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Different Common Types of Fans Applied in Your Sweat Home

The fan machine world is bigger than we might think. In each circumstance, fans are made differently to provide the max efficiency. In households, we have these types of fans available.

Types of Fans

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As we know well, the normal human body is at 37 degree Celsius, how can we bare if there is no cooling device in the house.

That is the reason why the air-cooling machine in general and the fan, in particular, is the essential electrical device that every house must-have.

Types of Fans

This is why, nowadays, the fan is invented under various forms. Each kind is master in a particular circumstance.

What do you obtain after viewing our writing? Well, to help with the overview and then the details, in this post, we will roll call types of fans that commonly use in households.

We will bring you the most exact information about the types of fans, their pros and cons that we summed up from the reliable website.

At Home Air Machines, you will influence how to use best the air machines in no time.

Types of Fans to Apply in the House

The fan industry appears numerous types of fans that use in different environments. In this post, we focus on the types of fans that adopt in just households. Here are the 7 kinds we selected:

1. Pedestal Fan

Pedestal FanIs there any fan that has a triple combo: powerful, inexpensive, and less power consuming? Sure, the pedestal fan would win the goal.

Pedestal Fan main parts are the stable round, or square stand, the slim pedestal, and the mount with blades on the top.

This type of fan is famous due to its useful usage. In Southeast Asia, every house has at least one of these, and many families worldwide would love to have the item. For particular reasons, you will know why this fan is so favored.

With the blades of 3,4, and 5, paired with a powerful motor, pedestal fan can effectively deliver a potent breeze to your room.

Pedestal fan is popular for its flexibility. It can rotate from 70 to 90 degrees on its standard post. Primarily, you can adjust the height, lift, or low down the fan’s neck, and pause the fan in one direction to enjoy the desiring air-blowing.

Moreover, cleaning is straightforward with a pedestal fan. Spend a few minutes to disassemble the parts and then wash them. After that, assemble them back and there you go your clean fan.

Add to the convenient, the fan can adapt to the dusty environment and able to last for a long time.

Depending on how much you are willing to pay that you can receive different amenities. Pedestal fan is now created with remote control, timer, sleep mode, and 3-to-10-speed settings. How convenient!

This guy provides the best air velocity within 9.6 feet; it means that it can reach almost the angle in the room. Base on the structure and function, the pedestal fan is ideal for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, garage.

What are good

  • Send powerful breeze
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Simple assembling steps
  • Adjustable height, air direction.

What are bad

  • It cannot prevent curious fingers, hair, fur.
  • Need large space to rotate

2. Tower Fan

Tower Fan

Though it had just been invented decades ago, tower fan has become a “hot wave” worldwide. As we could tell, customers do not expect completely on the brilliant performance of the item but care about its chic design.

The first thing that catches our eyes is the look. About this, the tower fan absolutely attracts us with its modern design. The slim, tall shape, combine with bladeless design score points for the appearance of these guys.

In an account of these features, the tower fan perfectly matches any room space, plus enhances the decorated interior.

The model usually created with multi airspeeds. As there are always exceptions, many tower fans can deliver up to 10-speed modes. The item can rotate around the pedestal 90 degrees; some types even had a wider angle.

Like a box, from top to bottom, the fan is entirely covered with a plastic case. With the inside motor and the bladeless design, the fan is safe for households that have kids.

Tower Fan offers various useful functions. Buy the item; purchasers can get these amenities: convenient remote control, timer, night-mode, many fan speeds, oscillating function, some even have ionic mode and air purifying mode.

With these advantages, tower fan can both create a pleasant and quality breeze. If you are interested in the tower fan and would like to know more, we have a post about the 10 best tower fans here.

What are good

  • Classy design
  • Available with extra amenities
  • Be slim and tall, capable of sending breeze to high positions
  • Space-saving
  • Work nice and quietly

What are bad

  • It is exhausting to disassemble and assemble.
  • Hard to clean without a high-sucking vacuum.
  • To most tower fans, they are not really powerful.

3. Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan

This big buddy will meet you with many useful traditional and upgraded functions. As the name has it explain the fan position, the ceiling fan is hung on the standard ceiling of the room.

Let’s talk about the fan’s structure. The fan varies from 3, 4 to 5 blades; these are the average numbers of ceiling fan producers. Of course, not all the ceiling fans follow this rule, it still exists ceiling fans with up to 8 fan wings.

As the fan with the most extended blades in the fan world, the ceiling fan has advantages that other genres couldn’t have.

Each wing is from 40 to 60 inches long, which could deliver the gentle breeze for a chamber. Usually, the ceiling fan is available with three speed-setting

The ceiling fan is designed in two forms of motor, which are AC (Alternating current) and DC (Direct Current).

AC Ceiling Fan is controlled by a switching button. Usually, it has 3 speeds available and delivers light air-blowing. AC Ceiling Fan cannot rotate anticlockwise.

About another motor, DC Ceiling fan is various in function. You can command them via the remote control, plus enjoying many speed modes, high velocity, reverse rotating, and the fancy model. But in exchange, DC Ceiling Fan is 70% more electricity consuming than the AC.

What are good

  • Work smoothly and quietly
  • Cool up a large space quickly
  • Long last duration
  • Space-saving
  • Consume a small amount of energy
  • Good looking design
  • Light and portable

What are bad

  • Hard to clean
  • Can be dangerous
  • Installing lights on the ceiling is more complicated.

