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What Is Self-cleaning Humidifier? Pros and Cons

Is your room too dry, but you hardly have time to clean usual humidifiers? Then, read our article now to know “What is a self-cleaning humidifier?” and its pros and cons.

Construction of a self-cleaning humidifier

Construction of a self-cleaning humidifier

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Are you tired of the dry air in your house that causes many difficulties like skin dryness, eye discomfort, sore throats, or sinuses? Also, you are having to put much effort into clearing the dust and dirt attracted to your computer monitors or TV screens.

Thus, why don’t you try using a humidifier? Still, although the humidifier is functioning effectively, you do not have much time to clean it? Then, a self-cleaning humidifier is a wise choice.

In our article today, we will answer all the questions related to humidifiers, such as: What is a self-cleaning humidifier?, pros and cons, as well as the differences between different types of humidifiers. Stay stunned for all the useful pieces of information below!

What is a Self-cleaning Humidifier?

A self-cleaning humidifier is a humidifier that is capable of doing all of the cleaning tasks by itself. That sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? You no longer have to set the alarm every day for the time to change the water in the humidifier.

When mentioning self-cleaning humidifiers, its term is a little misled. In fact, they are humidifiers coming with specially designed filters that are able to remove the minerals, microorganisms, and contaminants in the water before being turned into mist. And through this removal, the water is remained clean and requires no need for frequent cleaning.

How does a Self-cleaning Humidifier Work?

Of course, although installed with the automatic cleaning system, a self-cleaning humidifier is guaranteed to function properly like any other regular humidifiers.

Construction of a self-cleaning humidifier
Construction of a self-cleaning humidifier

First of all, let’s talk a little bit about the similarities between self-cleaning humidifiers and standard ones. They all definitely contain a water tank to store water for mist. Besides, there is always an air outlet valve for the mist to come out.

So, what makes self-cleaning humidifiers special and worth to buy?

It features the ultraviolet sterilization sub-system. The UV rays in the system are applied to filter the water. When the water goes through this filter, if there are any germs, bacteria, or tiny organisms, the UV radiation will eliminate them.

But that is not all. UV radiation has the ability to prevent all of the small creatures in the water from reproducing. This means they will never achieve a necessary concentration to cause harm to human health. In spite of being alive, they are just staying there and waiting until they are digested or destroyed by body systems.

Not only that, but it also comes with a special filter known as the continuous water circulation system. It will exchange the filtered water continuously to keep the tiny organisms floating in the water, leaving them with no footholds. Over time, with the inability to cling onto something, they will gradually be weaker and thus, there will be no more pathogens.

In short, to give out fresh and healthy mist, the self-cleaning humidifiers filter the input water with ultraviolet sterilization sub-system and circulate the filtered water continuously. Eventually, you will have both a moist and healthy atmosphere in your room.

Pros and Cons


Less Cleaning

As the name suggests, with a self-cleaning humidifier, you will not need to clean it on your own anymore. To be more specific, thanks to the advanced technology used in the machine, the water is kept clean all the time, making it easy to use.

In fact, you still have to do some parts of the cleaning tasks that the unit can’t do like changing the water. You also need to clean it on a regular basis, about twice a month to keep it in good condition. Clearly seen, the water changing time is now much longer than normal humidifiers, which is every 3 days.

Allergies and Sinusitis Relief

The root causes of allergies or sinusitis can be attributed to allergens such as limescale deposits, bacteria, etc. When all of these triggers passing the nose and the throat, they create congestions.

The easiest way to deal with these problems is to add more water molecules into the air, making stubborn mucous diluted. And that is the way a humidifier works. Especially, when it comes to a self-cleaning humidifier, it not only keeps the moisture level in the environment optimal, but it also helps the air get rid of pathogens by special filters and cartridges.

Even more, some products are provided with soothing medical ingredients to expel the discomfort.


This factor absolutely can’t be missed on the list of the advantages of a self-cleaning humidifier.

As stated above, it reduces the cleaning workload.

What is more, it is truly helpful for absent-minded people. Have you ever pulled the tank out while the power of the humidifier is still on? If you do, then a self-cleaning is a perfect choice. It will automatically turn off if you happen to remove the tank without plugging it out.

And the most interesting feature is its timer function, which makes it a breeze to operate the device. To be more specific, it will adjust the amount of time it will be running to your current ambiance. Thus, you will not have to worry about whether the humidity is too high or not.



One minor drawback of self-cleaning humidifiers is that it is somehow noisier. As they have to process the water, the noise level can be too high to be put in the bedrooms.


Yet, compared to other types of humidifiers, a self-cleaning humidifier is a little more pricey.

However, taking all of its features into consideration, it is a really cool device, isn’t it? Everything is worth its price, and so is a self-cleaning humidifier. Obviously, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


Self-cleaning humidifiers are a wonderful device. They are able to reduce the cleaning tasks and bring a lot of convenience to the users, especially absent-minded ones. They are also helpful for people with allergies or sinusitis.

Apart from the small disadvantages of noise and price, they are worth buying.

Hopefully, through our article today, you can know “What is a self-cleaning humidifier?”, pros and cons of this type, and how it works.

And now, thanks for reading!

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