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Second-Hand Smoke Gives Me A Headaches – What Should I Do?

We can’t complain “second-hand smoke gives me a headache” and suffer from it. Passive smoking requires our active actions. Click on this blog for whys and hows!

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You might have heard something like, “second-hand smoke gives me a headache”. Either your loved ones or acquaintances might say that! There is the fact that the hazard of smoking still reaches us though we are non-smokers. 

Passive smoking can destroy our health. It is torture to our bodies. And a strong mind cannot exist in a weak body! 

Read on the blog to explore the effects of environmental cigarette smoke. Above all, you will get practical suggestions to reduce the danger to our health! 

What Is Second-Hand Smoking?

When you actively smoke a cigarette, it is called first-hand smoking. It seems like you do not have it by yourself, but share it with others! 

People in the same space with you also smoke even though they do not want it! It means they are passive smokers. 

Second-hand smoking (SHS) happens when people inhale environmental tobacco smoke (ETS). It can be from either the burning ends of active smokers.

There is a misconception that passive smoking can be less harmful. Yet, the toxic chemicals still enter our bodies through inhalation!

The Bad Effects On Our Health

There have been findings of second-hand smoke symptoms. It has profound impacts on our health. 

We can see the instantaneous effects of headaches, choking, vomiting, etc. If we suffer from passive smoking for a long time, it can impair our bodies’ parts. 

In Adults

According to the research results, there are more than 7000 substances in a cigarette. Around 70 of them are ‘close friends’ of cancers. 

Stimulants in tobacco make us have a headache from smoking too much. Also, nausea is a signal for negative effects. They are warnings that we might turn a blind eye to! 

The pressure in head after smoking cigarette is the tip of the iceberg. Severe diseases can happen due to the accumulation of poisonous chemicals without any intention. 

The impairment of the cardiovascular system is among the consequences in adults. It is on the list of reasons for premature deaths! 

Exposure to environmental tobacco smoke causes a stroke or coronary heart disease. In addition, the great stress on our blood vessels puts us in danger of heart attacks. 

If a pregnant woman smokes or suffers from second-hand smoke, it impacts not only her health but also her future kid. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome might occur when children are in a smoking environment. 

In Children

Children are the most vulnerable individuals. They are not fully aware of the adverse effects of passive smoking. If their parents are smokers, they have no choice but to breathe such polluted air. 

Their lungs will be under extreme harm. You can spot common symptoms in kids who suffer from second-hand smoking. They cough and wheeze a lot, especially at night.

They have a higher risk of getting diseases related to the respiratory system, such as pneumonia, bronchitis, etc. Also, tobacco smoke is among the triggers of asthma attacks. 

Passive smoking can cause ear infections. There is also a connection between the ear, nose, and throat. So, their hearing will become worse. Above all,  kids will encounter sleep disorders due to pain. 

The Optimal Solutions To Passive Smoking

Cigarette Tobacco Stop Smoking Addiction Quit
Cigarette Tobacco Stop Smoking Addiction Quit

Non-smokers still share frightening consequences with active smokers. Thus, it is essential to figure out what we should do to keep us in the best health. The quality of life will increase as an obvious outcome!

At Workplace

People attach modernity with great strain. And smokers use it as a common excuse. The stimulants of tobacco help to boost their morale! 

Gradually, workspaces end up in a smoky atmosphere. “Secondhand smoke makes me nauseous” appears more in daily conversations among co-workers. 

You can develop company policies that prohibit smoking if you are a business owner. Or, you can choose a building with strict rules for keeping high air quality. 

Apart from penalties, incentives can encourage smokers to give up cigarettes. People still smoke though they are aware of the tremendous threat of smoking. It is a perfect example of a paradox! 

Hence, another possible solution is organizing dynamic workshops and seminars on harmful smoking to introduce to co-workers and staff. 

These methods better the workplace. It is a location designed for the health and safety of employees. Also, the line “fire smoke gives me a headache” will not turn up when you shoot a breeze with your colleagues. 

At Home

smoking headache relief
smoking headache relief

It must not be very pleasant when your family member smokes. So, it would help if you searched for how to avoid secondhand smoke living with a smoker.

An ideal way is to persuade or encourage smokers to quit. It is not an easy task, but it can result in win-win situations. It is not impossible; it takes patience! 

Slowly explain the harms and give examples of what smokers might experience. And show your concerns about their health. 

Meanwhile, we can try effective alternatives. Air is what we share in our living space. So, frequent cleaning and the enhancement of ventilation can help. 

You can save a room for smokers. Such a multi-room design is not only the smoking headache relief. It also lets family members enjoy their time without bothering each other. 

Public Places

We can have a straightforward talk with loved ones. Yet, we cannot do so to strangers!

Although there are many signs of non-smoking in parks, transportation, restaurants, etc., it still depends on the awareness of each individual. Some will still not care that they are affecting the people around them.

As a result, strict punishments for those who smoke in public can discourage them. Many countries have applied smoking bans. 

It might be out of our capacities, however. The solutions above are what policymakers should come up with. Yet, we can use our voices to create pressure on governments. 

Choosing smoke-free public places is another reasonable solution. We can save ourselves from toxic air from cigarettes. Besides, picking locations with smoking spaces is a quick fix when your loved ones want to smoke! 


second-hand smoke gives me a headache

Smokers do not suffer because they can find it a joyful activity. However, loved ones or persons around them are victims due to passive smoking. 

They might find it a guilty pleasure when they hear “second-hand smoke gives me a headache”. Otherwise, they are irresponsible ones! Thus, it can help if they re-adjust their smoking behavior at home, workplaces, and public locations. 

If you are the ones who want to find second-hand smoke headache relief or look after your health in general, you can find some good ideas in this writing! 


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