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About IAQ Boost

At IAQ Boost, we will inform and provide solutions to help you with the air problem you can or potentially meet in your home.

At IAQ Boost, we will inform and provide solutions to help you with the air problem you can or potentially meet in your home.

Indoor air pollution is a crucial issue as scientists reported that it affects tremendously to our health. Furthermore, studies have shown that indoor air is even more polluted than the air outside.

Meanwhile, we spend about 90% of our time in enclosed spaces (such as buildings, offices, vehicles) and mostly at home. Hence, we need to take care of our home indoor air for our own benefit.

Air problems contain a wide range of types. It is different in each home and shows other signs. So we need to understand and identify the issues we are facing and then find ways to disinfect them effectively.

And that is our main duties, to inform and guide you through the air problems of your house. We have a team of air quality experts, researchers, content writers with many years of experience in the fields to help you in this regard.

Why You Should Trust Us

With the purpose of helping our readers improve home air quality, we not just offer products but highly concentrate on delivering quality and informative info.

Trust and correctness is the top concern of all our documents. Hence we take info from trustworthy websites, research from specialists, and spend time digging the document, simplifying the content, and still making sure of its quality. 

Also, recognizing that there are many types of air-improving machines on the market that make buyers confused. We will bring out the best machines that are trusted by many customers and help you select the suitable device you need. 

Our reviews will be objectively based on customers' real experience and research. Even to sponsored products, we don't prioritize them unless we found them excellent after our researching process.

As the icing on the cake, we also add coupons and promotions about top-concerned products, providing you maximum support in home air knowledge and home air machines purchasing.

Progress of Our Website

Before official launch the document online, we will go through these steps that we believe will help us get the vital info in terms of helping our readers:

Research - we take data and information from reliable sources such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), and research from scientists, professors, and specialists in this field.

To product reviews, we search and read customer reviews and videos. Taking many options to make sure the info is neutral, not based on any personal perspective.

Synthesize Information - As a research document covers multiple areas and contains technical and major terms, we found that synthesizing the crucial info and simplifying it is essential. We spend a lot of time in this part as it is the most crucial stage of all.

Product Reviews - When it comes to product reviews, we went through many comments and descriptions from both buyers and the manufacturers to get the whole of the info objectively. We first make a list of items that were said to perform excellently.

Then we compare the similar product with the same purpose to see which product is better in a particular field. We afterward work with the documents and product data before the post comes out.

Promotion and Coupon - We also have a section for the promotions and coupons of the well-performing machines. Bring you the best solution in an economical way as possible.

Quick Option - To cut to the chase to what you are looking for, we have a quick option function on our website. When clicking on it, you only need to tick the multiple choices that match your requirements and wait for the result.

Our Team

We acknowledge that indoor air quality is extremely important. Still, this issue doesn't receive as much care as it should. Therefore, to promote people's awareness, our team gathers members who give special consideration to indoor air and provide information, guidance, and improvement of air quality indoors.

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