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How To Clean A Humidifier: Optimal Guide – Why It Is Important?

Take part in the “How to clean a humidifier: Optimal guide“ to optimize your moisture-maker right away! This cleaning job is totally not difficult to do!

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We believe the regional climate where you live is quite cold and dry. And you need to invest in a humidifier. They have an amazing ability, from humidifying and disinfecting indoors, removing viruses in the air to keeping your skin cool and well-ventilated.

However, you always worry about cleaning the humidifier because they accumulate too much dirt. Don’t worry, in the article: How to clean a humidifier: Optimal Guide, we will help you get rid of your problems and enjoy life to the fullest. Now, let’s get started!

How To Clean A Humidifier: Optimal Guide
How To Clean A Humidifier: Optimal Guide – Why It Is Important?

Why Use Humidifiers?

Do you know that having a humidifier in your home is very necessary? In the first section of How to clean a humidifier: Optimal Guide, we will explain all the benefits you could get from this machine. Scroll down!

Why Use Humidifiers?
Why Use Humidifiers?

Prevent the spread of airborne viruses

Many researchers and experts have confirmed that the airborne viruses become useless in an environment with high humidity. More specifically, up to 80% of the batteries become weaker and spread out slower in this moisture condition. 

It is really easy to understand this case. As the germs weigh much more than air (or at least similar), the humidity will create effects to make them even heavier. And the result is, they can not fly or float well. Of course, when they are unable to move, they become useless.

Prevent snoring

Do you notice that every time you breathe with your mouth, you feel some dryness at your throat? Really bad to say that this dryness will create some irritations that make you snore during sleep. That is totally an uncomfortable feeling, right?

But be assured because with the help of a humidifier, you can have enough moisture to take care of the tissues inside the throat. In consequence, you can stop snoring and have better sleep.

Prevent dry skin

Do you know that about 80% of the human body is water? In dry weather, the moisture inside us will get out and create some painful issues. Some that we can tell are dry skin, chapped lips, nosebleed, etc. To solve these problems, you have to drink water usually. On the other hand, you can choose using the humidifier.

As this device creates humidity, your body will have enough moisture amount to avoid those bad issues.

Stop static electricity

Static electricity appears mostly on cold dry days. As it shows up in your laundry or frizzy hair, you will feel so itchy and annoying. In the worst case, the static electricity can ruin the electronic devices in your home and create some sparks or flammable gas.

To limit these terrible cases, we require a high amount of humidity. And now, the humidifiers are here again to rescue. 

Why It Is Important To Keep Your Humidifier Clean 

After reading the first section of How to clean a humidifier: Optimal Guide, you probably have bought for yourself a moisture-maker, right? But to optimize the function of this machine, you should clean it usually as well. Here, we will explain why it is necessary to clean your humidifier.

Why It Is Important To Keep Your Humidifier Clean
Why It Is Important To Keep Your Humidifier Clean

Work in the right process

This is quite understandable. Everything in the world works like that. If a motorbike has been stuck on dust for a long time and is not used often, it could stall or start with a deafening creak. So does the humidifier. 

You need to take care of it properly, clean it daily so it can last as long as possible. And best of all, keeping the humidifier clean makes it work better. You have spent so much money to own it, so why leave it dirty?

Stop the spreading of harmful germs

Stopping the spreading of harmful germs is the most important reason why you need to keep your moisture-maker clean. A humidifier works by sucking dry air from the outside in and expelling moisture throughout the room. As a result, bacteria and mold stay in the machine a lot and it can even spread into the air. 

When you turn on the machine, in addition to the moisture in the machine goes out, bacteria accumulated from a previous use will also follow and discharged. The worst thing is that you and your family will be the “ill-fated victims”, accidentally inhaling that polluted air.

This problem not only pollutes the air quality in the home but also creates an opportunity for bacteria to cause health problems if you accidentally inhale. 

There are many health conditions related to dirty air, such as asthma, severe cough, pneumonia, high fever, loss of appetite, anxiety, and even shortness of breath. These diseases may not be so severe. However, if you have to breathe in polluted air for a long time, it can be said that you and your family have a respiratory infection or lung diseases. And most importantly, it becomes a chronic disease and is very difficult to treat.

Sounds scary, right? Well, you know what to do now. To prevent this situation, a very simple solution for you is to clean the humidifier before use. Believe us, you can do this job quickly!

So what are you waiting for? let’s clean the humidifier!

Preparation before cleaning a humidifier

Before we learn how to clean a humidifier: Optimal Guide, let’s prepare some following simple necessities first.

