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Do You Know How Much Carbon Monoxide Is Dangerous?

The information on how much carbon monoxide is dangerous can protect us from CO poisoning. Click on this blog for useful knowledge and effective solutions!

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CO poisoning can happen in houses, cars, etc. There are many heart-rending cases of this phenomenon. However, it is avoidable as long as we equip ourselves with essentials. 

This blog tells you how much carbon monoxide is dangerous. As a result, you can have timing actions. Not for dealing with bad scenarios, but you will enjoy a better quality of life. 

Some people might overlook the hazard of CO leaks. When reading this blog, you will also learn how harmful it is. Thus, it might raise awareness of how to clean the air for breathing! 

What Is Carbon Monoxide (CO)?

Carbon monoxide, commonly known as CO, is a combustible gas with no color, odor, or taste. There is a combination between one carbon and one oxygen. 

It plays an important role in the process of production in many industries! In the flow of modern development, there are more and more CO emissions. It has become one of the significant factors to climate change. 

Where Can You Find It?

What Is Carbon Monoxide

Burning something generates carbon monoxide. There are a lot of CO around many factories where production takes place. 

We can also emit this gas by driving a car, using computers, washing machines, turning on an AC, etc. 

Besides, you can find CO in many biological sources. For example, the respiration of a tree gets oxygen and emits carbon dioxide at night. 

All the information above points out that this kind of gas is everywhere. 

The Safe Levels

The concentration of CO can be an important factor. The carbon monoxide ppm safe levels range from 1 to 70 parts per million (ppm).

It only becomes harmful to our health when exposed to a sustained CO level higher than 70 ppm.

So, now you can confidently answer if someone asks, “is 20 ppm carbon monoxide dangerous?”.

The Symptoms Of CO Poisoning

Moderate Levels

Long exposure to low levels of CO leads to a lapse of concentration and thinking abilities. Our mood swings can also become extreme. 

However, those effects are only noticeable in the long-term run. Having a headache is an instant symptom. Besides, we can also suffer from fatigue, vomiting, constant tiredness, etc. 

When the carbon monoxide exposure limits chart points to any level from 70 to 150 ppm, it is a warning. 

Severe Levels

The dangerous zone is from 150 ppm to 220 ppm. The high concentration of this gas has severe impacts on our health.

We cannot think clearly in such cases due to the lack of oxygen to our brain or the nervous system. 

Fast heartbeats create pressure on the chest, which leads to panic. It can worsen the situation. 

It does not take a few minutes for the dangerous levels of CO to attack our consciousness. And the worst scenario is death!

Many possibilities keep our life at risk due to the leak of noxious CO. So, it is time for us to explore optimal solutions! 

How To Minimize The Risk Of CO Poisoning

After learning the hazardous levels of CO to our health and lives, it is essential to know how to maintain the normal CO levels in air!

We are prone to learn only when danger happens. But all we should equip ourselves with useful knowledge beforehand. Thus, we do not have to deal with consequences.

The following paragraphs share with you the simple methods to cut down on the hazard of CO poisoning.  There are two places where we have an active role in improving the conditions of the atmosphere. 

At Home

normal CO levels in air

You can monitor the carbon monoxide levels in home by using specialized equipment. It is necessary, especially when there are children or people with respiratory diseases at home. Besides, you can develop some good habits to minimize CO poisoning: 

  • Don’t use any other heat generators than the heater to warm your home even if the cold feels like it can cut your skin! 
  • Burning charcoal adds the vibe to a winter party or a romantic night. However, you only do that if the place is open enough.
  • The ventilation system also plays an important role. So, it is ideal to have your air conditioners, chimneys, heaters, etc., frequently checked. 
  • You can also install an extractor fan in the area of your kitchen. It cools down the heat and provides effective assistance to ventilation. 

The underlying principle behind the solutions is to keep the air fresh. These methods above do not take you with complex knowledge or skills. So, you can proactively protect yourself and your loved ones from the risk of CO poisoning. 

At Car

carbon monoxide detector reading levels

Driving a car is an activity that people spend so much time on. We need to move from place to place. It can be for either work, parties, or shopping. Thus, the air inside an automobile can affect our health.  

The list below walks you through the effective methods. You can apply them to refreshen and improve the air quality in the car! 

  • It is recommended to have your car’s exhaust system maintained every year. The accumulated amount of CO leaks can slowly damage our health. 
  • You should maintain the ventilation quality of the garage where your car parks. Before running inside, the garage should be full of fresh air. 
  • Make sure you activate the windows when the tailgate of your car is open. It prevents CO emissions from coming inside. 
  • Installing a carbon monoxide detector reading levels can do the heavy lifting for you. It can alert you when the concentration of CO is at a high level. 

The core stays the same. Always make sure that the air is changing. The space limit inside a car puts the spotlight on the regular check of your vehicle’s status. 

The garage should also be open enough to welcome and store your car. The enclosed space has higher possibilities of CO poisoning. 


how much carbon monoxide is dangerous

Many people have to suffer from the bad effects of unhealthy CO levels without knowing. The fundamental information on how much carbon monoxide is dangerous comes with practical tips in the blog. 

The focal points are to maintain effective ventilation. It is the foundation of every method. You can apply it to the refinement of air in your house and vehicle. 

Every life starts and ends with a breath. It shows how fragile we are. Also, the quality of the air we breathe gains the spotlight. Don’t be the victim. We can lead a life with safety and health.

Hopefully, what the blogs share can help you better the space you live in and the air you breathe. 


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