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How To Reduce Humidity In House: Find The Best Way

How to reduce humidity in house? There are several ways to keep your house at its best humidity level in all seasons. Click on this post to explore!

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High humidity levels in the house can make your summertime a lot less enjoyable. The real culprit behind this is excess humidity. It makes you feel hot, sweaty, and your clothes stick to your body.

So, how to reduce humidity in house? How to control humidity in home to relieve discomfort? This post will reveal some methods to do so. Let’s get started on today’s article.

how to reduce humidity in house

What Is The Ideal Humidity Level For An Indoor Environment?

You should keep the humidity level around 30-50% on summer days. Anything more than that is just going to make you uncomfy, not to mention the potential detrimental effects on your accommodation.

Specifically, excessive moisture in house encourages mold to grow, resulting in condensation within the walls. Further impairment includes structural damage and wood rot.

But, what do high humidity issues have anything to do with you? First of all, you’re likely to encounter breathing problems, allergy reactions, and even sleep interruptions. 

It can also cause hyperthermia – a condition where your body overheats as it cannot let the heat ‘vent’ out effectively. In addition, your body starts developing fatigue, dehydration, and heat exhaustion.

Psychologists say humidity can put you in a bad mood. Even though it has yet to be confirmed, a few studies state that enduring high humidity might influence brain chemicals that regulate mood.

What Causes Humidity In The House?

Excess humidity can come from a number of factors within a home, including the design, structural materials, insulation, etc. 

The surrounding temperature is one of the most crucial factors directly impacting the humidity level. Warm air holds more moisture, explaining why summer is when the humidity is at its peak.

Things can be quite different in hotter climates, though. For instance, the south of a home may feel more humid because of an outsized AC. The air cools off too quickly, making the AC turn on and off continuously. This is when humidity takes place. Thus, how to take moisture out of the air?

how to take moisture out of the air

How To Reduce Humidity In House?

Use A Dehumidifier

What takes moisture out of the air? A dehumidifier is your best bet when it comes to reducing humidity, as its name suggests. A portable one works great for small apartments; you should consider getting a whole-home dehumidifier.

The best thing about owning a dehumidifier is realizing you won’t have to use the AC that much anymore. When the air reaches you, it’s dry and cool – just like how it should be on a cool, sunny summer day.

Run Exhaust Or Ventilation Fans

Don’t forget to turn on the exhaust fan when cooking or showering. Usually, people would turn them off right after they’re done with the activities. Yet, leaving them on a little longer would significantly reduce indoor air pollution and excess humidity.

Grow Plants

Peperomia (Pennywort) or Boston ferns are natural dehumidifiers if you’re fond of plants. They’d also make great indoor decorations. You’ll see that the air is much drier and fresher due to the photosynthesis of such plants.

Have The AC On

An AC can be a common item to adjust the humidity level. Although this one may not be as effective as a dehumidifier, it’s a good alternative if you don’t want to spend extra on buying a new appliance.

Check Your Carpets

If you haven’t checked your carpet in a while, now is the time. You may be surprised at the amount of moisture it retains. Sometimes, you will even find signs of mold or fungi.

The easiest way to check is to carry out the sniff test. Check its smell to see if it is musty or damp; then, replace it or dry cleaned.

Opt For Baking Soda

Put a bowl of baking soda in the area where it feels more humid, and you will see the difference in no time. Baking soda is great if you only need to remove moisture from air in a small area. 

It does a great job pulling out the moisture, and you can leave it there for some time before needing any replacement. 

Dry Your Clothes Outside

Where do you think all the water in the clothes goes? It will go straight into the room air.

So, another way how to get rid of moisture under house is by drying clothes outside. This way, you can lessen the high humidity level in your home. If you have been drying clothes indoors, you will see a big difference in moving them outside.

how to get rid of moisture under house

Open Windows

Sometimes, opening a window is all you need to do to lower humidity in house, without the AC running.

Even though it may seem a little counterintuitive, opening the window helps the air circulate to prevent the humid air from settling inside. Moreover, you don’t have to keep it open all the way.

Use A Charcoal Briquette

Now you know charcoal briquettes aren’t just for BBQ. They’re also known as quite effective dehumidification tools.

Since charcoal is very absorbent, they suck moisture out of the air in no time. Though it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing thing to have a charcoal basket in the middle of the room, it’s an affordable option and can work for up to 2-3 months before you need to replace it.

Benefits Of Having Lower Humidity Indoors

  • Better Smell: Once you get the air dehumidified, you will notice that the odors are pretty much gone, and your house smells a lot better now.
  • Decrease In Allergies: Pollutants and allergens are likely to lurk around in areas with high humidity levels. So besides the comfort, you’ll get, health risks like allergy triggers or asthma are also reduced to a certain extent. 


As can be seen, there are various ways for you to reduce the high humidity level in your house effectively. We hope you found the best ways how to reduce humidity in house from today’s article.

But remember, none of these methods but a dehumidifier will work instantly. It takes several tries to find the best way that fits your lifestyle, but the result will be so much worth it.


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