turn off after 3-5 seconds after starting. So you won’t be disturbed by the light when sleeping. At low and high modes, the light will turn on and remain. From our point of view, the light is too bright and stands out. We would want it to be less shining so it won’t catch too much attention.

When the filter is full, it will turn red, so you will know when to change the filters. But it didn’t say which filter is full, as there are two layers of filtration, which is confusing. We have to change both of them once the alarming light is on. And this is inconvenient to us.

Back of Levoit LV-H128

The machine uses wire to take electricity from the outlet like every air purifier does. However, its wire is too short to reach somewhere far a little bit from the power source. We find it inconvenient to place the machine in a higher position or in the middle of the room. So, our member always has to use an extended cord, which is quite disturbing.

Talking about the guidance to use, we give a huge thumbs up for the instruction manual of this brand. They explain very clearly about the product usage, giving you solutions to each problem that might come up when using the product. You don’t need to ask somewhere else as the manual will have all the information you need about the machine.

Machine Cleaning: The closing pad is easy to take out and snap in

They said to change the filter after every 6-8 months depending on how polluted the air in your room is and 2-4 weeks to wash the pre-filter. Our friend’s room is pretty neat and clean and she has used it for 8 months without any red light indicating.

Levoit LV-H128 Cleaning

As you can see, the HEPA filter got a lot of dust and pet hair on during all those months. The filter captures all the airborne dust and particles in the breathing air. Without this machine, all of this dust would have traveled to your lungs instead.

Energy Consuming: Super energy saving with 10W/H

This Levoit is super energy and money-saving. At low mode, it only consumes 10W per hour. So if you turn it on continuously 24/7 in a year, it costs you just approximately $10. So when using the machine, you have to worry about the electric bill.

Product Price: Quality is worth more than price

For all the features above, we would say that this product is definitely worth the small investment. It is very efficient in helping our team member feel comfortable and better whenever they have a cold or a headache. And it is very efficient to help her to feel healthier again.

If you have pets in the room, their fur on dander won’t bother you anymore. This problem is easy to put away and set back up.

What We Like

  • Sleep setting & how the light goes off.
  • High and low setting
  • Relaxing sounds
  • Good for a gentle breeze
  • Easy to set up
  • Design is sleek and not too modern
  • Energy saving

What We Don’t Like

  • Short wire
  • Handle dust only initially
  • The airflow is quite weak

Bottom Line 

Though the product only gets to help with the dust initially ( as it doesn’t make a massive difference), the other benefits are great!

The air after the machine is lighter, and it also feels healthier to breathe, obviously. You will also feel the air quality noticeably change, and breathing almost seems easier, which is an amazing benefit. And the main reason we consume it is a great product. 

For the effects it has made on the room, the machine’s performance is a lot more expensive than its price. With a very affordable and huge benefit brought, we would give a big thumbs up and encourage anyone with or without pets to get one for a small bedroom.

Hopefully, you like our Levoit LV-H128 air purifier review and find the help you need. We will come back for more quality posts. Stay tuned!

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