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Indoor Air Quality Design Tools For Schools – Fresh Air For Kids

Indoor air quality design tools for schools are a core standard in education. Let’s learn how to have a complete plan for an efficient ventilation system in schools.

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Indoor air quality design tools for schools are the standard for in-home atmosphere. It affects the health and learning process of children. 

School is a public and crowded place. So, ensuring a fresh atmosphere and environment is an essential rule. This article will help you better understand a complete construction IAQ management plan.

Indoor air quality design tools for schools

Indoor Air Quality Design Tools For Schools 

Preliminary Design Phases

Preliminary design phases are crucial in the indoor air quality management plan. In this step, the designer must check the air conditions in the area to choose suitable materials, purifiers, and ventilators.

You must consider many factors before selecting an HVAC system. Is the HVAC system easy to use? Whether the placement of windows or ventilators results in high efficiency. Those are usual questions that you have to answer.

Control Pollutants

There are many reasons for environmental pollution in schools. These sources can come from building materials and laboratory chemicals or from waste sources in schools.

To control pollutants, you can replace conventional materials with friendly ones. To do this, schools should limit tools that can release gasses and odors. The most important thing is still to renovate the ventilation or waste filtration system.

Control Pollutants

Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning 

Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC system) determine whether the atmosphere is clean and well recirculated. It is an important system in schools, but it has the disadvantage of consuming a lot of energy.

Currently, many indoor air quality contractors use central HVAC handling units (AHUs). They can filter the air in a larger area but still keep quiet. Besides, these items are easier to use and maintain in schools than traditional ones.

Control Moisture 

Moisture is also a factor affecting air standards. The humidity helps mold and bacteria in the atmosphere grow faster. It will affect the health, learning, and work of students and staff.

At school, moisture often comes from wet materials or condensation on surfaces. So, they should choose filters or fans with dehumidifying functions to make the air always airy and dry.


Construction indoor air quality management plan is also a decisive factor. Constructing steps that do not follow standards will cause potential consequences later. Moreover, it can be costly because you have to repair or replace the machine if you cannot fix the damage.


Commissioning decides whether everything goes according to the construction plan or not. Once installing the air purification is correct, the performance of the plan can be achieved. It includes ventilated space, a clean atmosphere, and the health of the students.

If you detect errors, you can ask the construction team to correct them. It ensures the safety and economic benefits for later official use.

Construction indoor air quality management plan

Renovation and Repair of Existing Schools

School renovations can affect atmosphere quality. The cause may come from the dust of the materials when dismantling. So, people should conduct it without students gathered in the school.

Besides, the renovation process may interfere with ventilation or air release. It is why the atmosphere of school buildings during renovations is more stuffy and dirtier than usual.

Operations and Maintenance

Operating and maintaining determine the durability of indoor air quality design tools for schools. Once this stage is effective, the investment in the system of the new buildings can achieve the desired effect.

At schools, people should spend a separate budget on the maintenance process. Developing a periodical implementation plan and guidance for employees are also indispensable stuff in this stage.

Portable Classrooms

Portable classrooms offer flexibility in school but create difficulty for the HVAC system. People usually make them from pressed wood. So, the level of pollution caused by chemicals in small classrooms is higher than usual.

With poor ventilation and filtration systems, the atmosphere quality in mobile classrooms drops.

Why Is Indoor Air Quality Plan Construction Important? 

IAQ is the basis for measuring the atmosphere in homes for schools, companies, and apartments. Therefore, indoor air quality plan construction is critical to installing the filtration and ventilation system.

A complete plan will make work more productive because you have ordered your work tasks in advance. Also, it helps you test needed steps or redundant details in the workflow.

Thanks to the well-prepared scheme, you better understand the location and atmosphere quality around the area. As such, schools can choose building materials, machines, and the right place in the building.

Final Words 

Indoor air quality design tools for schools are indispensable for any school. Quality ventilation and filtration systems ensure a clean atmosphere for students and teachers. It is the first criterion for better educational outcomes. So, even when this investment plan is not cheap, any academic institution should take it into account for its practical values.


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