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Frigidaire vs GE Dehumidifiers – Different Comparisons

Frigidaire and GE Appliances are two big brands that people care most when they purchase a household electric device, and especially the dehumidifier. In this post, we will learn about them.

Frigidaire vs GE Dehumidifiers

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When it comes to electronic household devices, Frigidaire and GE Appliances are two of the biggest names. Particularly, when we talk about dehumidifiers, their products are also among the most searched on the internet.

Therefore, it is quite challenging to know which are the better between Frigidaire vs GE dehumidifiers. However, we will help you answer this tricky question right below by comparing them in specific aspects.

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The Backgrounds of the Two Companies


Frigidaire Brand

Based in the US, but Frigidaire is the subsidiary of the famous European company Electrolux. Like its parent company, Frigidaire is a consumer and commercial home appliances company.

In fact, it was founded more than one hundred years ago in Fort Wayne, Indiana, under the name of the Guardian Frigerator Company. It was the pioneer in developing the first self-contained refrigerator in 1916.

In 1918, the company got the name Frigidaire as it is known today. It was sold to many companies, but still always famous for manufacturing refrigeration since its foundation.

It was not until 1986 that the company was bought by Electrolux. And since then, Frigidaire has become a reliable name in producing and vending consumer electronics, including dehumidifiers.

GE Appliances

GE Appliances

People often call the company name briefly as GE, but its full name is actually GE Appliances. In the past, it was previously known as GE Consumer & Industrial ,However, it is majority-owned by Haier – a China-based corporation.

Before sold to Haier, the company belonged to General Electric until 2016. On June 6, 2016, the big guy Haier & KKR purchased GE Appliances, and Haier owns the right to utilize the GE brand name until up to 2056.

Inititally, GE Appliances was a business of General Electric that started to sell cooking and heating products in 1907. This means that the company is also more than 100 years old and even existed before Frigidaire for nearly a decade.

Another interesting coincidence is that General Electric sold the company to Electrolux as well. But Electrolux acquired GE 30 years after it bought Frigidaire. (Electrolux bought Frigidaire in 1986 and GE on September 8, 2014).

Nowadays, it is rated to be one of the most reputable appliance brands in the USA with a wide range of applications such as GE, GE Profile, Monogram, Café, Hotpoint, and Haier.

Analysis and comparisons of Frigidaire vs GE dehumidifiers

1. Number of models

Regarding the variety of models, Frigidaire is undoubtedly the winner. It has numerous excellent models such as FAD954DWD, FAD704DWDE, FFAP7033T1, FFAD5033R1, FGAC7044U1, and so on.

In total, Frigidaire has supplied nearly 20 different models of dehumidifiers for the market.

On the contrary, GE Appliances, although producing quality dehumidifiers, seemingly does not focus its effort sufficiently in creating more models.

Actually, there are only two main models of APER70LW and APEL70LW at present. There is really a lack of diversity here. You nearly have no selection.

Or perhaps it is because the company has just started to invest in this field, so we have to wait for the time to come.

Anyway, at the time being, if you want to have many choices to choose freely, Frigidaire is the brand you should go for. With a quick calculation, Frigidaire sells with the number of models that is ten times as much as that of GE Appliances.

2. Capacity

In spite of its extremely low quantity of models, GE has tried to provide dehumidifiers of several capacities. Here we have GE dehumidifying machines at 30, 50, and 70 pints of capacity.

How about Fridgidaire with its huge number of models? It supplies dehumidifiers of all shapes and sizes at 22, 30, 35, 50, 70, 95, and even 120 pints of capacity.

This should not be a too critical factor to consider if your little home is just a bit damp. However, if your large house is in danger under the aggressive attack of high humidity, you must need the help of powerful 90-pint and 120-pint models.

Yet, in most cases, people often pick 70-pint dehumidifiers to reduce the moisture in their houses. 90-pint and 120-pint options are just necessary at a few locations and in specific times in a year.

Therefore, in this round, Frigidaire is still the winner, but it is just a small victory.

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3. Outstanding features

With the great strides of science and technology, smart features are must-have in any electronic device.

When it comes to Frigidaire dehumidifiers, the most desirable features consist of LED display, humidistat, built-in pump, removable and easy-to-clean filters, automatic functions (restart, shut-off, defrost, timer, working on schedules, etc.), air purification, energy efficiency (Star Energy rated), mobility (with casters), bucket full indication, light indicators, quiet operation, variable fan speed settings,… This list goes on. But we have included the most important features here.

About GE dehumidifiers, users can enjoy energy efficiency (Star Energy rated), built-in pump, portability (with hidden wheels and pocket handles), LED digital controls, bucket full indication, variable fan speed settings, detachable and washable air filter, automatic functions (restart, shut-off, defrost, timer, working on schedules, etc.), quiet operation, and so on.

So, as you can see, this time, GE Appliances and Frigidaire have a close draw. None of them is better than the other dramatically. Both brands supply sufficient helpful features to bring more convenience to their customers.

4. Quietness

Talking about dehumidifiers or any other electronic household devices, we cannot overlook the noise level that appliances generate. If your dehumidifier works well, but it is too noisy, you are unlikely to use it very often.

