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Ceramic Heater Vs. Infrared – Which One Is Better?

“Traditional and evolving” the phrase is to describe Ceramic Heater and Infrared Heater. Old does not mean outdated, and new is not always good. So, between the two, let’s find out the better one.

Ceramic Heater Vs. Infrared

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Hey guys!

It’s freezing cold outside! How can you warm your body on these days? I am desperately in need of a heater, but I don’t know which one is better – ceramic heater vs infrared, or infrared ceramic heater to keep me warm.

If you are also thinking of buying for yourself and your family the best electric heaters, let me help you compare ceramic heater and infrared heater. You will know which one suits your demands best after reading our post.

What is a Ceramic Heater?

Ceramic heater

A ceramic heater is known as a convection heater, which has been a standard heating method for centuries.

The way it works is that the plates will absorb the heat and release it into the air through a hot surface to blow heat out into your room.

There are two kinds of heaters: a ceramic heater with a fan or without a fan, but their principle is similar. They will circulate the air through the heating system to distribute the warmth.

What is an Infrared Heater?

Infrared heater

An infrared heater is a radiant heater, meaning that it heats objects directly. Its infrared rays will heat everything on its straight line, even a wall in front of you.

While the convection heater is based on airflow (keeping the hot air inside the room), the infrared heater allows you to leave the window open even on cold days.

What Make Them Outstanding?

Ceramic Heater

Good portability

The majority of standard ceramic heaters is compact, which allows you to move the unit from place to place easily and quickly. It is an ideal choice for a household of around four people.

Large heating area

Compared to a radiant heater, a ceramic heater tends to cover a more significant area. And it’s better to invest in a ceramic heater with a fan for maximizing heat spread.

Clean heating

This is another version of the electric heating method, so it doesn’t require the use of any fuel for operating. Thus, it doesn’t produce emission as well as release any harmful fumes. Also, you don’t have to clean it regularly.

Better efficiency

Thanks to the ceramic plates, the ceramic heater consumes less heat and energy.

When it comes to efficiency, the heater is about 85-95%.

You can improve the result by closing all doors to avoid losing heat or using curtains to minimize heat loss.

More savings

No matter how large your room is, this best space heater for large room consumes a meager amount of power at a high level of efficiency.

Infrared Heater

Compatible with many different energy sources

The most popular form of this machine is an electric radiant heater, but you can use other alternatives such as natural gas and propane.

Compact design

Since the purpose of the manufacturer is to offer focused heating,  the heater’s design is slimline. And they look impressive so that you can use them as a nice touch to your room’s decor.


The infrared heater runs on natural gas, which makes it suitable for use in halls, big offices, and commercial spaces. These machines are designed with a lot of ducts for different usages. Moreover, this compact model allows you to place at consistent distances like lobbies and party rooms.

Clean heating

Because they run on electricity, there is no fume, smoke, or any strong odor emitted. These devices don’t produce dust, so it’s ideal for people with dust allergies and those who hate the smelly traditional heaters.

What Need To Be Improved?

Ceramic Heater

You must handle it properly. If not, there may be an accident or a malfunction like a risk of electric shock and fire.

Infrared Heater


The heat from the infrared heater is scorching, so we don’t highly recommend for families having kids and pets. However, on the market, you can find out some infrared heaters designed with cool-to-the-touch cabinets. You should buy a unit with at least an automatic shut-off or emergency tip-over switch for safety.

Limited warming

Infrared heater powerfully works on a direct line, which means there is not enough power to warm a whole room.

Which is Better?

In general, ceramic heater vs. infrared have their unique features and limitation. The decision to purchase should be based on your demands, budget, and preferences.

For me, I choose the infrared heater which can meet my requirements the best. I need a small design to move from place to place quickly, but can also work well in a big area. My family doesn’t have children and pets, so safety is not our top priority when purchasing the heater.

Now, it’s time for you to make your decision. Don’t forget to leave your comments in the section below and share if you find our article informative.



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