Preparation before cleaning a humidifier
Preparation before cleaning a humidifier
  • White vinegar
  • Bleach or hydrogen peroxide
  • A soft brush
  • Warm water
  • Laundered towels
  • Protective gear such as goggles and gloves

Each type of humidifier is made in various shapes and structures. However, most of them have a water storage tank and an operating base. In some cases, the humidifier will have additional pieces. You can clean them easily soo do not worry! Remember, during the cleaning process, stay away from electronics, control panels, and electrical-related positions. Make safety a priority!

One very important thing to keep in mind is the warnings and instructions that manufacturers have written on the humidifier packaging. To put it differently, take the time to thoroughly research the product, refer to its use on the Internet and other documents before disassembling each part of the humidifier. 

Of course, do not forget to use gloves and goggles. Remember that bleach and chemicals are toxic to humans.

How to Clean a Humidifier: Optimal Guide with 5 steps 

Now, this is the part you have come to expect most – How to clean a humidifier: Optimal Guide. We will help you learn with 5 steps to make your moisture-maker clean right away. Let’s see!

How to Clean a Humidifier: Optimal Guide with 5 steps
How to Clean a Humidifier: Optimal Guide with 5 steps

Step 1

First of all, to make cleaning the humidifier easier, you need to disassemble the entire machine and arrange them in order for easy washing. Next, get rid of all remaining things in the tank so that it is completely empty. This is an important step because if you are not careful, you can dirty the floor or spill water into the control system.

Also, if your humidify tool contains an air filter, you should remove it and clean it with cold water. Then let it dry naturally.

Step 2

Next, add some white vinegar into the base so that it can fill all the space where water usually reaches. Also, prepare a bowl of vinegar to soak all other tiny device parts.

Wait for about half an hour. During this time, the vinegar will breakdown the linkage of dirt with those parts. When everything is alright, wipe those parts with a soft brush or a towel to clear all the remaining stuck-on dirt. For tiny parts, you can try using a cotton swab to wipe better.

Step 3

This step also takes about  30 minutes to disinfect the tank. Thus, you can do this step at the same time as the previous step.

What you need to prepare is a teaspoon of bleach. Put this chemical into a gallon of water. And then fill up half of the tank. Use a stick or a big spoon to swirl around the inside. 

In case you don’t have bleach, 3% hydrogen peroxide is also a good replacement.

Step 4 

Wash the base, tank, and other parts under the tap water. Shake those components strongly to get rid of the remaining moisture completely. If these parts are so stinky, you need to wash them many times to remove the bad odors.

When everything is finished, prepare a fresh clean towel. Place all the parts on it. Dry them with the towel. One more time, dry them with a dryer.

To make sure that there is no water left inside those components, shake each of them strongly. When no water comes out, this step is done.

Step 5

After waiting for all parts of your humidifier to dry completely, you can assemble and continue using them. Besides, if there are new filters, you should replace them to filter the air better.

Finally, fill your tank fully with clean, non-mineral water. And this is our favorite step, plugging in and enjoying the fresh moisture right in your room. Opening 1 more favorite movie is perfect!

Some ways to keep your moisture-maker clean

Not only instructing you on how to clean a moisture-maker, our How To Clean A Humidifier: Optimal Guide also teaches you some useful ways to keep it clean. 

Change the water in the tank usually

Every humidifier has a water tank. And what do we put in this tank? Of course water! Now comes the big problem. 

Water is the most ideal condition for bacteria to grow and spread out. If you don’t change the tank usually, it may be a home of germs and viruses. After a time, the number of these bacteria increase and ruin the water. And then, instead of making moisture, the humidifier will create bad smell and toxics that give some terrible diseases to you.

Therefore, don’t forget to swap the tank more often. In case you are a busy person, you can do this job for about 3 days once.

Just Avoid Detergents

It is not bad to use soap and detergents to clean humidifiers and their tanks. However, you should get rid of those chemicals as quickly as possible. If you leave them too long, they may attack and create bad effects on the operation of your devices.

Change the Unit

The unit is the controller of your humidifier. Of course, it can wear out after a time of use. When the unit is too old, it can not function properly and the humidifier becomes useless. 

Due to this reason, make sure that you change the unit once every five or six years. In spite of the fact that this unit is not cheap, you should know what is important to pay for.

Keep the Unit Accordingly

When you don’t need to use the humidifier anymore, the unit should be stored in a safe place. Do not forget to drain fully and make the unit dry before putting it in the storage. Otherwise, the water may welcome the bacteria again.

Of course, when the unit gets back to work, you should also clean it one more time.

The final words

As you can see, humidifiers play an important role in our life. It works to keep our indoor environment healthy and cool. Therefore, always spend time to take care of it. Following our tips, you can clean your home moisture-maker with ease. Then, you can bring its operation to the maximum. 

If you have other useful tips to clean this machine, do not hesitate to share them with us. We will help you bring those tips to many more people. They definitely will like your tips!

And now, many thanks for having read! We wish you have a good day!

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