In general, GE dehumidifiers will produce sound as loud as 51 decibels at the highest power option. If you set them to moderate capacity and low fan speed, the noise they emit is nearly negligible (around 46 decibels).

Frigidaire produces many models, so the noise levels they create are definitely different. Most Frigidaire dehumidifiers are just as quiet as GE partners. However, some noisy ones may produce the sound that is a bit louder than 53 decibels.

Thus, in short, they are nearly the same when it comes to quietness.

5. Price

One more factor that we cannot ignore is the price of products.

On average, Frigidaire dehumidifiers will have prices ranging from around $300 to $700. In other words, you can always have some choices that suit your budget.

On the other hand, GE Appliances only vend dehumidifiers at roughly $400. Luckily, this price level is medium, which is appropriate for most customers.

Generally talking, while Frigidaire dehumidifiers are sold at a wider range of prices for all people, GE Appliances’ dehumidifiers can still fit the budgets of the majority.

So when it comes to price, Frigidaire is a bit better than GE Appliances.

6. Warranty

Warranty policy determines many things and even the overall value of a product. In fact, many electronic devices get their high price due to the cost included in their warranty.

For example, although the two products nearly have the same quality, the one that comes with a longer warranty on more parts must be more expensive.

Besides, the warranty policy also shows the confidence of the manufacturer in its products, and help its clients to stay away from unexpected hassles with the products they buy.

Now, we will go a bit deeper into the warranty policies of the two brands, compare them, and give some conclusions.


All Frigidaire dehumidifiers are covered by a limited one-year warranty. Nonetheless, the sealed system, including the condenser, the tubing, the evaporator, and the compressor, comes with a limited warranty of 2 to 5 years.

In other words, during your first year of purchase, the brand will replace or fix any component of your dehumidifier that is proven to be defective in production or materials free of charge.

From the second to the fifth year, the company will only fix or replace defective parts of the sealed system (as we listed above) for free. Meanwhile, you have to pay for other parts.

GE Appliances

How about GE Appliances? It has both similar and different points with Frigidaire in guaranteeing its products.

During the first year of your purchase, you can have GE Appliances replace all parts of your dehumidifiers that are flawed because of workmanship or materials.

Throughout this limited one-year warranty, you do not have to pay any money to GE for replacing faulty components, including charges of labor and any service cost coming with.

For up to five years since your first date of purchase, you can get GE Appliances to replace all defective parts in the sealed system (the condenser, the compressor, the evaporator, as well as all connecting tubes).

The rule is the same. Those parts must be proven to be malfunctioned because of materials or workmanship. Then, you do not have to pay for their replacements.

But if the broken parts are not in the sealed system, you will be charged to replace or repair them.

Final Verdict

As such, the terms of the two companies might sound a bit different at first, but if we pay attention to the words, we will find that they are very similar.

Both Frigidaire and GE Appliances will replace all parts of their dehumidifiers for free within the original year of purchase if you can prove these parts to be defective because of their manufacture process.

From the second to the fifth year, you can replace the sealed system at zero cost if it is flawed because of the manufacturers. Other parts will cost money to repair.

In conclusion, GE Appliances and Frigidaire share the same warranty policy.

7. Popularity

Frigidaire dehumidifiers are much more popular than GE dehumidifiers. You can easily find hundreds of vendors that sell Frigidaire dehumidifiers on the online shops or even brick-and-mortar stores in any country all over the world.

Meanwhile, GE dehumidifiers, though not too difficult to find, are less sold widely in the market. There are only a few reputable vendors for GE dehumidifiers on the internet, and perhaps just several consumer electronic supermarkets sell them as well.

GE dehumidifiers are not available in all countries in the world. Therefore, if you want to buy products that are easy to find, you should seek Frigidaire.

Nonetheless, the wide popularity is sometimes a double-edged knife, too. The more common a product is, the more chance it might be faked.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to pay a little extra to purchase genuine products. Fake products, although a bit cheaper, are going to cost you more in the long run as you are prone to buy a new one to replace them.

8. Reviews

Of course, with such popularity, Frigidaire dehumidifiers will receive more reviews by experts as well as customers.

Therefore, you can always find out whether a product of it is appropriate for your home or not by reading reviews on online shops, forums, review articles, or directly ask someone who has used them.

Vice versa, GE dehumidifiers are not reviewed by so many people. Still, the proportion of positive and negative reviews of both brands are nearly equal.

Around 70% of customers are completely satisfied with their products, 20% rates have neutral opinions, and merely 10% are unsatisfied about them.

Experts also rate the dehumidifiers of these two brands to be of equal quality.

Final Words

So as we have reviewed and evaluated the two brands in specific criteria, Frigidaire vs GE dehumidifiers are much alike in many aspects such as outstanding features, quietness, and warranty.

About the differences, Frigidaire dehumidifiers are more diverse, popular, and receive more reviews. You can find a Frigidaire dehumidifier in a local supermarket or on the internet easily. Besides, there are more options for you to choose from, depending on your demand and budget.

However, if you do not have any special requirements and fear of fake products, buying some GE Appliances’ dehumidifiers is not a bad idea.

Thanks for reading!

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