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Air Scrubber VS. Air Purifier: What You Need To Know

Since then, air scrubber and air purifier rank themselves as the best products to help people clean the air. 

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In the modern world, where environmental pollution is threatening our daily life, people pay more attention to the quality of air around them. 

Since then, air scrubber and air purifier rank themselves as the best products to help people clean the air. 

However, many people still misunderstand these two different products. This article today will shed some light on the main difference between the two.

About Air Scrubber

Air scrubber, as its name suggests, is a device that can scrub the air. It does not mean that you use a brush to clean the air, for sure you can’t :). It cleanses the air with a fabric filter.

Air scrubber has two methods to clean the air, dry and wet scrubbing. While the dry scrubber uses a dry pad to clean the air, the wet one sucks air through a damp filter. 

Air scrubber
Air scrubber

Both two kinds of scrubber can trap the pollens, dust, gases, and floating contaminant on one side of the pad, and the clean and fresh air will be released out. Air scrubber can also filter out the toxic chemicals particles from the air.

In the market, many manufacturers also add the carbon filter to their air scrubber products to absorb odors. The UV light is also included to kill germs and bacteria.

About Air Purifier

While air scrubber is the best choice for the workplace, an air purifier is a compact and well-designed device for home use. With a variety of sizes and designs, the air purifier offers users a bunch of choices that suitable for rooms at any size.

In the current market, air purifier using HEPA filter system and air purifier using ionization are the two most popular types.

Air Purifier

With the High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter system, this air purifier can eliminate up to 99.97% impurities. While the other, air purifier using ionization, features electrostatic plates to capture contaminants.

Not only have the same features of the carbon filter and UV lights as an air scrubber, but air purifier also can release ozone into the air, which will make the indoor air stay fresh and clean all the time. 

Air Scrubber VS Air Purifier Comparison 

Here is a quick summary of the main difference between these two products. 

CharacteristicAir ScrubberAir Purifier
VariationDry scrubberWet scrubberHEPA filterIonization
Air contaminants reduceChemical compoundsGases, SmokesToxic particlesDustSmokeMoldAllergens
ApplicationLarge spaces (commercial use)Small and medium spaces (home use)

As you can see in the chart, the main difference between these two devices is the place where they use. 

With the high capacity, air scrubber is suitable for the workplace where the concentration of contaminants is considerable. On the other hand, for home use, an air purifier is an ideal choice with user-friendly and aesthetic design. 

Final Word

Generally, the choice of air purifier and air scrubber is up to you. We hope that this article can give you a hand to choose the right devices that meet your needs.

Thank you for reading!

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