4. Floor Fan

Floor Fan

When the weather turns too hot that intensely warms up your room, the cooling floor fan is the way of rescue.

This type of fan stays close to the floor to bring the most efficiency. The fan cannot oscillate, but instead, an adjustable tilt head allows you to direct the focused airflow in the appropriate direction.

The fan can able to rotate a 180-degree angle around its axis. When adjusting the fan’s mount parallel the ceiling, it would deliver the maximum air circulation. So, paper and small kinds of stuff on the table will not be stirred or blew away.

Typically, the fan is designed with three wide blades. Accompany with a powerful motor; the fan is able to send super strong winds to blow out the scorching heat.

It is convenient to move the device from one room to another as it is low-weight and portable. With these features, floor fan can be used in all kinds of places and be suitable to bring to outdoor ambiances, like the balcony, terrace, patio, etc.

The fan commonly has three fan-speed. Each stage provides a distinguished level of airflow, bring you the most comfort.

Searching this product, you can find the fan from various sizes and lengths of blades.

What are good

  • Extremely powerful breeze
  • Ideal for bringing outdoor
  • Focus air-blowing
  • Easy to clean

What are bad

  • It makes sounds
  • Cannot rotate in horizontal
  • Not score in amenities

5. Table Fan

Table FanAs more people stick to the table for most of the day, table fan becomes more popular nowadays. Due to many handfuls of functions and suitable gadgets, this device reasonably gains a position in many houses.

The fan size is small since it is designed to cool a single person. Growing paralleling with the increasing requirements, table fan evolved every year.

Indeed, the size of the fan does tell the velocity, but many table fan factories have improved this weakness. Here in 2019, table fan is both small and powerful.

The portable feature is ideal for far trips, as long as there is a socket around.

In addition, this little buddy is equipped with amenities that could bring you the please maximumly. The multi-direction motorized oscillation feature creates a pleasant wind to diverse angles and substantial areas.

To adjust the breeze in a pacific direction, you can tilt the table fan head up or down, back or front. Plus, cleaning meets no obstacle with this fellow.

What are good

  • Be convenient and super portable
  • Potent winds
  • Adjustable tilt
  • Easy to clean

What are bad

  • Create noise

6. Wall Mounted Fan

Wall Mounted Fan

When floor space turns out an issue, wall fan will efficiently help you with space savings.

You will see, wall fan has all the features of the pedestal fan, except the locating spot. Instead of having a pedestal to balance, this fan is hung on the stable wall.

The fan does a great job of delivering powerful air-blowing to an ample room space. Thanks to the position, and plus the oscillating function of the wall fan, its airflow can reach further, cover a larger area.

The fan is excellent when it takes up zero floor space, which makes it ideal for small rooms, offices. Plus, safety is guaranteed, since it is too high to the reach of children, you don’t have to border the curious fingers.

Some amenities that can go with the item are the multiple speed setting on the fan, the controlling string, oscillating, ideal size, lightweight, especially, the mist-creating function.

What are good

  • Efficiently save your room space
  • 100% safe for children
  • Powerful air-blowing and oscillating functions
  • Easy to clean

What are bad

  • Stable at one position

7. Exhaust Fan

Exhaust Fan

Imagine a plate of delicious fried chicken wings; the taste is exploding when we drip the wings a little tomato sauce. The exhaust fan is like the tomato sauce. It is not a primary cooling device but a supporter to plus to the cooling efficiency.

The fan is placed inside the wall. Its function is to exhaust the hot air in the room outside and vice versa, suck cool breeze of the outdoor into the small rooms.

Exhaust fan is the perfect one for rooms with no windows, rooms that always stuck with the smell. Hence, it is often used in bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, which ambiances need air escape all the time.

What are good

  • Remote control
  • Usually, it has a programmable thermostat
  • Sucking and exhausting
  • Work smoothly and quietly
  • Save room space
  • Efficiently cool the room

What are bad

  • Difficult to install

Fan’s Common Technologies

Axial Fan

Axial Fan

Axial Fan is a type of fan that propels the air in an axial direction. In particular, it sucks in air and releases it in a straightway.

There are three types of axial fan, which are tube axial, vane axial, and propeller.

Since this technology provides a great deal of air-blowing, it is applied in the cooling fan in households, such as pedestal fan, wall fan, table fan, etc.

Bladeless Fan

Bladeless Fan

Bladeless Fan, sometimes called air multiplier, is the latest fan technology that shocked the fan industry. The fan with this technology includes a big ring on the top, where air escapes; and the base that hides the motor, and blades.

Bladeless fan is stunning at the look. On the market, tower fans are widely applied to this technology, in particular, Dyson’s items.

The highlight of this awesome technology is the quietness it can keep. Since the motor is hidden inside, during the operating time, the fan is just like a whispering sound.

Sum Up

Breath in relieves since we had over the post. After covering the article above, do you find it is helpful to your needs?

Though the information is pretty much, it would be more efficient in different situations of the different users.

Or you can skip the other parts and read what you need. Drag the mouse to notice the headings as to have an overview and then select the info you need; it would save your time a lot.

If our information is helpful to you, then we would be so glad to know. For more info about the household air machines, you know where to find.

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