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How Does Fresh Air Get Into A House – Answer In Detail

Want to get the most out of fresh air for good health, but you don't know how does fresh air get into a house? Click on this blog for more details.

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Breathing is the source of life because our body’s functions depend on air. We all know fresh air is super crucial to maintaining good health. Yet, not everyone knows how does fresh air get into a house.

If you are confused about this issue, you’ve landed in the right place. Read until the end to find out a detailed answer and valuable information.

How Does Fresh Air Get Into A House?

To answer this question, the first method we recommend is using a fresh air system. Besides, if it is hard for you to invest in this kind of system, you might improve outdoor air quality and apply some natural ways to let it get inside your house by ventilation.

Let’s learn more about these things in the section below!

fresh air system

How Does The HVAC System Work?

Some people never know about HVAC, so they might have many questions, such as “does HVAC bring in fresh air?”, “where does HVAC pull air from?”, “Is fresh air HVAC good?”, “where does HVAC fresh air intake?” Fear not. We will explain all clearly. 

HVAC System stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, using multiple technologies to control the humidity, temperature, and purity.

  • Cold

The compressor – an HVAC system component – absorbs all warm indoor air. The HVAC outside air intake is cooled by a refrigerant encased in a closed metal circle that helps circulate the interior warmth into the exterior while pushing the cool back inside.

The refrigerant will flow along a narrow valve to reach the evaporator, where the pressure is always kept low. After that, the refrigerant will be expanded to release. 

This process makes it colder than ever and gradually reaches the duct’s fans. From there, cold will escape to the outside and cool the house.

  • Warm

Making the room warm with the HVAC system is simpler than cooling.

The HVAC has a furnace and burners whose main job is to generate combustible gas. After these gases are finished burning, they will go to the heat exchanger area.

After those burned gases exit the heat exchanger, the fan will blow and then circulate them throughout your house through the duct system.

How Does Fresh Air Get Inside?

How Does Fresh Air Get Inside

If you find installing an HVAC system is complicated, you need to think of some natural and manual methods. Of note, you need to pay attention to how your home can receive fresh air:

  • Natural ventilation: Windows and doors are the answer to “how does air circulate in a house”. When you keep all your house’s doors and windows open, large amounts of fresh air can enter inside. This way, the indoor environment can improve significantly.
  • Mechanical means: The outdoor vent fan system, exhaust fan in the bathroom, or kitchen exhaust fan can clear the smell in single rooms. Using this equipment is simpler than investing in an HVAC system in clearing the smell in single rooms.

How To Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Exterior space obtains various particles, like dust mites, pollen, mildew. The HVAC can create low quality.

Thus, besides letting fresh air get inside, you also need to improve the indoor environment. Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Inspect the ductwork: Please check carefully to see gaps or leaks in the conduit. This way, you can reduce the risks of polluted gas overflowing into your beloved home.
  • Regularly replace filters: Many filters these days get dirty easily, causing them to clog over time. And that can affect the indoor environment negatively. Besides, clogging lets the system work more, causing performance loss and cost increase.
  • Utilize a scrubber: It is a pollution control device. The main effect is that it prevents the entry of unwanted gases. You can use it as part of your HVAC or via a mobile device.

Health Benefits Of Fresh Air

We can not deny the benefits a fresh environment brings us because every cell and the body’s function work depending on oxygen.

Suppose we are only indoors or in an environment where a cold atmosphere operates continuously. In that case, the amount of oxygen we receive will not be circulated, but it will persist forever, leading to harmful effects on our health.

  • Improve concentration: We use 20% of the oxygen we breathe to keep our brains working properly. The more fresh space, the better brain function. Clarity, high concentration, optimal thinking are great benefits for us.
  • Create happiness: Serotonin release is also affected when your blood has high oxygen levels. Every time you go out, you feel more comfortable and at ease than indoors. That’s because your body has absorbed a good amount of oxygen, creating serotonin to increase happiness.
  • Bring a healthy lung: lungs are organs that are closely related to the atmosphere. Thus, inhaling too much polluted air or poison gas can cause lung cancer and respiratory diseases such as emphysema. On the contrary, fresh air will bring you a healthy lung or help it recover quickly from damage.


How Does Outdoor Air Enter A Building?

Air building comes from many different sources:

  • Natural ventilation: The most obvious examples are windows and doors, especially when open.
  • Infiltration: cracks, crevices, or joints in your home, even on the ceiling or floor, or around doors and windows.
  • Mechanical: The outside air vent and ventilation fan system can disperse the wind in single rooms.

Do Air Conditioners Take In Air From Outside?

Air building

Although we use this equipment a lot every day, we have misunderstood how it works. It does not draw air outside into the house. 

Instead, the device intake and adjust indoor air’s temperature through the coils. Then, the fans inside it are responsible for sucking and dispersing the wind, providing us with a cool space.

How To Identify Fresh Air Intakes Vs Exhaust Vents?

It will create a clean house, improving the owner’s quality of life. However, many households cannot distinguish which is the air intake and which is the exhaust vents.

  • If you spot a screen, it’s the air intake. You can test it by feeling the suction whenever it draws air in.
  • In case you see a cap, it’s the exhaust. This is where the fan in the bathroom and the kitchen hood will release the heat they receive to the outside.


Now, you know how does fresh air get into a house. Do not hesitate to apply one of these methods to improve your indoor environment. 

If you don’t want to invest in an HVAC system, let’s try some simpler ways, such as natural ventilation and an exhaust fan. They are all beneficial for your physical and mental health.


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