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What Does An Air Ionizer Do? Does It Work Well?

You have no clues about "What does an Air Ionizer do"? Does it really work, and is it worth your money? This post will reveal to you the answers!

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More and more people are investing in household appliances that protect and promote health. This is completely understandable because our environment is gradually becoming more polluted.

A device that has been quite popular and popular recently is the Air Ionizer. But do you understand “What does an Air Ionizer do“? Continue reading this article to get more information and consider whether to invest in it.

What Does An Air Ionizer Do? 

How Does It Operate?

Anion generator, also called ionizer purifiers or ion purifiers, uses high voltage to deliver negative charge into the air. These negative ions will meet positive ions to form larger particles.

These particles will stick to the surface of the objects in the room and gather inside your space. Users can traditionally clean them or choose high-end machines capable of sucking these particles inside.

Anion generator
This device release Negative ion to remove bacterias and viruses

What Does An Air Ionizer Do?

In an easy-to-understand way, this generator helps to reduce pollution or harmful substances by the air ionization. This means it provides negative ions to attract positive ions and charge the molecules.

Positive Ion

Despite its positive name, this type of ion is usually not beneficial to human health. Compared to Negative Ion, this is more abundant in the air.

Positive ions will bring negative effects to the body. Examples can be mentioned as raising blood pressure, creating a feeling of fatigue, making your bad mood worse.

Negative Ion

On the contrary, Negative ions bring positive energy. Or, as the saying goes, when you need “fresher atmosphere,” you need more negative ions.

According to scientific studies, negative ions can help you:

  • Release stress and promote your relaxation
  • Enhance your sleep quality
  • Decrease irritability
  • Reduce viruses and allergens 

Does It Work?

The answer to this question caused a lot of controversies. The cause comes from two types of pollutants humans face every day: gaseous pollutants and particulate pollutants. The cleaning effect of a Negative ion air purifier for these two types is different.

  • Gaseous: It does not have the function of removing toxic gasses or odors. However, the amount of ions it gives off during ionization also impacts them.
  • Particulate: Negative ion generators add an electrical charge to positive particles causing them to precipitate and stick to surfaces such as carpets or floors. This requires a fresh feeling, and you need to clean your area thoroughly and properly.

Therefore, the effectiveness of the Ion air conditioner brings a lot of mixed opinions. So it will depend on your point of view on cleaning.

Ion air conditioner
The effectiveness of Anion generator is still controversial – Image source: Flickr

Air Izonizer’s Benefits And Drawbacks


  • Purify the atmosphere inside your house
  • Reduce mold species, viruses, and bacterias
  • Improve sleep quality 
  • Support mood up and release stress
  • Create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere
  • Increase immune function


  • Ineffective for gaseous pollutants or odors
  • Doesn’t work well in a dust environment
  • The long-term ozone it releases can cause health problem

Different Types Of Air Ionizer 

Fanless Ion Generator

A fanless ionizer works like an air conditioner. It operates relatively smoothly and does not make any annoying noises. However, a conspicuous disadvantage of this type is that it cannot push the wind flow to circulate quickly. Therefore, it needs more time to clean your space.

Ion Generator With Fan

In contrast to the fanless type, this one uses thrust from the propeller to create convection, which speeds up the cleaning process. You will feel more comfortable because the room will be more ventilated.

Electrostatic Precipitator Ionizer

Electrostatic Precipitator Ionizer is offering a new way of working. Instead of releasing negative ions into the air to precipitate with positive ions, it draws the positive ions into a negatively charged plate. 

It’s really interesting because, with this mechanism, you won’t need to spend time cleaning up particles that are stuck on the carpet, floor, or any other surface in your room.

Bipolar Ionizer

The difference is that instead of just dispersing negative ions into the air, it disperses both positive and negative ions through an in-duct HVAC system. It will then still form a precipitate between airborne particles like those mentioned above.

Air Purifier With Ionizer

An ionizer air purifier is a combination of these two devices to promote cleaning efficiency. This device will include a HEPA filter to help filter and remove dust from your space.

An purifier with ionizer is a great combination
An purifier with ionizer is a great combination


To sum up, what does an air ionizer do? It will disperse negative ion particles into the atmosphere to form larger particles, to clean and limit pollution. In addition, negative ion particles also make you feel more comfortable and reduce stress.

It would be better to choose devices that have the function of vacuuming or directly sucking in positive ions. They will save you the hassle of cleaning it up.


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